A medium told me some shocking news

  • My husband died a few months ago in a road accident. I miss him very much and went to a medium to try to contact him.

    He had had an affair a few years ago and I must admit I had never lost my suspicions that he may do it again. Although I loved him very much.

    I was sorting through some documents and found a piece of paper with a mobile number (cell phone number) with the name Helen written on it.

    The medium contacted my husband and asked me if I had any questions for him I asked if he having an affair before he died. He said he was seeing someone but had not slept with them. But it was only a matter of time before he did. I asked if he would give me a name. He asked for the name that I had. I said Helen. He said it wasn't Helen but Paula.

    As you can imagine, I am devestated. I went along for reassurance and love and got this. I am very depressed about it all and I am almost going out of my mind trying to find out who this woman was. I don't know if this medium is making this up; although all the other things I was told seem very authentic. Can you help?

  • Well, I've been to many genuine mediums in my life, and I've never had them say that your loved one wants to know if you have a question for them. My questions have always been answered without having to ask. Your loved one usually knows what's been on your mind. Did she give you any details, on her own, that she wouldn't have known any other way? For instance did she tell you that your husband was there, or did you have to tell her that he died? Did she know his name? How he died? How old he was?

  • sounds like total B S

  • Hi Angiestar,

    Forgive me - I have a very logical mind. And this just doesn't ring true. If your husband was truly contacting you via this medium, why would he tell you this? Others might be able to explain it but I sure as hell can't make sense of it. Helen is probably a casual contact - work or such like. Or maybe someone who gave her number to him but hey, if it had been that important, would he leave it on a scrap of paper? If it was someone he was having an affair with surely he would have logged her number into his mobile?

  • I'm so sorry this happened to you. Please put this woman out of your thoughts. Your husband would never say a thing that would cause you this much pain! Spirit just does not do this. All messages from loved ones come from a place of love. Even if it is a painful message it is the kind that heals--that is not what you got.. I've been recieving messages all my life and I promise you what you got was not from Spirit. You do not need to see another medium for your husband to contact you. You are in pain and it's hard to feel his loving presence. Never forget, he says--HE CHOSE YOU! Sometimes when we are at our lowest and neediest it invites lower vibrations. Your husband will do all he can to help you find peace. Keep your faith in love and in God. Grieve as you must but give up all these fears and questions up to God. I promise you you will get a true message of his loving presence very soon. I'm low on energy today but when I'm stronger and you are feeling better as well I will invite him to speak up in more detail. Focus on the the loving moments and let nothing else rob you of that. Your faith will invite him to speak loud enough for you to hear.

  • I am going to chime in with everyone else here. Every feeling I got reading your post screamed "Phony!" The message I am getting, very clearly, about it is "LIE."

    Don't believe it. She is a fraud and there was no such message. I'm getting that shouted at me as if I was the one who lied:)!!

    Its ok. Let it go. You're depression and utter disbelief is because in your heart, deep down, YOU KNOW ITS A LIE. Trust your own guide and the connection you have with your husband. Would he really do that to you, hurt you from beyond death? Really? You know he wouldn't.

    You seeing that piece of paper, the woman's name and number caused you to react the same way you would have had he been alive, except you couldn't confront him and sadly fell prey to a charlatan. You had your answer all along and still do.

    Blessings and Light

  • angiestar if this reader were really a psychic they wouldn't ask you the name they would know it. Red Flag!

  • Dear Blmoon,

    I have a issue that I am hoping you can help me with. My son passed away tragically in September leaving behind 2 small and children, and of course all of our family. I talked to two psychics, who both told me he comitted suicide. They both told me he had it written in his blueprint, so that I would then, connect to my higher self and know my souls' true purpose. They also told me he wanted me to meditate to become a clear channel, so that I may talk to him. Unfortunately, I am still blocked and haven't been able to get to him. Do you know if he has anything to tell me (hopefully yes) and also do you know how I may unblock myself? I know my abilities are getting better but it just frustrates me that I can't get to channeling yet. I am a star seed with a mission, so I just wonder if I am doing something wrong. I do a lot of praying for guidance and affirmations to help with the 2012 assencion of Heaven on Earth. Bless you for your help!

    Love, Light and Blessings to you,

    Happy Holidays and a joyful Winter Solstice to you!


  • You didn't ask me but I am going to give you an answer that you may not be looking for. You just may not be ready for the opening. You might feel that you are but the other side knows much better the time when you can handle things. Just because you think you are doesn't mean that you are. This could also be a message to help you learn some patience as it hasn't been long since you lost your son. Continue to do what you are doing and when you least expect it you'll get what you want.

