Apology thread

  • It's been suggested that I need to apologise to a few ppl.

    There's a few I'm not going 2 apologise to though and they are CharmedWitchBente,hisbabelove and The Hanged Woman.Sorry Wenchie I know the first 2 are your friends but no way am I apologising to them.

    Wenchie I'm sorry I said those things 2 u but I felt like I was being ganged up on.

    To everyone else I do have a rotten temper and foot in mouth disease but I'm trying not to do that.

    It's hard to break old habits u created cause of bad situations but I'm trying to break them but it's a slow time consuming process.

    Sometimes the truth can be hard to swallow and I love this man and not ready to let go just yet.

    I think your heart tells u when your ready to let go and I'm just not that ready yet.

    I'm part of the way there just not all the way cause I'm plain not ready.

    I'm also new to being an empath so if someone is hostile toward me I feel it like 10 times back.

    I'm trying to learn how to switch that on and off but anger is the hardest to switch off.

    I'm not using it as an excuse it just is.

    Like my temper it's something I need to try and control.

    To the 3 I'm not apologising to you's have all said and done things just 2 hurt me personally.

    I'm not apologising to ppl like that.No way never.

    Wenchie the reason I went to the thread u copied was to try to find out why someone I've never interacted with hates me so much.I never got an answer to that cause maybe the person doesn't know themselves.It doesn't matter cause what that person done I can't forgive nor will I ever apologise to.

    Sorry if that upsets u but it's the way I feel.

    So that's all I have 2 say 4 now.

  • This post is deleted!

  • here is one thread for hans

    you don't have to start a new one


    I can't find BLmoon for now, but she usually pops by in all kinds of threads

    if I find any I will link it here. Not sure if you have been read by those two though.

  • Thanks leoscorpion but for once in my life I am calm and rational.

    CharmedWitchBente is now even telling lies about me saying I sent her several offline messages and dinged her several times which I never done.

    1 thing I can't stand in this world is liars.I can never see what they gain from telling lies.

    Attention I guess but then what u have to tell more lies to get more attention.

    This woman accuses of me of being ill.

    Wenchie who is lovely is 1 of her friends and I'm sorry Wenchie but while Bente is telling blatant lies about me now I will NEVER forgive her.

    I used to lash out at ppl like that but I'm not going to cause that's what she wants and she isn't getting it.Not from me.

  • I see. I will read the thread and see what she said.

    By the way BLmoon already responded to you. As I expected, you find her insightful.

    Hope it helps. It can be exhausting for her to go for further reading, like everyone else needs break now and then.

    If you havent had your chart done, let me know yours and his DOBs

    I'll pull out something tomorrow or later tonight. Might help to see how you two relate and what to do, if anything, to save or push the relationship further.

  • Leoscorpion when you are finished with Taurusgirl1974 could you do my chart also. I would highly appreciate it.

    MYSELF: 04-21-73// 2:05 A.M. Manhattan, New York

    My Exboyfriend: 06-30-50

    Thanks In Advance,

  • I will but Wenchie gave me an answer but different opinions are always cool.

    Me 15/05/1974 9.50am Liverpool Australia

    Him 25/01/1974 don't know his time of birth or that but he lives in Leumeah Australia.His name is Chris.I think he's overseas at the moment but Wenchie doesn't think so and his friends aren't real reliable ppl If u know what mean.lol

  • Taurusgirl

    Sun - Mercury

    Positive aspect: Good understanding between the two persons and intellectual interests in common, the same type of curiosity. They are made to go well together, to appreciate each other.

    Sun - Pluto

    Positive aspect: It's love-at-first-sight, the great passion: they will be drawn to each other like two magnets, they will always have to see and touch each other. Very good sexual understanding, typically very passionate. It must be said that this type of relationship won't last forever, it won't develop into a quiet and tender love and even less so into friendship. One will suffer when the passion of the other dies, it will be a very difficult time to live through.

    Mercury - Pluto

    Positive aspect: Favorable union.

    Mars - Jupiter

    Positive aspect: The couple will be in harmony, even if they are different they complement each other perfectly and understand each other very well. They go well together.

    Mercury - Neptune

    Negative aspect: This relationship can only bring illusions, and therefore also disappointments will follow. These two people can never understand each other and if they insist on living together, it will be with lies and deception.

    Venus - Pluto

    Positive aspect: Great passionate affair, most certainly not lasting but pleasant to experience, whatever about the future.

    Venus - Neptune

    Positive aspect: Favorable union, they have the same artistic tastes in common, their life will sometimes be full of fantasy.

    You have the gifts of perseverance, coupled with intelligence and assertiveness, you can achieve many things in life others will find difficult. You are courageous and most of the time aggressive, which can provoke those who do not know you well, in a bad way. You are independent, you would rather lead than follow the crowd. You will achieve feats in financial and career, but in love, your possessiveness can lead you astray. You are faithful, but prone to fall victim of lies and deception due to your generous nature.

