What Are You Thoughts of Requestees That Turn On Readers

  • Ok ladies, I have been reading thru the thread and just needed to chime in if you don't mind. First I just want to say that I am grateful for each of you that generously give of your own precious time to help another and I thank you!!! My thoughts, and I may be wrong, but just keep in mind that I am in my infancy of learning here, is that if one is to request a reading that they should be open to receiving whatever the message is to convey, which may not be necessarily what they want to hear. If everything in our life was perfect we would not be coming to you to share your gifts, we would be in heaven but we are not, we are on earth. Now I myself have asked a similar question of a few different people just so I could get different perspectives to piece it all together and I do not want someone to tell me just what I want to hear but to be honest with the message that is meant for me to receive. However, once I make my request, and I will specify "if or when you have time or feel lead to do so", I leave it to you and your guides whether or not and when to answer my request. I feel the messages are to come to us when we are ready and open to receive them not when we want them, but like I said I am fairly new to this so maybe I am wrong. Now if you do not feel that you can do a reading for me or that you have priorities in your life that would prevent you from doing it for some time, that's fine and I accept it, just a kind message to tell me you do not feel lead to do so or it will be awhile before you could get to it or perhaps you are just drained as from my understanding so far is that readings can be very draining. I have to admit that I get irritated when I see the same people posting to every reader and posting again and again reminding them what page their request is on and never posting support or assistance to anyone else, I wonder if these people ever take the time to read of someone elses situation and see there may be something there they could learn from or share a similar situation with that person that may be helpful to them? I think this is a bit disrespectful because if they had taken the time to read thru the post instead of it being all about "me, me, me", they would see that there is a list or something preventing the reader from doing the readings for a period of time. These people give me the impression that they are all about "me, me, me"! Sorry but that's just how I see it and the impression I get. Now I may post to you again after a reading if I need clarification, do not understand or perhaps have an additional question, but again I make the request when you have time.

    I do believe that the majority of the folks on here are genuinely caring people who want to help one another however there are those, as in life, that would take advantage of your generosity. It's usually evident in that they ask, ask, ask but never offer a prayer, encouragement or otherwise. It's very sad to see that they are so consumed with themselves that they take away from others that are waiting and in need of guidance. If it is that urgent and you feel you need an immediate answer, then go to a paid forum where there are people there 24/7! In my experience here, that's not to say that if there were an urgent matter that those here would not come to assist you as in my case when I needed healing I was blessed with those I knew would step up to help as well as people that I had not even communicated with that came to offer prayers. Thank you again to those who came to my assistance whether you made yourself known or remained silent in prayer! I am speaking of those that take advantage and everything is a crisis that requires you to drop everything for them. If you have come across those that time and time again take advantage of your kindness without ever offering a simple prayer for another, then yes you do have the right and obligation to warn another reader so that their work in helping others is not halted due to one person who would prevent you from reaching others that truly do desire and are open to receiving your assistance and insight. But these are only my opinions for whatever it is worth and I thank you for allowing me to express them.

    Wishing everyone much peace, love & happiness 😃

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