Help with removing negative energies in my life

  • This year has been one of the hardest by far! I lost a son to a suicidal overdose of methadone, our home is going into foreclosure, my only remaining son is an Indigo child who refuses to go to school to help maintain some income in our home, not withstanding health insurance and food share. I have talked with 3 psychics who informed me that I am being blocked by a negative, harmful influence, from gaining deserved luck and spritual growth. Can anyone tell me what i need to do to remove this negative energy from my life? All the Psychics want money from me to do anything to help and I simply don't have from penny to penny supporting my deceased son's family and my own...just an awful lot of bad luck in my life!

  • BUMP! Hang tight, hon, help is on the way:)

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  • Hi Violetangel,

    I've done a reading for you.

    Nine of Stones reversed- material gain

    Ace of Cups-emotion

    Three of Cups-overflowing

    2 of Cups-love

    Deep feelings that there is never enough. Focusing on what you don't have. The new beginnings of love happiness and joy. Enjoying the now. In the near future a cooperation and partnership that brings new ideas.

    Well, first I must say "never give anyone money to remove negative energies or curses". The people that do that are just con-artists. The cards do say that you are focusing on what you do not have, but honestly, It would be hard not to in your situation. The energies surrounding you are all about love, so don't even give that another thought. You have been through and are still going through an unbelievably stressful time, but you will get through this. Try to focus on the positive and get some practical help with these issues. Any adult child living in your home needs to start helping out. Also, there are a lot of programs, right now, that can help people to stay in their homes. Check into any form of aid that you can. And just start praying, and asking for help. I will pray for you too.

  • Hi Violetangel,

    I don't want to sound like I am trivialising your difficulties and I can't give you the help others on these forums can, but I just wanted to say, when I have been in great difficulty I have used positive affirmations to get rid of negative energy. Generally something along the lines of "I bless with love and release from my life, all negative thoughts, feelings, people and situations". I have found this to work for me. Sometimes very, very quickly.

    I hope you find some peace and comfort soon.

  • I agree with witchone.

    it is the good that should be emphasized and ignore the negativity.

    whatever you don't have and you wished you did, take it as normality. the negativity pops up stronger when we watch it and give it attention. if you put a smile on anything is going to feel better. just endure the bad times. enjoy what you got and let go of attachments. Not much depends on us. but we can learn to live happier by forgetting the past and not expecting much for tomorrow.

    all the best to you!

  • If having a positive attitude helps, I havent found it to help me. My life is a shambles. My bad luck started when I was a baby. I had polio, then my mom married a really mean step dad. He physically, mentally and sexually abused my sisters and me. We owed it to him for putting a roof over our heads. I married a wonderful understanding man from a wonderful family. Soon after marriage my husband became very ill. He then was shot in the chest in a hunting accident followed by a heart attack a year later! He has lupis and it is killing him before my very eyes. Probably not much longer forhim. Meanwhile I had breast cancer at 50 yrs old. My house is falling down around me and is mold and termite infested. Talk about a cursed life!

  • Hi IMpink,

    Sorry to hear about all that you've been through. It sure sounds like more than anyone should have to deal with in one lifetime. I want to pass something on to you about the lupus. Please understand that this isn't medical advice, it's just something that I stumbled across that you might want to research. I don't know anyone personally who has tried this, but there is research going on with a drug treatment called low dose Naltrexone. If you Google it you will find sites with info, and Doctors who currently use it. Wishing you all the best.

  • violetangel I agree that no one legitimate will charge you to remove negative energy or charge you for prayers. Again I have to say RED FLAG. Affirmations will help your soul and also looking at what you do have to be thankful for. There may be a way to keep your home but if not look at it as a fresh start which might be a blessing in disguise. Maybe cleaning out closets and getting rid of the old to make room for something to come in. How can you have room for it if there isn't room? I will work on surrounding you with the love of the white light and to not let any negativity to penetrate it. You need to do the same and do it several times a day to strengthen it. You might even want to sage your home. And everyone who lives there. Blessing

  • Please feel free to correct me because I know nothing of it truly other than my own experience just the other day. Would the reiki healing help her to start with a new outlook and a positive energy.

    Im sorry if it is bad advice just ignore it and PLEASE wait until someone else here who knows more thinks it would be good for you. If so I can tell you where to go to get it.

    I sincerely hope things get better for you. Sending prayers for you sweetie! Good Luck too!


  • this is what I do

    You can try it for 2 months. then see for yourself.

    first. clean your environment

    use sage incense, lit one or two every day. take it to each room in your house, try to go around each room corner to corner. after all rooms are done, leave it by the door (one at front one at back) or you can leave one at any room you feel like it (not necessary but you can).

    second, clean your self from lingering negative energy. use the gems It's quartz crystal, clear. Not pink or any color. Clean them every day, with salt under running water. then let them air dry. when they are dry, blow your breath onto each corner of the gems. this way gems will work for you. when you blow your breath, pour your lingering sadness/worry/despair/anger onto the gems. Energize the gem as often as you can. find a place where the sun light can reach it and leave it there for two hours at least. The sun, like fire, is a great transformer.

    third protect yourself at all times. visualize white/blue light around you, hold on to this visualization when communicating with people, whether by phone, email or in person. the light will return negative energy back to sender and allow positive in. this way no more negative energy can attack you, and gives you time to work on the gems to neutralize negative energy that has been lingering around you for some time. don't share your gem with others, keep it safe. don't even let them touch it. the gem will absorb negativity you pour onto it and transform it, if the other person touch it when it is working, they will be hurt.

