What Are You Thoughts of Requestees That Turn On Readers

  • Good afternoon to one and all. I have waited today to come in and see if I can explain to individuals who have never had a psychic moment when your giving some one a reading. I can't speak for everyone on here who receives but I can explain my own experiences. I can't give you a reading as quickly as others on this site. And I can only give something as a reading when I have the other side telling me what they want delivered. The first time that I had others wanting me to make contact with family members I fought them trying to do this on my time. Well it doesn't work that way for me. I fought with the spirit and argued with them about something they knew more about better than I did. They drained me because I wanted to do it my way. And if I delivered a message and the person it was meant for didn't really get it. Even tho they seemed to me to understand. When I hung up the phone this spirit was not happy. He was agitated and I started to feel and act this out. I was passing the floor and getting more agitated by the minute. He told me she didn't get it. Well I didn't do anything so the feelings were growing. Finally because this was like the 3rd time anyone from the other side had come to me and wanted me to deliver a message I was working in the dark and I didn't know what I was suppose to do. I can only guess that he knew I was a novice and he told me call her back and say you didn't get it, I said FATHER. Not dad FATHER and I was putting emphasis on father. And I told her I am feeling very agitated and I am pacing which I don't normally do. And all of a sudden she said I do get it now. Father is what I called my biological father. That's how I addressed him. And when I say dad that is my step-dad. And I get it now and yes he would be very agitated if I didn't understand what he was telling me. I got off the phone and the feelings were gone. That is an example of what the psychic feels and goes through when receiving for someone. You can surround yourself all you want but if you try to deliver a message differently than the guides or another spirit give it to you they get angry. The want it delivered the way they are giving it. They don't want you to soften the message in order to make it sound nicer. That's not really your job. You are the messenger and they want it to come out of your mouth the same way they give it. And if they aren't happy with that you will be told by them and they may not like the fact that the recipient isn't getting it either. Because it isn't something they want to hear. Or they only get the parts of the message that sound good to them. The messenger get the brunt of this. Not you as the recipient and until you are able to experience this you really don't know what a drain or frustrating thing this can be. And the guide will stop giving information because you resist the message. They have repeated and repeated until they are done. The information at the time also is the path your on at that very moment because as soon as you hear it you start to change things without even knowing it. Your mind is dissecting the message and trying to see if you can manipulate it to happen faster or differently than you got it. So when you have a psychic that seems to get angry it's because they are the instrument. It's not necessarily the psychics feelings but the spirits. So when your being told the same thing time after time after time. Your p___sing them off because they are tired of repeating and you not getting it. And it is literally coming through the deliverer. Do you stop to think that they have no control of the spirit, it is the other way around when your fighting their message. I in know way think that everyone has the same experience that I do because I will tell you they are much more evolved than I am. They do things differently than I do possibly but I have never noticed anyone taking the time to explain just what is happening at the time of giving a reading. I hope those who are frustrated have a better understanding and are not so offended when they don't get a reading. It is and can be exhausting and they have their own family's demanding their attentions and they still find time to try to help people they don't know because this is what they are suppose to do. And if you get a reading it's because someone on the other side is also wanting to help and not being ignored either.

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