• TaurusGirl1974,

    I am glad you have admitted your mistakes from the past. You honestly need to curb that temper of yours on here or you will continue to be ignored by others who will not wish to help you any further. Perhaps an apology might go down well. For all the people you have stung in the past, so that you can start off fresh. If you want help, honestly, then you must be willing to accept graciously what you are being told. Accept the help in the spirit it was given. If you cannot do that, then you have no business asking people to give their time and energy FREELY to help you.

    The kind people on here are not professional psychics who are paid to help nor is it their job. A little humility will go a long way here when they share their gifts with you.

    I will start the apologies off.......

    I sincerely apologise to you TaurusGirl1974 for you feeling like you were being bullied. That was not my intention. I was bullied at school for the first 4 years of primary school. I do not want you to feel as though you are being ganged up on. Nor do I want you to think I accept rudeness because I don't. So I am willing to help you as long as the right attitude and behavior is shown.

    I am willing to try again with you, to give you another chance if you would also like to accept and give me another chance.

    Now if you would like to speak with me respectfully I will respectfully see what I can do to help you. But don't expect me to sugar coat things for you or tell you what you want to hear. I want to know you will also accept the truth and accept the help in the spirit that it is offered. Ok???

  • Hey I have a rotten temper and I'm the first to admit it but if someone comes 4 me I'll fight back damn them.

    I have foot in mouth disease btw sorry I gotta go off track but I'm tired and loving spell checker.lol

    I listened to EVERYTHING Bente said to me respectfully ok cause I admire ppl who have more abilities then I do but without going into anything she started a fight this afternoon and now I don't even know what it was over.Now that's nuts.

  • Your an Aussie right 1.49am and I can't even remember what the argument was about but I do remember 4 once I didn't start it cause I was shocked by the amount of abuse that kept coming even after I said Bente I don't want 2 argue then she started that thread.

  • Ok. Now if you can keep that temper in check, people can get past that to get to know you. It isn't necessary to be so defensive all the time, trust me, it was a lesson I learned as well. I am not a sheep, I have just learned to control my temper except when I am pushed so far, you know how a Taurus can explode when we do explode.

    Honestly, the sooner you learn to let things not get to you so much, you will be happier. Don't let others opinions get to you. Blowing up and fighting back over everything is exhausting. I know you are feeling exhausted, leave your battles for the important things and don't sweat the small insignificant stuff.

    I imagine Bente patience wore thin with your messages, now even if you didn't mean them to sound like that, you can imagine how she took them.

    Now there are a lot of people that you have upset in the past and even though you feel you had every right to explode, it will be good for you to apologise, even if an apology directed to all in general. Let's start off with that, start on the right foot.

    Secondly, if you have an issue that you want to discuss and want help on, ask it, but not in 10 different places, once on your own thread and maybe once somewhere else should be enough and if you only get one or two responses then accept that you have the message the universe intended you to have. You don't need to have 10 different readings, it will only confuse matters. Some things may not seem right to you, if it really strongly does not reasonate with you, then discard it. But also try to look at things from different perspectives, Hisbablove has been great to teach me that sometimes what we are given/told in a reading need not be taken literally but can be looked at in a different light and taken another way and given another meaning. Try to be open.

  • Yes, a fellow Aussie and at 2.02am I am trying to make sense in my very tired state.

    I know it's hard when you are caught up in a situation, you're emotionally involved and it can be hard to separate and see things clearly, but remaining calm does help, as does patience.

    Now, as for Chris, I know i've said this before and I will say it again, let him go. Let go of expectations of a future with him. Concentrate on yourself, concentrate on you. When you are happy within yourself, you will attract the right man, the right relationship. I know how you feel about him, I know it's easier said than done, but I will tell you again......I am in the SAME SITUATION. If it is meant to be in time, then it will happen then. But in the meantime do NOT drive yourself crazy over this man and thinking of him non-stop.

  • Ok back to me.lol

    Right at this very moment in time I'm being stalked (reason I'm not 2 happy with Bente's aggression toward me) which I believe is by 2 women.1 more than the other 1.

    Their pretending 2 be 1 person.

    Now they have said some terrible things that would make u blush and I'm not repeating cause I don't want 2 vomit.Mostly about my friend Chris and I.

    They've said some things they rekon he has said but he's in Kabul as we speak.

