Mark of death on astrology charts?

  • Distantly, far in my past I remember reading about how there are two times a year that a strong aspect will come up that carried with it the strongest and most possible time that you could die, is this accurate?

    If anyone could correct me, or fill me in on this I would be truly grateful.

    I also wonder… are there any changes to a person's chart once they have moved on? What can we learn about their next life from the chart they just left?

    If memory serves me I believe that in the next lifetime we would have the next Asc that follows the one we had this life, is this true?

    Any answers would be great, and more questions could never hurt.

    May we have a very stimulating conversation,


  • AngelicSensuality~

    What a very interesting topic you have started! First, I must appologize as I know nothing about Astrology Charts! Although, I am very interested if there is a way that you could look at a person's chart and tell by looking at 2 strong aspects, whether that would be a possibility that they could die or if their is a different meaning behind it. Could you please explain what "Asc" means? In my opinion, which doesn't count because it's just my thought (lol) I think that we could learn alot from a persons chart, Take for instance the very fact if they had learned from a reacurring aspect, or if they choose not to move on and if so then I think the chart would show the repeated pattern and hince they would be doomed to the same mistakes unless, they learned and took that knowledge forward for when the next "aspect" would present itself to them in their future! I hope that you are making sense out of all the jiberish.So, good luck and I hope you find what you are looking for! Many blessings !


  • This looks good...

  • Asc stands for Ascendant. It is the first line on the left side of the chart. It is on the first house (each section of a chart is called a house). The Ascendant is highly important because it represents your physical body, your way of expressing your entire chart, and how you manage karma.

    I also just found an interesting starter on learning more about this...

    Apparently there are 'myths' about death in the chars.

    Here is the first one.

    People die on a transit. (The myth)

    Many think that their 'death' was arriving shortly in the form of a heavy transit from Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. No one can die on transit. It has to be backed up in the progressions, firstly. And there may be 'other' indicator present, such as an eclipse, plus a transit. These two or three pieces to the recipe for Death must be in place before something serious and major happens. Nothing major happens on a transit. Everything major occurs with progressions.

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