Thank you to all readers

  • Just a reminder how much we all appreciate the people who have taken the time to offer messages of support and advice on these boards. Most people here realize that you are in no way obligated to take time out of your own lives to help people you have never met but you do so out of kindess and generosity. Blessings to you all! x

  • Stonyeye.

    I agree with you. The effort they all take to offer reassurances and advice to the people on here is more than many can comprehend. Many would not do this, considering how much time it takes from other important things in life, such as personal time, loved ones............. I for one can empathize with all they do and what it takes to help so many!

    Thank you for starting this thread, it needed to be said and people need to see it.

  • This place restores my faith in people. The thanks belong to each and EVERY one who make it what it is when it is at its best, not just those who read...but EVERYONE. The thread and your two posts made me very mushy...and reminded me why I love it here so much. Its the precious, sweet souls that make it special. I look forward to getting to know BOTH of you:)

  • Not me stonyeye I do it for self gradification. LOL

  • SO TRUE, in fact I just posted something to that effect on another thread here! Yay!!

    lol! libraslair! you are too funny! 🙂

  • I couldn't help myself. Sometimes I feel the need to lighten things up. I know I have a warped sense of humor but what do ya want the devil made me do it.

  • I like your warped sense of humor! darn that devil!!

  • I certainly wouldn't mind getting to know you all here, hisbablove. You all seem to be really great people with talents and lots of love and camaraderie. I really am enjoying being in here whenever I can. I hope to become acquainted with many of you in here.

    Lots of love,


  • Lol! LibrasLair. You're too funny. There I was feeling all warm and fuzzy! I guess you're just making sure we don't get too mushy on you? I'm going to pour it on again anyway....these boards are such a haven and you all have been so supportive. Just reading your responses to others have helped me there you go. 🙂

  • Same here sunshine7959! I don't want to be rendundant so I'll just say....ditto. Exactly what you said above. 🙂

  • stonyeye you know us Libras keep it light and airy.

  • lol! That's true.

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