    With the frame of mind I'm in I don't know whether it's truth or not he said these things.

    They know him more than I do so who knows.

    So my questions are and get ready

    Did he say those nasty things about me to them?

    Is it 2 of them or just 1?

    Why is she/them obsessed with me??

    I know ppl have said Chris and I won't be together but will we be friends?

    Will I EVER hear from him again?

    Reasons 4 questions cause he's not talking 2 me.

    Birthdate 15/05/1974 9.50am Liverpool NSW Australia now live in Macquarie Fields (Riot City lol)

    Chris 25/01/1974 lives in Leumeah but overseas on Naval duties I think so Bente says anyway.

  • I'm trying but this stalker is making it hard.

    Trying to get into Christmas with a stalker who carries on about Chris cause we're friends makes it a tad hard not to think about him.

  • How about you try what I am doing at the moment.

    Every day say your positive affirmations, tell yourself kind things about yourself, pamper yourself. YOU have to love yourself and treat yourself the way you want from others to send the message to the universe that you are deserve better. I try to tell myself good things every day, every time I have a negative thought I follow it up with a positive thought. I try to not allow the negative thoughts. I try to buy myself a bunch of flowers every week (doesn't have to be expensive, just something pretty, a gift to yourself), and one night a week, I run a bubble or seasalt bath and soak in there with a face mask (you can pick them up from the supermarket - inexpensive), candles, relaxing music and a glass of wine. It's about loving, pampering and treating yourself well. All too often we give so much to others, looking after and pampering others and making sure they are happy and cared for that we forget to do this for ourselves. We keep putting ourselves last. You need to do these things for yourself. Then I'll paint my toenails, you know all the girly pampering stuff, just for fun and just to make you feel good.

  • Ok, I'm supposedly psychic but it doesn't come to me like it does for the other readers on here. But leave me with that and let me see what I can come up with.

    Tell me more about the stalker/s......how are they stalking you? Is this via phone, text, email???? So they are saying what, without going into the gory details, I need some more info in what they are trying to get at and what they are trying to achieve.

  • Ok, now I would like to know these people stalking you.....are they friends of Chris, do they know him?

    When was the last time you had contact with Chris? How was that contact? Like was he friendly and sounding like he wanted to talk another time or was he not very communicative and not wanting to talk or saying he didn't want any more contact or what?

    Just trying to get my head around the situation. I'm far too tired to do anything about it right now, but give me some more info and and I will see what feelings I come up. I will try for tomorrow (later today), but let me see how I go ok. I won't be ignoring you, but I also have healings to do that I haven't done yet and it has been crazy busy for me at work, I have kids and a whole set of my own issues I'm trying to sort out. But I WILL get back to you on it, ok.

  • Ok first she/they were contacting me through Facebook saying Chris has a girlfriend with 2 kids,the thought of us together makes him sick,he's never called (he did 8 times in 1 day),He's never been interested in me and the thought makes him sick and apparently he was on the phone to this person while they were sending me 65 messages on Facebook.

    He left the Navy 2 yrs ago yet when I saw him in March he told me he was still in the Navy.

    When Facebook eventually let me block this Natasha Hill profile she started emailing me.

    Oh b4 that I locked my profile on Facebook and she sent messages to my friend Amanda's wall all day.He's a furniture truck driver.Now someone making shit loads of money in the Navy with 2 kids of his own,child support,bills etc leaves that 2 be a furniture truck driver.Yeah ok.

    Last time we spoke on Yahoo it was cyber talk with my webcam.Sorry 2 be blunt but u want blunt.Umm so yeah he was happy I'd say.

    We had a tiff over his friends he cut me off Yahoo but I apologised and I'm back on Yahoo and his MSN Messenger but he still hasn't spoken to me since.9 months and counting.

    Apparently this stalker claims to know Chris and his brother and has Chris's phone number.

    I never asked Chris 4 his phone number so how does someone not romantically involved with him or anything like that get his number.Off his brother she says.My brother doesn't give my number out so why would Chris's brother give out his number.

    Last time I spoke to Chris he lived at Leumeah.According to my stalker he moved.

    In our housing shortage.Yeah ok.

    This is after I said to my stalker how can Chris fit him,his sister,his son who he has on the weekends and a woman and her 2 kids in a 3 bedroom house.I knew the answer b4 curiosity killed the cat.He moved.Of course he did.