    The element Chris was born into was one of innovation and revolutions. He is all for destroying and rebuilding, whether it is things or relationship. He is intelligent but too complicated. He is passionate in everything, but lack of focus, therefore he always need to depend on other people to help him accomplish his objectives. If he doesn’t control it, this dependency can cause him sorrow. For he will do anything to please his friends or other people in exchange of their help and friendship, to the point he will not stand up for his own sake. If his friends don’t like you, per se, he may actually choose to keep his friends than follow his heart, even if he does or still have feelings for you. His naiveness in this case, surely doesn’t help.

    In love he hates commitment, for his innovative soul can not bear being tied down. He can sincerely fall in love but has the tendency to make a drama out of an easy going love story, for he enjoys the variety of characters and moments in it. He can destroy and rebuild a story, as good as he does with other ideas he has in mind. The chart shows great understanding between you two in many levels, this is a good thing in terms of relationship, but also makes you a perfect character to include in his love story. He might include other people in it, to make the story even more interesting. This could be why you are stalked. He likes a love story that is the talk of town. He might have told some people or even his friends, a story he has developed (may or may not contain the truth), that somehow make these women stalked you or they might even agree to play along.

    Taurusgirl, his world is of ideas and yours of reality. I can’t say these two can’t be together, but the problem is he can not contain these ideas enough, not to destroy his reality. Whatever you had back then, when the relationship started, before this story was developed, might be real. But after so many years, I doubt there is anything left of this ‘real’ thing anymore. If he can snap in and out of this world of his, he will create many great things that in reality people would never imagine can be created. But he doesn’t have this ability or he doesn’t want to, nor the people that surround him seem to help him to do so. I would say cut your losses before it’s too late. It takes 2 to start a relationship or to make it last. I only see you so far making the effort. Until he can snap out of this drama he created, he will not be able to see himself as who he truly is, and therefore he will not be able to see you as who you are. Hence it will always have to be you that makes the effort.

    You have it in you to move on, should you choose to do so. It will be hard, because your feelings for him had you playing along in this drama unconsciously. You can’t seem to find out where he is, because nobody including he will tell you the truth. So you constantly wonder what is going on, where he is, why are you stalked and so forth. His understanding of you, makes you the perfect character for this story. It may sound cruel what he does, but innovative minds do not see this.

    Hope this helps. the chart is based on planetary position when you were born. Upbringing and experiences might have affected you both profoundly. Turn inward and your heart will tell you whether this is completely or somewhat true in your case. Bye now.

    Pilot, your chart will be in 2 days.

    I'm off to bed. Bye.

  • No that's Chris 4 sure.

    They'll be no romance 4 me and him until he gets his shit sorted out cause I have my own path I'm on.

    I'll always be his friend cause I think he needs someone to tell him "Hey u can't do that".

    I just did that last night.I told him using women will come back and bite him and it's called Karma.

    His "relationships" never last.I think cause he takes on more than he can handle then realises it when the relationship gets too much 4 him.

    At the moment he's shacked up with a woman and her 2 kids and is looking at someone else.

    He's like me a few years ago.Jumps in head first.

    Learnt my lesson with my last ex not 2 do that any more.

    What makes me different is I get out before even thinking of someone else.

    As I'm getting older I'm getting a little possessive than I used to be cause I was in my long term relationships I had.I realise it came from low self esteem which I still have a little bit.

    As for being a leader.Nah I'm a loner.I pick my friends carefully cause I've been burned too many times.My close friends I can count on 1 hand.I have acquaintances but close friends about 3.I prefer my own company which is a hard habit to break but again bad choices in men and friends has led to that.I'm trying to go out more cause this hermit thing is boring.

    Chris and I will always be mates cause we have the same dry sense of humour and interests but romance is totally out until he wakes up to himself.

  • Oh Btw can u give me a link to Bluemoon cause I have a memory like a sieve and can't remember where she responded to me and after this mess with my stalker and now Bente I want to not run into negativity.

    Being an empath I picked up Bente's anger and took it out on my family so yeah really want to avoid her at all costs. : )

    Thanks Btw my name is Bernice : )

  • oops I meant don't want to run into negativity.

  • http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=4373&page=2&replies=13&totalitems=13

    this is the one I find the shortest so she could see your request right away

    if you need more, there is a Search Forum box top of this page

    type BLmoon, it will show you all the threads that her name on the title

    hope for the best, taurus girl.

  • you are an empath?

    do you know how to ground yourself?

  • My friend Susan who's a psychic is trying to teach me to ground myself but I find it hard with anger cause it's such a strong emotion and I usually don't have time to quickly stop it.

    I do it at home cause my brother has Bi Polar and ADHD and has anger outbursts like Bente's and again it's usually too quick to do something

    I learnt last night if I put my music on the negative emotions go away so I'll be doing that from now on.

  • ok at least you try some thing

    the link is above. short enough when I found it this morning.

    bye now take care

  • I went there and the other 2 followed me.

    hisbablove went off at me starting the thread again.

    So I started my own.

    I just wish those 2 would leave me alone and get on with their lives.

