Dear Hanswolfgang and Blmoon,

  • With curiosity I have read the posts you two have assembled when using your gifts to assist those around you throughout this site. Intrigued by the skill, the power, and wisdom you both carried a question came into my mind.

    Your spiritual devotion to these people is a beautiful thing. Lending a helping hand to everyone here with such conviction is moving, shows that there is hope in this world after all. Both of you seem so strong that nothing can truly sway you, strong trees in a weak breeze.

    But when you are down, when your world seems dark who do you turn to? Who helps you in your moments of need?

    I am new to the forms. Upon stumbling on the two of you I was instantly thrilled and wished to meet the two of you. I do have questions about myself but I do not think now is the time to bother you with such silly things. 😃

    Thank you for reading, may your lives continue on blissfully so you may continue to shine so brightly.


  • When I am down, when my world seems dark who do I turn to? I turn to the Tarot cards, to Osho and to myself.

    Who helps me in my moments of need? I do not know, it always depends. Existence helps me in many ways, and I can wait for a surprise.

    I consider questions about yourself not as silly things.

    Do you hear the distant call of the cuckoo? Do you hear the birds chirping? This is receptivity. It is an existential state of silence, utter silence; no movement, nothing stirs, and yet you are not asleep, and yet you are alert, and yet you are absolutely aware. When silence and awareness meet, mingle and become one, there is receptivity. Receptivity is the most important religious quality.

    But this is how the mind of man functions: it is always somewhere else. But your reality is here, your mind is somewhere else.

  • Thank you for replying Hans and I thank you for what you do for the others. It really is a very kind thing.

    However I'm not sure I understand 100% your message. Is my mind in an altered state?

  • Your mind is in an altered state.

    Your fit is really a rushing, overwhelming consciousness that your mind cannot contain, and because it cannot contain it, it goes unconscious.

    If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinion for or against.

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