    Four, understand the concept of energy. we all live under the same universal law. what we send out will be returned to us. we all make mistakes. what you have to do is look back to the past, make assessment about yourself, be honest about the rights or wrongs you have done to anybody including yourself. learn from them and close the door to the past. make amends when necessary or possible. we all have been wrong before and to certain point, have sent out negativities towards someone no matter how small we thought it was. the more negativities we send out the more we get them back. so we suffer from our own negativities and negativities that others send us (which the universe will send back to them, but nonetheless they do hurt us). some energy can linger for years, depends on the intensity and the frequency it is sent. start to live your life in positivity from now on. refrain from dwelling in the past, anger, sadness, jealousy, wishing bad things happen to someone, despair, regret, revenge etc. revenge belongs to the universe. you don't have to pretend or fake a smile when someone wrongs you, lies, pretentious, denials are negativity. you can however, say, 'I am human being. you don't need to do this to me' or ignore them and move on. let the universe do what it always does.

    Do the sage cleansing, gem cleansing and energizing, visualization, and keeping positive thoughts/words/actions - every day. Within 2 months or even lesser, you will see improvement. By then you can decide which routine you want to keep doing and which one to stop. I would suggest don't stop any, but that is your choice. Also, don't forget to live your life in balance. nurture your physical and psyche. with the physical, you know you can go with balanced diet and routine exercise. do the same with the psyche. the psyche is link to the universe guidance, don't ignore it. you can find free yoga./meditation videos online. or go with your beliefs. read spiritual books that interest you, they are chicken soups for the soul.

    To calm you down, get Bach Flower Rescue remedy. any homeopathy store has it. you can also calm yourself down by saying This Too shall pass, repeatedly until you regain comfort. this also works when you start feeling down and negative energy tries to drain you or someone's action makes you want to send negativity towards them.

    Use affirmations, say it any time you want, out loud or in mind. Something like "I am positive. I will stay positive. I am protected. The universe will provide me all the help I need" or make your own. This is called reprogramming you, pretty much taking you to calm state and help you focus on the work you are doing. Don't fret if you feel down or fail, stand back up and try again.

  • Thankyou all for your help! I am willing to try all your suggestions. I do spend a lot of time on prayer and affirmations already but I guess you can never give father/mother god enough love back! Love, Light and Blessings to all of you!!

    Happy Hollidays and Lots of Love to All!

  • That was OFF THE HOOK!!! So thorough and detailed, I loved what you had to say!!

  • I am so sorry for Violetangel, I totally understand, thats all. I am having a very hard time eliminating negative perosns along w/neg. addicts with whom I have lived w for 8years now. I am having such a hard time w this cuz I know he will fall deeper into his addictions,etc. I am a recovered addict myself and have moved on quite well n my recovery thanks to school and my counselors in every sense. I have counselors at school, former drug counselors and the support of my school counselors. I will have my Degree in Psych. w a counselors certificate when I complete two more classes. The negative people in my enviroment have stalled me some, I should have graduated 3 years ago! I have tried so much, but leaving someone I tried but cannot heal is too hard for me, how do I do it? Is it the rite thing to give up, after 5 years of trying?

  • Dearest Impink,

    May God Bless You Always!! My life seems trivial to what you have been through! My mother passed away from Lupus, but from my understanding there are more treatments out there now than back years ago. I will light a candle and keep you in my prayers.

    Walking with you,

    Love, Light and Blessings!

  • Dearest starlyte,

    Thankyou. My heart also goes out to you! Congratulations on your recovery! It is really hard to beat that demon. My son couldn't, but his fiance did. I did a lot of prayers and had a reiki healing done for her, within a month she was clean. She almost lost my 2 grandchildren to the state because of the methadone. If you believe in a higher power, prayers really do work miracles. If you can find a group prayer chain, this will give more power to help your loved one find " himself" again. God Bless you! I will light a candle and keep you in my prayers.

    Love, Light and Blessings to you!

  • I hope the post above helps. I tend to write long hopefully not confusing.

    about healing, any wound has to be cleaned first before healing.

    maybe you heal now, but without protection and cleansing regularly,

    negative energy will come back, it never actually gives up

    the routine I posted, will help in the long run

    I've done it for 3 years and this year is the 3rd year, when the universe sends me fruit of hardwork and devotion

    the universe, a place of abundance, never sleeps never takes vacation

    we are never alone, reach out for help when you need and help will come in time

    choose to live. there is no life in negativity. never give up the fight against negativity.

    this is the fight for life, yours, your loved one's, the earth, the future, your relationship

    giving up, should not and can not be an option.

    make the right decision.

  • I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. Watch "The Secret" on DVD (Do not miss 1 second of it).

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