    Their like bullies in high school who don't know how 2 quit.

    I don't want to argue with them.

    They shouldn't bully ppl off a forum just because they can.

  • OK taurusgirl

    I know you mentioned your real name but I didn't mention mine

    so to keep it fair, I call you your name here 🙂

    anyway, I hope you get some answers soon

    and if you like, have some fun, visit this thread

  • http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=4505&page=10&replies=151&totalitems=151

    happy holidays and why not contribute some pics if you have one?

  • Pilot

    Sun - Mercury

    Negative aspect: Lack of understanding between the two persons. They do not have the same intellectual interests, the same tastes, as a result of which they have problems in understanding each other. This could lead to conflicts, lies, etc.

    Mercury - Uranus

    Negative aspect: There is no intellectual understanding, these two people do not understand each other. If they insist on living together, there will be disputes and insupportable tension.

    Mercury - Mars

    Negative aspect: Lots of problems can be foreseen for this couple, lacking in understanding, with ideas that are too different - and this leads to disputes. They are not made for each other.

    Jupiter - Neptune

    Negative aspect: Unlucky union.

    Mars - Jupiter

    Positive aspect: The couple will be in harmony, even if they are different they complement each other perfectly and understand each other very well. They go well together.

    Venus - Pluto

    Positive aspect: Great passionate affair, most certainly not lasting but pleasant to experience, whatever about the future.

    Venus - Uranus

    Positive aspect: Union or love will be very strong, not at all intellectual, but sensual and full of romanticism and originality.

    Mars - Neptune

    Positive aspect: A difficult union that can succeed, but could founder in lies. Be very careful.

    Mars - Pluto

    Negative aspect: Sexual passion leading to destruction. It will be very difficult to pick oneself up after such a relationship. To be avoided at all costs, nothing agreeable can come of this union.

    Saturn - Pluto

    Positive aspect: Favorable union.

    Mars - Neptune

    Positive aspect: A difficult union that can succeed, but could founder in lies. Be very careful.

    Saturn - Neptune

    Positive aspect: Favorable union. Neptune brings dreams to Saturn, who lacks them, and Saturn brings common sense to Neptune, who is totally without it.

    Venus - Neptune

    Negative aspect: The attraction is certainly there, but the relationship will only last a short time. Venus misunderstands the other and will, without a doubt, be the only one who really is in love. Neptune will be unfaithful.

    He is very close to his family and may bear certain psychological disorder if the parents are not mature. He has quite a contradictive nature, one side wants to be free and take on adventures, the other wants to settle down, have a family and get a regular 8-5 job. Sometimes he is all upset by his own confusion, but lash it out on other people which then provoke emotional reactions from them that he can not bear. This confusion also happens in love matters. He sometimes does not know who he really loves and who to settle down with.

    You are on the other hand, surefooted and stable. You know what you want and strive to get it. You value possessions and he doesn't. His confusion draws him to quit and get a new job while you prefer he stays in a job until he gets to the top.

    Like him, you also value family and home life. You approach things slowly but too persistent to admit and can not bear uncertainty. He, on the other hand, may charge in carelessly and when mistakes are made, he will leave it to you to fix it (or whoever is there) and charge in for another. When it comes to s ex, you prefer slow approach and he tends to jump for a quickie. Both of you are determined and keen on imposing your will on each other. However his attempt to dominate is more subtle, since he is ruled by the Moon.

    You both might have started with physical attraction, but without intellectual and emotional understanding, this attraction can not last. If you still want him, you have to bear with his mood swings and uncertainty due to his confusion. He, on the other hand, has to learn to understand himself. Only then, he will get a clear direction of his life and therefore able to reach stability.

    Hope this helps. Chart is based on planet position when you were born. Some things may not be accurate since you two have also been shaped by upbringing and life experiences throughout your lives. Find what rings true and need working on, then you two will need to sit down and work it out.

  • Okay.. Leoscorpion I REALLY need you to answer this for me then.

    Because I have had plenty of men pull the wool over my eyes and make a complete ASS out of me before.

    I have a question about intellectual interests. When I first met him, he was SO amazed at the fact that I watch TV programs such as: Charlie Rose, McNeil Lehrer News Hour, BBC, History Channel,-- Political debates when Barack Obama was running for office- .

    While watching these programs, I would massage his scalp and he would fall asleep snoring in my lap!

    I also have an interest in the arts- Andy Warhol,Leroy Nieman etc. etc.(We visited Art Galleries while dating).

    WAS he suprised because I am Black and the negative stereotypes about Black women caused him to treat me like a "Science experiment" DUE to the fact that I am not the "NORM"

    {MY Exboyfriend is White by the way}.

    WAS he was pretending to have interest in these things?? OR he was just so amazed that by me being Black " He just wanted to pick my brain" ( we have had such long discussions about religion and politics). I am asking; because, I am thinking that he must have had studied me before we dated so that he could reel me in.

    Also, you mentioned the SEX part. YES, our SEX life was of the charts!!!!


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