What Are You Thoughts of Requestees That Turn On Readers

  • Hi I'm sorry to walk in on this without knowing the full situation, I have seen a few posts by both women and want to make a few comments on it that might help you guys understand each other a little better? I've noticed that CharmedWitchBente, you are a little like me in that you will say the truth and you don't sugar coat it even if it gets you in trouble. I saw that you supported in another situation in the past where you didn't have to, but it was very supportive and encouraging. And I thought it really admirable the way you expressed your advice and thoughts, it always sounds very honest and I like your character very much. So, it sounds like there was some kind of information or advice given in a reading that wasn't easy to swallow? , you seem really misunderstood and it makes me sad, I don't want you to feel picked on and it seems like what might or might not be a valid argument between you and another individual has also caused a lot of unwarranted bullying from other "spiritual" persons on this board. If the argument is between the two of you you should both be left to work it out and forgive each other instead of the hollier-than-thou's trying to make fun of you. Kind of shameful, you shouldn't be a tool for any kind of childish popularity contest and bullying. I'm only 22 and this kind of conversation is still making me blush. And , she seemed really fond of you so maybe we should go back in and re-examine the advice that was given? Maybe you are just as outspoken as me and some others on this message board and you're expecting people not to like you because of reaction's and experiences you've had in the past, and you might be turning away friends because of that. I think there is plenty to like about you & you just want to be understood...what do you think?

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