• Hello all...I am not new to but am new to the forums. Like many other people on this planet, I have been struggling with financial difficulities for quite some time but it has become more extreme recently. Trying to stay positive has become somewhat taxing. I have just turned 55 this month and want to begin the new year on a different path. If anyone has any insight about changes for me in the near future, I would really welcome your thoughts.

    Good health and good fortune to all. Take care.

  • I think this is perfect to start a new year

    just copied it from my post to another person

    we are all here on the physical world to learn and move forward

    the universe throws us life challenges for us to overcome and learn from it

    how we deal with them, is what matters

    you have to live your life in positivity and balance

    in balance, because nothing can go far without it

    nurture your physical and your psyche in any way you can

    the psyche is your link to universe guidance

    never let this link rot or unhealthy, for without guidance you will always make mistakes in life

    and you won't know how to deal with life challenges hence you keep failing and lose hope

    live in positivity, because the univers returns us what we send out

    it is not out there to punish us, it is out there to teach us

    refrain from negativity, anger/despair/wishing others bad luck/jealousy/revenge/lies/denials and dwelling in the past

    all these will be returned to you if you send them out

    revenge is not necessary, since if someone wrongs you, the universe will send them back what they send out. it's the same fo everybody.

    living in lies and denials will not move you forward anywhere, neither dwelling in the past

    make a fresh start. to start fresh is to start clean.

    open the door to the past, learn from it. your rights and wrong.

    close the door. if you dwell in it, you will invite past hurts back into your life.

    There is no single person always right, we all have our shares of wrongs

    Make amends when necessary and possible

    then from now on, base your actions/words/thoughts on love and tolerance

    starting everything is always hard, but don't give up

    there is no one person always lucky

    maybe they are living easy life in this life time,

    but in the next or the past, it;s not the case

    because to the universe we are all equal

    all lessons have to be learned and experienced, plain and simple

    whenever you find yourself being negative, turn inward and tell yourself This too shall pass

    repeatedly until you regain calmness and control

    if you find yourself being or will be negative to someone who wrongs you, stop and withdraw

    change your tone and say "I am a human being like you. You have to treat me like one"

    repeat until the other person gets it. If they don't, leave it to the universe. It will take care of it. again, what we send out is what we get back.

    Then remember your goals in life and channel your energy to achieve them

    Don't fret if you fail now and then, keep trying. It will get better by practice.

    Reprogram your thoughts, make an affirmation you can say any time, out loud or in mind

    such as "I will live in balance and positivity. I believe the universe will provide me the help I need" or make your own. Like everything else, it will get better by practice

    If you need help to overcome nervousness/ anxiety, get Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, homeopathy shop has it.

    many of us do not know how much negativity can hurt

    they send this out all the time, yelling, cursing, wishing bad things happen, casting harmful spells etc none of these ever solve problems permanently

    instead it has caused more miseries to themselves and to the ones they send negativity to

    to themselves, because the universe returns it to them

    to others that they send it to

    all these, on top of life challenges the universe send all of us

    life has become unbearable to many and the universe keeps getting the blame

    in everything, the change has to start from within

    our future is our own making. choose to live.

    there is no life in negativity. positivity supports life.

    yours, your family, your career, your children, your relationship, your future and theirs

    let me know if you need info about protection/cleansing/nurturing psyche

    bye now and may the universe shares you its abundance

  • Thank you for your supportive thoughts and comments.

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  • you;re welcome Sal

    I don't know why I always write a lot but if I feel it's good I write it anyway

    take care now

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