  • I think the problem is you are not sure of what to expect. How do you know he is not standing behind you? How do you you know he doesn't hear you/? You may be expecting the wrong thing. My son passed a year and a half ago and he speaks to me often and manefests things in meaningful ways. Do I hear his voice outside myself as if heard by anyone in the room--no. What I hear is him speaking but in my mind. It is telepathic. Usually it is not a long conversation but more like remarks of wisdom at a needed moment--or a warning or mostly a funny observation. My son was a funny man and very witty. You may be getting visits but just too new to this. I am psychic so I'm already well aware of recognizing a message and feeling a presence. At first I wasn't so sure of when my son was near until he would leave! I got to recognize that the times when I felt stronger and the grief let up and I felt like I could feel joy again--these were the days he stayed beside me and held me up. I could sense the lightness in my spirit leave the day he would move on to maybe spend time with another loved one that needed him as well. He told me that he would always be there for our darkest times and so as awfull as it still is to let go of these visits I feel good that he is also visiting his other loved ones as needed. It can be a bit of a rollercoaster but it becomes a part of you. Your son's death was fated. He was here for the time he was meant to be. I don't pick up his death event--but I am tired today and it takes a lot of energy to recieve his state of being that day. Or it's not time. The suicide thing sounds more indirect than well planned or he was under the influence of other forces. You could be missing his magic hellos as coincidence. One day I was going to run an errand and suddenly a voice insisted I must turn into the Goodwill store even though I wasn't in the mood--so I said alright I'll trust this feeling and walked through the Goodwill thinking alright why am I here because I didn't see one thing that was worth the visit and a little irritated I had been hearing things I started for the door and as I was passing the checkout desk I caught out of the corner of my eye hanging out of place on a clothes rack a little windchime--I love chimes and even more it had a carved woodon frog with angel wings sitting on a cloud with a sweet little red heart hanging from that and suddenly I felt my son close to me. Frogs were one of his favorite gifts he liked to give me! You have to believe in these manifestations to receive them. No one validates them--it is a matter of faith and trusting it is real. Try not to try so hard. It will come and you don't have to work at it other than believing it is real when he sends you a gift. Your time together has a purpouse--his death does have purpose as well in how it changes you. What you miss the most about him is the very thing you will learn to grow inside yourself. It's too early to worry about making sense of his death--you need all your energy to survive and put back together the shattered pieces of ourself. This stage of grief has it's own agenda that can't be rushed. Try to stay busy enough to keep yourself from depression but you have to let go of your past stamina. You are not going to be as strong as you were for awhile yet. you now have a lower capacity for stress and people right now. It's ok to not be yourself as it will get better. You need more rest periods. Also, grief lowers the amuine system so take extra care as you could be sick with every little germ that comes along. Your son hears everything you say--he is not behind some magic door you need a key for he is free flowing as the wind and never far. Expect a meaningful hello for christmas.

  • Blmoon,

    I know you give your reading, ago on to help someone else, and don't get into chatting, but on the off chance you DO come back, I wanted to tell you that that was one of the most beautiful and wise things I have ever read or heard.


    I have no words as fitting as what Libraslair and BLmoon gave you but I I extend my prayers, friendship, and heartfelt wishes peace and strength.

    Bless you both.

  • In asian societies, we would light up some incense sticks, then after some praying to God, group of buddhas, etc according to one's own usual belief, then we would communicate by speaking, yes, speaking as if the spirit is in the room, in very same usual way only much softer .

    And if one or two strange small noises [ from furnitures, for examples} occur at most unexpected moments, then that 's it. And don t get excited. This is key.

    Say in usual manner like..'so you are here now? I know '. Make sure you say it out.

    The period of being together is the length of the incense sticks. With candles, we would hope to see a red glowing 'flower' at the tip If you feel like to talk more, just light up new sticks, then go about doing what you have to, then come back.

    While typing this I heard two distinct sounds, one from the heater. I think its my angel cat again !LOL.

    Last but not least, take mega vitamins extra as you have to be in GOOD ,CALM state of mind to converse. It s a prerequisite.

    One more sound somewhere from the printer area !!!! OMG

    I just know it . My cat always know my frequencies, as always

    And I d just call out the cat 's name whenever I miss my cat because I m positive that the cat knows

    I read somewhere that 'meeting time' does'nt have to be at night' only

  • Dear Bl Moon

    Thank you for your kind words. I know you are right as my late husband was a good person and would not want to hurt me. I would love some evidence that he lives on and that we will meet again. This thought is helping me carry on, as time passes so quickly anyway and if I can believe I will meet him again I will just about be able to carry on with the rest of my life. What signs should I look for? We had a lot of electric problems in our home shortly after he died, I believe that can be a sign. We also saw lots of white feathers. But for the last few months I have not seen anything. He was so vibrant and strong that I feel that if he cannot make contact then no one will.

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