• Hi girls n guys? am female cancer67 not sure what all fuss about but, I had been reading posts about dating or seeing taurus guys was quite interesting so decided to join forum but cannot find where i was at?.However it gave me great relief to know that I am not the only one with taurus man problems.I have been sleeping with a taurus61 man for over 5mnths now on and off ,we have mutual friends which is how i met him.However in getting to know him other than just being bed pals has been neither good or bad, i also know that i am not the only woman that he is interested in as he has spoken about quite a few other woman/girls that we know, this does not bother me but that its a big turn off as i am getting to like him more regardless.I have read that taurus men will have many pickings to choose from until they make up there mind, my question is does he sleep with them all or one or none to decide?.

  • TaurusGirl,

    I really am glad this has now given you a sense of peace. Now you can begin to move forward and focus on yourself and having real friends and relationships in your life.

    Best of luck for your future, because you are taking really good steps in the right direction.

  • Taurusapart,

    Here is one link you could try:


  • Taurusapart,

    And another:


    I can't really answer that one for you. But I think they do like to see your reaction about these other women. Hopefully you'll get more info from one of these links to other threads.

  • Well stalker answered me saying she's never been interested in Chris blah blah but I gave her advice cause I think she needed it u know being someone's plan B (vomit).

    I told her u should never be anyone's plan B.

    U should always be someone's plan A.

    Then I kinda told Chris off without going rabid this time.

    I just said to him it's not nice using me and it's sick how's he's using this other chick in case him and his gf break up.Must be in his head cause he wouldn't need plans.

    He always did take on more than he can handle but oh well not my problem any more.

    I said to him what if u and this Natasha Hill don't work out and she stalks your arse?

    Then I said oh that's right cause u weren't thinking with the right head.

    I just made it clear that I'll still talk him cause hate breeds hate and I'm just not like that I think this is the path my bloody friend Susan said I'm suppose to take,but I'm not in love with him any more.I told him I can't love somebody who thinks doing this 2 ppl is ok.

    I think I love him but not in love with him cause deep down I knew it might be him pushing this girl to that crap.

    On a related matter I'm having brother troubles too but I just called my back up he'll be teared a new butt hole.One of those damned if I do damned if I don't cause I helped him.

    Sick of childish arse and I just called in the only woman on earth he's really scared of and a good friend of mine.

    She doesn't like seeing me upset.Oh I don't want 2 be my brother.lol

  • Btw Taurusapart as a Taurus woman I'm a 1 man woman.

    Doesn't mean I won't look but if I'm in a relationship where I'm having intimate physical contact with someone,no other man in the moment or afterwards matters.

    Just saying we're not all like what your experiencing.

  • Oh sorry Wenchie but this something I don't know I can't sleep until I get it out.

    I'll tell how much I hate the dinging noise on Yahoo.

    My friend Kylie 1 night we were chatting on Yahoo Messenger when I got a call from my Aunty,

    told Kylie got a phone call I'll be right back.Well while I'm on the phone to my Aunty Kylie keeps dinging me.When I got off the phone to my Aunty I said to Kylie ding me 1 more time and I'll come around your house (cause she doesn't live that far from me) and I'll shove your computer up your arse.

    So when Bente says I did it several times to her it's a lie cause that's a noise I REALLY can't stand.

    The only reason I have Yahoo Messenger is cause I have an Aunty who lives Victoria who is on it and I chat 2 her on there.

    Ok going 2 bed now well I gotta have my Alexander Skarsgard fix then I'll go 2 sleep.lol

  • Wenchie, Wenchie

    Many Blessings to you.

  • lol

  • This post is deleted!

  • TaurusGirl,

    Let it go. I'm exhausted, wiped out and can't take this on anymore.

    The less you fight back and the less you say, the quicker it dies out. No need for tit for tat.

    Don't worry about what others think. Someone has to let go so it can end, I know you can do this. Don't go back on any of the threads, don't worry about anything being said, just let it go..... like water off a ducks back. This can really be a turning point for you, think of it as a positive thing. You can do this, don't let the anger control you.

  • It says tit for tat.

  • I know but I use my gmail 4 all of my messages cause they've got great security so only only 1 person has a reason for reporting me to Yahoo.

    I'm upset cause I really tried to let this go and get on with things then I read that in my gmail this morning.

