On tarot course but need reading

  • Hiya Everyone,

    I'm new here and new to tarot. I have started an online tarot course at worldwide mediums tarot which is brilliant but being new I am still finding it difficult to read for myself. While I find it fairly easy to read for other people somehow I just can't be objective when reading for myself and tend to put my own slant on things. Does anyone else have the same difficulty? and is it possible that someone might be inclined to do a reading for me? Many thanks in advance if you can.

  • Greetings Tarotstudent,

    Welcome to the forums! Unfortunately, performing your own readings can oftentimes lead to confusion (for the same reason that you've already discovered). At the same time, however, relish in the joy that you're learning to share an amazing gift with everyone else!

    I invite you to share your question, Tarotstudent. We can look at what my cards have to say and you can use the experience as a method of learning.



  • Yeah, same here!

    I have got to say, though, that I have found a helpful course.

    Please check stationnord.eu

    for a great offline course in Europe. I am just wondering now what experience this could be compared to?



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