    Why I'm wanting to know if this is true or not is cause I know Navy guys have Internet access and if he's bad mouthing me to someone I want 2 know.

    Apparently this Natasha Hill went to High School with me and Chris.

    When I confronted her with the fact that there are no photo's with a Natasha Hill listed she then told me Hill is her married name.This from someone who is supposed to be single so she told me when I first chatted 2 her late last year.She's now saying she's Natasha Carroll.

    Now I knew Natasha Carroll and she hated me and everyone else at that High School.

    Why would Natasha Carroll stalk my arse.She wouldn't.

    Oh and apparently Chris is pissed at me cause I bad mouthed 2 girls we went to High School with on Facebook according to Natasha Hill.

    The 2 I think are Natasha Hill.

    Sorry but I told the truth.1 of them is a slut.Always has been always will be.

    Before Chris and I we're friends again she seduced him to piss me off then when I was over it she dumped him.Slut plain and simple.

    The other is a nasty piece of work and I said so.

    At our reunion 2 guys told her to shut the fuck up or they were going to hit her cause she was being nasty 2 ppl.

    Chris got rid of his Facebook b4 the end of October.Why would he care what I say or who I say it about when he got rid of his Facebook.

    See cause these things aren't adding up I just want to know what's true what isn't so I can clear my head and try getting over this guy.

    Bente says we're suppose to get married.

    I don't like the M word.

    Maybe I need to let go of him so this shit can happen who knows but I can't let go when someone is saying Chris said this and Chris said that blah blah blah.

    I don't want 2 think about him.It's fucking Christmas and he's in Kabul 4 fuck's sake.

    I astro travel and I travelled onto a huge ship calling his name with lots of water and it was hot there.I'd rather be dreaming of Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood.

    So yeah I need the truth and be blunt as you want cause you know what I'm ready 4 blunt.

    Let's go. : )

  • This post is deleted!

  • I just sent this psycho stalker an email cause now I'm getting prank phone calls if she doesn't stop stalking me I'll take her court for stalking.

    This isn't my first go on the stalker round about and NSW are lot stricter with their stalking laws.

    This bitch will go down cause I'll call my friends as witnesses who saw her stalk me on Facebook.

    I think she knows by now I'm not playing,I'm deadly serious.

  • There is a spirit looking over you that is very loyaly protectiing you. So many people persist to extend kindness and patience despite knowing what your capable of. I know you think all your problems are outside you and the work of enemies but what so many here are trying to tell you is you get back what you put out there. The eye for an eye thing just leaves two people blind. You admitt no bones about it someone crosses you or attacks you and you are going to retaliate like a rabid badger and defend yourself. Do you understand you have ticked someone else off by attacking in a heated moment and guess what they are coming back with both barrels and are matching your energy. You have to take responsability for attracting such angry visciouse energy. It is a powerful energy that takes off like a brush fire. You admit you put a lot of anger out there and this is really not the sight for it--in fact it's startling given that most of the people here are extra sensitive. There are so many other sites full of angry voices and a place to rant if that's your need but really, read through these threads and mostly the posts are just gushing with good wishes and patience. You must learn to pick your battles. You can't just have this one rule of attack me and I'm going to strike back. The ego is leading you down a painful hazardouse road with this stubborn stance. Spirit says looking down watching you in ticked off mode is to see the rings of fire around you expanding like waves that multiply. I'm positive a doctor is needed to help you controll your impulses and mood swings. You don't want to hear this. You don't want to hear the truth about the man you need to want you so badly. It is what it is and he has given you his answer. Whatever moment you had together you felt was real had two realities--yours and his. I don't think you were ever talking to the part of his body that connects to the heart. Your intent to seduce backfired on you. It's a comman accurance and universal--woman all over the world play that hand--having the power and sometimes it pans out and sometimes it exhists as nothing more and ends right there with no other connection. This again is a personal responsability to accept the possible outcome when you use seduction. I think if you slow your thoughts down more and listened with a patient ear and sleep on it before responding when offended you'd make less ripples and waves. I'm sure others will echo my message. No need to respond to respond to me or ask questions as I will be stepping back now. Nothing personal--it's Spirits advice.

  • I don't know what 2 say so I'm not saying anything cause for once I'm not going to lash out.