  • Your exhausted.

    Her anger is wiping me the hell out sincerely.

  • I'm sorry but there's 2 sides to every story and I wanted mine to be heard.

    Now I'm going to move onward and upward.

  • Hi there all,

    Firstly, Wenchie:

    Well, what can I say to someone who believes they are NOT psychic, DON'T have the gifts others do, yet have managed to give Taurusgirl a pretty good reading and some hope and belief in herself just the same? You have proved yourself more than capable of doing readings Wenchie, and now all you need to do is TRUST (as you say to me and others) in the messages you get. Go with the FIRST impression you get, as out there as it may sound.

    So pat yourself on the back and remind yourself always, my dear Melbournian friend, YOU ROCK :)))


    I'm glad you've come around to seeing a bit of your own self worth here. That is always a big stumbling block for a lot of us, and realising that you're better than what you got from Chris, his so called friends, etc, is the first step. I think I can recall saying similar to what Wenchie has told you about Chris in an earlir reading, and it makes me feel good to have that validated as well. Yeah, psychics can be a bit egotistical at times too ... we ARE only human, after all 🙂

    I wish you all the best and hope that your future will bring you all the love, friendship and abundance you deserve. 'Course, you will receive only the best when you believe you deserve it. So go for it, look at yourself in the mirror and smile for the steps you've taken towards it and remind yourself tha you are OKAY the way you are.

    Temper tantrums, as blmoon told you, always give you back what you dish out, like any and all behaviour. If you need to vent temper, bash the lving sh*t out of a pillow, buy yourself a punching bag, or go somewhere where you can scream, yell and jump around alot to get it out of your system. I always believe that anger is a secondary emotion: secondary to pent up sorrow, so next time you get angry, look down inside yourself and see if you feel any sorrow. If so, a good sob session might be the ticket. Besides, good pillows cost a bloody fortune these days, so may be best to keep 'em intact if you can ... Physical exercise is a great way too of venting anger/sorrow. If you have a dog, take it for a HUGE walk, or if not, go on your own, and I bet you feel a whole lot better. Go where there are plenty of trees. Sit near one, hug it,or whatever, but this is a good way to ground yourself.

    And if you think I always practise what I preach, well ask Wenchie and a few others about that!! We all forget to do the right thing by ourselves, or at least, forget to "walk the talk". I've been trying recently, and truly, being around trees and the sound of birds is something not only comforting, but re-energising as well.

    As said, before, I wish you all the luck and good things coming your way. You DO deserve them, and I'm real glad Wenchie took the time to guide you through this patch. She's a pretty good egg, eh?

    Now go have that bath or walk or whatever, tell yourself you're one fine human being, smile at youself in the mirror and take baby steps from hereonin towards the new, happy with herself Taurusgirl!

    By the way, merry christmas to you! Eat, drink, and be sozzled ... er ... merry :))

  • Thanks Cris your cool but it's hard when u have 2 ppl following u around threads trying to provoke an argument and I'm done with it already.

    All I can do is try and ignore them and hopefully they'll get on with their lives and I'll get on with mine HOPEFULLY.lol

    Wenchie is cool too.

    I'm actually meditating now which is helping a lot and trying to ground myself cause I'm empath and I do pick up anger quickly cause I'm working my own issues out with that.

    I'm still Chris's friend cause a long time ago I went through a dark period and my friends never gave up on me when they had all right to do so.So as only a friend I'm not giving up on him cause deep down he is a nice guy he just needs a major Karma kick up the backside.

    Romantically.....no way!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm saying good bye cause I might not be on here until after New Years or if ever again.

    Bente and hisbablove have been hell bent on getting me off this forum and for now they have succeeded.

    I have friends and family who need me and having 2 bullies coming after me I don't need nor want it.

    I've had enough.I can't go to threads without them following me etc.

    They've stopped Blmoon from helping me and others helping me so they win.

    So I'm going.

    Thank you to Wenchie,Cris and leoscorpion for helping me but I'm done.

    I don't know if I'll ever come back especially after this unless Admin stops them or someone else.

    So bye and Have A Merry Christmas.

  • if you do come through Taurusgirl, wishing you good luck, and what series of TrueBlood are you on there?, if you have read the books the description is nearly right -on and I don't usually go for blondes too, but he's seriously hot

    Love and Light

    Blessed be

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