What Are You Thoughts of Requestees That Turn On Readers

  • Charmedwitchbente,

    First, I am going to say that I know a whole lot of people are going to come on here and pooh pooh this thread for being "negative." It isn't. Just because we have been "blessed" with gifts doesn't mean that we are robots. We have a right to vent and to discuss things amongst ourselves that both bring us joy and frustrate or pain us. "Psychic" does not mean "Inhuman." If you find the frank and maybe emotional discussion too "negative" for you,please don't read it and upset yourself more because no one wants that. But, by the same token, it would be only fair not to negativity judge those who wish to express their own feelings and frustrations in this thread.

    Now, I wholeheartedly agree with you and share your pain and frustration. Not only do they beg and plead for help, they come back with more and more demanding responses and pop up on every single thread they can get to, often copy and pasting the same questions again and again and prevailing upon the kindness of reader after reader...often for weeks or even months on end. They act as though they had never asked, their world is on fire, only YOU could save them, and you better have the answer they want, not the answer they get.

    The thing that REALLY gets to me is when they don't like message they get and give back the fake "thanks so much but I don't think you know what you're talking about with that reading and I don't believe a word of it."and follow it up with "can I ask a few more questions...??? Thank you SO much and please hurry and answer me back or I'll die" First, the fake appreciation is insulting. I'd rather not be thanked at all than be brushed of with that patronizing BS. Second, if nothing in the reading makes sense to you and the reader doesn't know what they are doing, why are you still asking for more??

    And they go off posting again and again and again, the story changing a little each time, while so many other people who are sincere in their question AND the answer, get shoved aside by these pushy, self centered people who think that posting forever will get them the response they demand.

    NONE of us like giving readings we know are going to hurt. I would do just about ANYTHING to always deliver happy, wonderful news. Unfortunately, readings are like life...some of it is painful. But why turn on the person who is helping you, feeling your pain, and trying everything they can to not only give the message in as kind a manner as possible, but to offer you comfort, encouragement, support and hope? Why is it the reader's fault we can't spin fairytale worlds where everything is perfect?

    If these people knew the amount of effort, exhaustion, and emotional tolls we suffer on their behalf, what it takes out of us to do just ONE reading, I doubt they would care very much. I have had to lie down, nearly fainted, cried my eyes out, been physically ill, felt pains in every part of my body, crumbled like a wet rag, struggled endlessly, and shouldered burdens I never knew I could. I mean it when I say this is a blessing and a curse. It is all worth it when we can help and I have dragged myself around like a zombie and stayed up nearly all night at times reading for people I knew needed and wanted the help. I would do it a thousand times over for those who are not just using this site and the energies of the people here who help others just to live in a state of perpetual folly, delusion, selfishness, and hard hardheartedness then blame US for it.

    I have my own list of those I wouldn't read for on pain of death. I don't care if I spontaneously combust from holding it in. I won't do it. I'm not going to put my life on hold, drain myself, and suffer needlessly so the messages I get can fall on deaf ears and I get it my genuine care and concern thrown back in my face with a "thank you for the reading, you're an idiot, though and now hurry up and answer the following 50 questions to the best of your nonexistent abilities."

    As far as the person you mentioned and the ones I have on my mental blacklist, don't bother yourself with them. Do your best and ignore the other stuff. We too have to remember that on this site, just like anywhere else, there is good and bad.

    I would also add that those who criticize another person's reading and insist that they and they alone sit on the throne of wisdom are doing a huge disservice to the person seeking guidance and a fellow reader. We may get different messages,see things differently, or just have different opinion and all that is TOTALLY fine. Go ahead and post your thoughts. But it is extremely arrogant and disrespectful to the fellow readers, as well as confusing to those for whom the reading is taking place, to brush aside that reading and pronounce yourself the only voice in the wilderness. I, for one, can say that no matter how many validations I get, I NEVER give a reading sure that I am the only one with all the answers. If I find myself acting so foolishly, I would hope someone would lock me away before I bring more harm into already confused and frightened lives.

    That said, I wouldn't turn my back on someone in need if I was on my last leg. I wouldn't hurt anyone for the world. I wouldn't trade the blessing of this gift away for relief of the curse of it because I would rather suffer the pains and frustrations of it myself so I can spare or lighten someone else's pain, and we all do.

    One kind word,one sincere wish,one person who accepts and understands their message AND the offer of prayer and comfort that I give with it is much more precious than a million readings received contrary to all that. We touch and help people when they are hurt, alone, scared, confused, or just plain lost. That is an enormous responsibility and an even greater blessing. Yes, we get kicked in the shins by a few spoiled children, but we also get held in the hearts of grateful angels who pray for and bless us.

    It's a trade off that, whether or not its easy, is part of how we who have been given these abilities must cope and find joy in it. I'm glad that we have each other to support through some of this. We readers need a shoulder to cry on once in a while, too:)

    BLESSINGS, LOVE, PEACE, and LIGHT to those who ARE what all those things mean and bring them into the lives of others each day. I really am honored and blessed to know you.

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