Being Stalked need answers

  • I'm being stalked at the moment from what I believe is 2 women.

    This person/s have said some pretty nasty things about me and my friend Chris.

    My gut instinct says there lies but anyone who's been stalked knows u don't know what or who to believe.

    I'd appreciate greatly help on this situation so I can clear my head.

    My birthdate is 15/05/1974 9.50am Liverpool Australia

    Chris 25/01/1974 resides in Leumeah Australia but I believe he's overseas on Naval duties.

  • taurusgirl,

    I've done a reading for you.

    Ace of Swords-cognition

    7 of Wands reversed-courage

    The Moon reversed-dreams

    Son of Stones-advocate

    You need to have clarity of thought. Others disapprove of you personally. Emotional imbalance. Feelings racing back and forth. Not wanting to face old issues. Illusions. Not being able to deal with reality. Cannot determine truth from fantasy. In the near future there will be a practical and patient person that will help you to gain clarity on this situation.

    Well, the cards seem to be saying that you're not thinking clearly about this situation. Your fantasies have clouded your judgment. However, you will have someone to help you to see things more clearly in the future. I hope this helps. I know it's probably not what you wanted to hear, but I'm hoping it's what you needed to hear.

  • Well having a stalker doesn't help u think clearly about

    Thanks 4 that.

  • Yes, I've had a stalker in the past. Actually he still contacts me, but I was finally able to make him understand that I wasn't interested in him in that way. It took an order of protection, moving out of state, and marrying someone else to bring balance to the situation. If you feel that the activity is threatening your safety then by all means go to the authorities. Just be aware that the reading suggests that you need clarity on the situation. The message was for you, only you know what it means. Also, know that your reading showed you getting help with the situation. So, help is available if you need it, you won't have to deal with this all on your own. Good luck with this.

  • exposure ,,, clearly the stalker hides, so in direct contrast EXPOSE THIS PREDATOR

    talk about this person to whomever is close to you, report this to local law enforcement

    as complaint have it written somewhere in their reports....take a camera and take pictures of this person whenever you see them. call emergency police response so they become aware that you are under pressure and fearful of this individual....bring it out in full view

    God bless you may the Universe send its protective and healing energies to you

    Be brave and strong...confident and stare the adversary square in the eye

    stalkers are cowards...t.hey love the HUNT they enjoy it


  • She has it under control now.

  • Dear TaurusGirl,

    You have had a wonderful reading. Trust in that. Now for the other part, remember that you can always trust in your instincts. If you know that what they say about you are lies, then you can be pretty well assured that what is being said about your friend, Chris are lies as well. Take a long step back from this situation and look at it objectively. Take the emotions out of it. That should help you to see it for what it is. Two very nasty and jealous women who for whatever reason have decided to pick on you for the moment, the bullies! Just remember who you are and what you stand for. You are a strong woman, remember and believe in yourself. Many blessings, Scribe1

  • To Manifestdreams:

    Please let me apologize if I have crossed the line. I did not mean to downplay your reading in any way shape or fashion. It was a good read from start to finish. I only sensed there was more that I could add, not take away from you. Please forgive me if I have imposed and let me know if I have done so. Thank you.

    Your humble Scribe1

  • Hi, Where is the stalking taking place. Are they going to your residence. You said you think it's 2 women--are they in a car. I can relate a situation that happened to a friend by a couple of women. These women are crazy. Stalking is crossing over the normal boundaries so it doesn't necessarily do a whole lot of good to try and get into their mind. I can tell you that I think it's a power and control issue. I wouldn't hesitate in reporting it and keeping (your own) documentation on it. Whenever your in a harassing type environment always keep detailed notes--that's my advice. Might want to get on internet and look up stalking, harassment laws that pertain to your situation.

  • Hi Scribe,

    No apologize are necessary. It's all good.

  • Found out it's 1 woman but she is still denying it even though I threw the evidence in her face.

    It was through email and Chris was pushing her.Don't worry gave him a friendly not nasty piece of my mind.

    I also gave her advice too on letting men use her like that.

    Which still she strongly denies but I felt good giving her that advice so that's good enough 4 me.

  • Call it the empath or even other stuff I'm suppose to have but I get the feeling Chris has been deeply hurt by women so he thinks it's ok to use women like toys cause he got used that way.

    I'm on my path I need to be on but I feel he is going to get his Karma and It'll be a huge 1.

  • I told him don't come crying to me cause all you'll get is a I told u

  • I'm glad you got some clarity on this.

  • To Manifestdreams can you do a reading for me birthday 3-26-1974

  • I, too am glad you got to the bottom of all this mess. Sounds like Chris was smack in the middle of it all! Stay strong, TaurusGirl, and don't let this event get the better of you. There are some men out there who cannot differentiate friendships and using people. They believe that someone needs to be doing something for them in order for there to be a rel;ationship. Its totally one-sided. Its a personality disorder of the antisocial type. Here is another sad but true fact, he will never honestly feel bad about this event. He might feel bad about getting caught but that's about it. I'm sorry for what you had to go through. I hope you can move on and grow from this lesson. If you ever need someone new to talk to who can explain his behavior let me know. I'm here for you.

  • I'm giving him advice cause I think he's getting ideas from the wrong ppl.

    I think if he sees a females point of view maybe he might think of what he is doing.

    His friends are a bunch of adults who never grew up so I think hearing from someone who's had the same thing done to them might switch on a light bulb in his brain hopefully for his sake.

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