Scorpio Men Like to be chased?

  • Do Scorpio men like to be pursued? Or do they like to pursue? Why do they flirt if they are not interested?

  • I think it is both for them. I am not an expert on Scorpio men at all, but what little I know is this, they do not seem to be men who like to waste their time. If they are interested in a woman who is interested in them back, I think they will play it out and see what happens.

  • As a scorpio man myself, I will enjoy being pursued by someone I am interested. Or I will do anything I can to get my prey.

  • Prey is an awfully odd

  • I can vouch that Scorpio men really like to be chased. I think that it always turns to be a game with them, with the ultimate end of being together with that other person. I am a Scorpio and all readings have always to that conclusion with me, which I firmly believe so as well and have witnessed it in action.

    I guess you have to make them fall for your trap so everything will all work to your advantage.

  • Scorpio777,

    I am a Gemini. I have always been against pursuing a man b/c of the whole "unlady like" thing to do. But I have found myself very very interested (and it takes alot to get me interested) in this Scorpio man almost 15 years older than me. I am pretty feisty and pretty confident but this Scorpio has kind of made me feel challenged....which I enjoy. But not to the point of looking foolish. He has shown alot of interest. He compliments me, makes suggestive comments, and when he talks to me, he leans in with his legs spread as far as humanly possible-all in my personal space. To make a long story short, I don't believe in chasing. I have always been chased (not being egotistical but I am attractive.) Well, out of frustration, I finally got the nerve to ask thru an email about how I felt about him. He responded using the term "HOT" and then my name but didnt really answer me! I was mortified. I tried again, this time he DIDN"T EVEN answer...even more mortified. So I see him again, and the flirting, leaning in, compliments, light touching start all over again. So that evening I texted him and asked if he was seeing someone. He said he was and wanted to be exclusive. I told him that we both knew the attraction was mutual and asked why he flirted if he was in an "exclusive" relationship? He said the MAIN REASON he didn't pursue me was b/c I was his patient. I asked if I FOUND ANOTHER doctor, would he consider and his only response was, "You are too funny." OOOOH, I literally grew horns. My reply was that I respected his current relationship and that I would find another doctor. He finally replied, you don't have to find another doctor. I will be happy to continue servicing you. Anyway, I am pretty thick-skinned and stubborn and I can play that game even better than he can imagine. But why play such games? I thought honesty was the best policy?


  • Arthes: Have you even turned down a woman even if you were really interested just to "play" a game? The reason I ask is b/c he has already told me he is with someone (even though he flirts w/me like the devil,) Should I just move on and quit acting like a fool? He just isn't that into me right? Does me asking him out make me look like a desperate fool? (BTW: He told me I was very attractive and hot. He also said he was very flattered that I would find a man like him attractive.) So what gives? Isn't that how it works?


  • One last thing Arthes? What do you mean trap? Does that mean to just forget about him and leave him alone and tell him I am seeing someone else? Or does "trap" mean to continue to drop hints and not be too pushy. (BTW: I HAVE NEVER BEEN TOO PUSHY.) I keep all emails, texts, etc etc as short and simple as possible and I never linger. I just come around every now and then, but I never push him or force myself on him-EVER.


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