Too good to be true?

  • I hate to even state this, but I am in an awesome relationship going on six months. I love him and I know he loves me- he shows it and states it..more show then state. He has two children with whom I have had an instant connection. We have no downs. None. We agree on all the fundamentals of life situations and connect on a very comfortable level. Our sex life is awesome and are greatly attracted to one another. We don't argue at all. We like the same things and even though we are different in some areas compliment each other nicely. We are wonderful friends. Why do I keep worrying the carpet may get pulled out from under me? Most of the time I do not worry this way, but every once in awhile it is a nagging thought. I wish it would go away so I could enjoy what it is I have right now, even if it may not be a "Happily Ever After". Cripes...

  • A reading on this would be nice...just curious on how things are going according to the spirit world....

  • why don't I give you compatibility rather than birth chart?

    what is his dob? I've got yours

  • Aug 27, 1981...I do not know what time of day and South Carolina is the state, stuckey is the town..he doesn't know what time he was born, thank you very much!

  • Sun - Jupiter

    Negative aspect: While they get on well when they first meet, sharing the same ideas and tastes, with the years their ideas change and they do not develop in the same way. They will no longer understand each other and could split up because they no longer love each other, have nothing more in common.

    Sun - Venus

    Negative aspect: The two persons are drawn towards each other, but the union is unstable, because there will inevitably be division, probably through misunderstanding on the sexual level, which may frustrate the partner.

    Venus - Saturn

    Negative aspect: Unfavorable union, as it will be very difficult for a Venus to put up with a Saturn who is too austere, cold, hides their feelings and puts Venus ill-at-ease.

    Jupiter - Saturn

    Negative aspect: Difficult relationship as a couple, the two being too different even to complement each other.

    Saturn - Pluto

    Positive aspect: Favorable union.

    Mercury - Mars

    Positive aspect: They have been well selected. They understand each other, like to discuss things with each other and take joint initiatives. Great intellectual understanding.

    Venus - Pluto

    Positive aspect: Great passionate affair, most certainly not lasting but pleasant to experience, whatever about the future.

    Sun - Saturn

    Negative aspect: They are certainly not made to live together. Saturn is too harsh, rigid and likes tranquility too much for the Sun. Neither will feel happy in this relationship.

    Mercury - Neptune

    Negative aspect: This relationship can only bring illusions, and therefore also disappointments will follow. These two people can never understand each other and if they insist on living together, it will be with lies and deception.

    Mercury - Uranus

    Positive aspect: No clouds in this couple's life. They have a good intellectual understanding, take pleasure in being together, in discussing and exchanging ideas.

    Jupiter - Pluto

    Positive aspect: A possible union. Look at the other aspects to interpret exactly.

    Mars - Neptune

    Positive aspect: A difficult union that can succeed, but could founder in lies. Be very careful.

    Mars - Pluto

    Positive aspect: Great physical passion.

    Venus - Neptune

    Positive aspect: Favorable union, they have the same artistic tastes in common, their life will sometimes be full of fantasy.

    Jupiter - Neptune

    Positive aspect: A potential union. Look at the other aspects.

    There are quite a few negatives here, although there are more positives on the overall. There is no relationship can last without two people working it out together, but from the planetary aspects, we can see that some relationships will need a lot more work than the others. This is what happens in your case.

    Be careful with your conduct and words, jealousy can provoke this man to bring you devastation monetarily and physically. This goes for opposite sex, career and money. Curb your adventurous side, you may not be able to see his hurt or where/how you have hurt him. By the time you found out, you might have lost everything you loved. Because he is somewhat secretive, but observing and analytical, it is not easy to 'read' him or his moves. Also, he is merciless to his enemies and devoted to his friends. If you provoke him enough, you will be his enemy, plain and simple.

    He is courageous, like you, but you are practical while he is complicated. This is not helping him achieving his goals, but then again he is clever and determined, he will not stop until he gets what he wants.

    Love wise I see quite a tension. You tend to bring logic when dealing with matters of the heart, while he is all feelings: possessive, jealousy and love all poured into one. To him you could sound self righteous while to you, his critics can sound cruel and unjustified. Do not use logic too much when dealing with him. The way to his heart is moe of affection than logic.

    Aries is a masculine sign, you posses quite a lot of masculine traits. When dealing with him, let your feminine side take charge now and then. He does have tendency to benefit from others weakness, be it friends or enemies. If you can not balance the use of logic and sentiments, you will be giving him the upper hand. He may not realize this, but he has it in him and without control, these qualities may bring devastation to himself and those around him.

    I won't be surprised if he is somewhat violent or at least demanding in bed. The element he was born in contributes to his carnal side. This goes verbally and physically. However due to the masculine traits you possess, you may be one of few people can deal with it, and so you may not feel any problem.

    Hope this helps. it's based on the planets position when you were born. If some things ring true and need working out, do so now before the relationship goes further. Communication is very important. Especially after an argument, reach out to him in any way you can. Silence will only prompt him to dwell in his dark secretive side and you will be the least benefit from it.

  • I need to add, his intelligence is lucid, this means he can see through you. But a soft feminine approach, may bring his soft side out. This is your upper hand. Use it when you need it.

  • Love is not unattainable. It only comes for those who are open to it.

    To be open to possibilities is to to have hope and yet let go of expectation.

    In career, time is of the essence. In love, slow and steady is the key.

    Never ever use logic when dealing with matters of the heart.

    The heart knows the answer that logic can not digest. This is where balance is important.

    Change can only start from within.

    Love yourself for how do you love others if you don;t know how to love yourself?

    Forgive yourself, because if not, you can not forgive others.

    the rest I wrote on this thread

    too long to write here again 🙂

    after that, have fun,

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