Apology thread

  • Taurusgirl

    I have a few Taurus friends and yes they are all temperamental. But then again as a Leo I'm not better in that department either. I have though learned to tone it down as I come to see that it doesn't bring me anything good.

    I understand you feel wronged, and of course you have the right to defend yourself. But you can defend yourself without being angry. It takes time to learn it, but it can be done. Say your defense but try to stay calm and logical. I don't know if they intentionally hurt you, but if they do, you being all angry is going to make them happy.

    So take control of your emotion, not saying you have to demolish all emotions completely, but use balance of logic and emotion when dealing with people even if they hurt you. Channel the excess energy into something else, hobby, exercises, maybe learning new things. Something useful for your life, your future, that anger won't bring you.

    I am not psychic, but I would recommend Hanswolfgang and BLmoon. If you like, start a new thread with their names on the title so they will see it. I recommend those because I read many what they said and the people they read, agree to the accuracy. Psychics are humans, howevere, they can be wrong. So take everything in stride. When you do get their reading, first of all take your time and turn inward. Then read it. You don't have to agree with everything, in fact you should only agree if your heart agrees to it. This is the point of turning inward in the first place. But if you do disagree, you don't have to spout anger either. Because you can agree to disagree. basically you agree to consider their reading on your case, even though some things you don't disagree with.

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