  • Good for you TaurusGirl, this is your first step.......not lashing out. Well done. Anger takes too much energy. I'm still completely wiped and I've had it out with my brother who's moved in with me and madly trying to finish off housework and still need to go and wash my car and go into work and catch up some work.

    So, I will try to come back later tonight.

  • Blmoon.... Well Said!!!

    I have to say, that you have a lot of CLASS and WISDOM.

  • TaurusGirl........here goes!

    Now, first up I am going to say to you I have been told I am psychic but I do not consider myself to be one. I can't give readings like the others can. I can't control it not do I get the depth that others get. I will give you the sense of what I get and my impressions but I cannot be specific, I can only give you what I get. Now i am also not claiming to be 100% correct, so if any of the other readers want to point out my mistakes.......please feel free.

    Ok, first up I feel like this is one person stalking you, not two. I feel Chris has encouraged her to do this and because she is keen on him herself, she has involved herself willingly. I feel like he is seeing someone else right now and this woman who is stalking you feels like (from his point of view) his backup plan, Plan B so to speak. He is not interested in continuing contact with you but instead of being a man about it, he is happy to let others do his dirty work for him. I am sorry to say he is NOT a friend of yours. He is not acting in any way or coming from any place of friendship. He sees you as a woman who is desperate for a man and had his fun with you and now wants you to disappear along with all the other woman he played with.

    I feel like you are the butt of their jokes and the angrier you get, the funnier they think it is. Please for you own sake, ignore her, bite your tongue and find another way to release your anger because it will keep going if you don't and the only person here who is getting hurt is you. This stalker woman will, in future, see Chris's true colours for herself. I really don't think he is a nice man at all, he uses people for his own purpose. I don't feel he is overseas either.

    The best thing you can to is to end it and tell her that you and Chris are not friends and you no longer wish to discuss him and then IGNORE her. When they no longer get reaction out of you, it will die off.

    Now, from a personal perspective and my personal advice to you here, LET THIS MAN GO. If things are meant to be different in future, then they will. But you must firstly take care of YOU. Do you know anyone who practices Reiki or Pranic Healing? You would benefit from having the cords cut between you and him, it will help you move past this man and stop hurting over him now. I know you had your fun via webcam and yes he probably thought it was great, but being physical with someone over the computer does not make for real feelings from his side. If a man really likes you and is into you, he WILL find a way to get in contact with you. In this day and age of communication options, the fact you have not heard from him in 9 months means he is not interested, and I apologise for being blunt, but it is true. It is hard when emotionally involved to see or think straight and he did the wrong thing by taking advantage of you and your feelings for him, but he is not interested in your best interests, only looking after himself.

    It is now time to focus on yourself. Focus on what makes you happy and working on yourself and things will change.

    I'm sorry, but I don't feel at this time there is any good news for you in this situation, please don't torment yourself any more over this man, he is not worth it.

  • TaurusGirl,

    I have just read over what BLMOON has written, and she does have an extraordinary gift and much wisdom.

    I really do feel you need to work on your anger issues, when you are able to control this and not react so violently, it will give you more inner peace. You want to be able to control the anger, not have the anger control you. When you stop projecting so much anger and aggression, you will find people more willing to get closer to you.

    Actually I feel like you don't like yourself very much. You need to learn to love yourself again, when you can love and accept yourself TaurusGirl, others will too. Although it is never about gaining other's approval, it is about YOU loving and accepting yourself and the bonus of that is that so will others. I feel like your anger is from being angry at yourself.

    I hope this helps in some way.

  • Cool thanks for that.

    You know I had a feeling someone was pushing her along but just not who.

    Oh I'll be fucking him off but my way of doing it.

    Did it with my last ex and had a wave of excitement come over me like I wanted to run a marathon.

    Was hyper all day.That's the first kind of hello your empath I had.

    First I'll email the psycho and tell her she can have him cause I don't want him then I'll give him a piece of my mind on using ppl.

    Truly thanks 4 that I needed truth and got it.

    Btw Bente is just making up blatant lies now.

    I never sent her several offline messages nor dinged her several times either.

    I'm not biting cause she wants me to.

    If she wants attention fine but she's not getting it from me.

    I hate dinged on Yahoo Messenger I'd never do it 2 someone else.

    Like I said I'm not biting cause she wants me to.

    Lesson learned.I'm never going back into that thread ever again.

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