Good Happens

  • I've been very blessed in my life. After a reckless teenage life and two near-fatal car accidents,

    I'm thankful I met & married my husband 33 years ago this Thanksgiving (the day we were married); & almost that quick! We met & hung out one night, he left for 3 months, came back into town, we hung out for 2 weeks & got married. I asked him to marry me, as a joke, then he seriously asked me later that evening. We later admitted to not "being in love" but just enjoyed each others company & we were tired of being alone. We were married for 4 1/2 yrs before we had our daughter then 2 yrs 9 months later we had our son. It's been rough a lot of times; the hardest job we've EVER had, but the good times are beautiful, funny & definitely memorable.

    We have been blessed by the collective families we have together, grandchildren, our house The Lord gave us, all the jobs we get, our good friends & neighbors we've had for MANY years, and our health.

    I wish for all this Thanksgiving Day & beyond is that you, too, find love, peace & harmony in your lives, and may you all enjoy a great life!

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