What Are You Thoughts of Requestees That Turn On Readers

  • guys please !!!!!, I know I'd been on many threads myself but I suppose fortunately missed the nasty stuff, , only wish I could wear the barroom outfits and heels, last time I wore killer heels I got chucked out of the bar for being drunk, and I hadn't even had a beer yet!!! and as for wearing barroom outfits, I had to accessorise with a whip to keep them off me!!! I thought those of us on here were beyond the childish bitching if their reading wasn't what they wanted to hear, and I also thought that people understood that unless they go to a professional reader, who does nothing else, people have lives and issues of their own to deal with too, I was also told, and have read that those of us who are gifted use a hell of a lot of energy to do readings, so will, of course have to have rests, and days off, I know that myself, having had readings of my past lives, and my aura, certainly wore myself out trying to get further with the clues I'd been given, it does work in a limited fashion, but I am only a beginner at that, and will get better, but that I thought, is what readings are for, a place to start from, or a heads up on something that is over the horizon that will need to be dealt with

    Love and light to all


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