What Are You Thoughts of Requestees That Turn On Readers

  • Hello everyone,

    Wow, this thread made me sad. What I get is it's time to let things go. I was wondering if Ahliyah was going to show up w/ some of her wisdom. Sometimes we need to just let people be. Love them from across the street. I suggest a loving kindness prayer.

    So here goes...

    May ALL beings be of quiet minds and open hearts

    May All beings be free from any and all inner and outer harm

    May All beings be free from suffering emotionally,physically,mentally and spiritually

    May all beings be happy and healthy and experience ease of Being

    May All being be free of grasping and delusion and Ego

    May All Beings be who we truly Are.

    Thank you Libra for your explanation of how your Spirits work thru you that was awesome. Thank you all for all your gifts!!

    Signing off...Pfree

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