Scorpio and Sag: Are we really soulmates?

  • I am a scorpio sun/taurusmoon/aquarius rising and he is a sag sun (on the Scorpio/Sag cusp)/virgo moon/aquarius rising. I have lots of reasons to believe that he is my twin soul, my soulmate, the one I am meant to be with. And the funny thing is that he was the one that led me to believe that it was true. I have known him for 12 years now. We know each other in every possible way, we tell each other everything! I used to be able to sense his physical and emotional feelings but now it had diminished and I don't know why. We feel the same about each other: we love each other, I know it when I look into his eyes...I see the love there, I can feel it consume me. We were together 10 years ago when we were 11, and even then it was intense, too intense for him and he ran away from me. Since then, I haven't been able to find anyone else, they just don't compare. When I talk to him about the way I feel, he says we should just be friends. My question is: Should I keep waiting for him to get his head on right, realize that we belong together and come back to me, or should I move on? Any insight would be gladly appreciated because this is making me crazy!!!

  • What are your birthdates?

  • Just briefly: Scorpios can be quite controlling and possessive and Sagittarians need a lot of freedom or they will feel smothered and become rebellious. Also, your strong sexual appetite will dismay the more prudish Sag/Virgo.

  • I am 11/14/86, he is 11/25/86, both born in Brooklyn, NY. If anyone can do a reading for me, it would be appreciated

  • It is true what you say, Captain. He did accuse me of being possessive when we were together and he is being rebellious towards me and my advice even now. He treats me like I don't exist and I get fed up and we stop talking but then he keeps coming back and acting nice and saying that he still loves me. I feel like he wants to escape from me, move on with someone else but he can't. Or maybe that is my Scorpio insecurity talking. I know, even if I wanted to escape him (which I had tried to in the past), I couldn't escape from him either. It feels like fate doesn't want us to separated yet. So we end up stuck in this cycle, taking two steps forward and one back, in this weird kind of pergatory which I don't like. But he doesn't seem to mind it and that is the part that is driving me crazy!

  • He isn't really a prude, even though the Virgo in him should make him act that way. I am more of the prude here, which I find funny as well since I have two of the most sexual signs as sun and moon. He does have some Scorpio influence, though, since he is on the cusp. Maybe that accounts for it.

  • This is usually a bad combination for love, I'm sorry to say.

    There are two choices in this relationship:

    1. either you both waste your time in rebelliousness (where you try vainly to boss your friend around) or

    2. (the more meaningful one) you combine your talents in an all-out joint assault on closed minds and reactionary attitudes through your work or play. The second choice will give you a constructive outlet for your considerable creativity and will also bring you together on a personal level. But you will no doubt have to deal with the first choice first, since the early days or months of your relationship will likely have been extremely stormy. Sometimes a combination like yours even takes an instant dislike to each other, although it is more likely you eyed each other suspiciously and waited until you knew each other better before getting involved.

    It's no use your trying to control your partner. It will just raise the temperature and result in him either fleeing or fighting you. You can be a tough customer in a battle and your partner will usually refuse to admit defeat. There can be love here but it is seldom of the completely unconditional type - both of you will usually hold back giving your all, even when you seem to have given your hearts away. You even join forces to go on the attack against other people. You must both find creative outlets for your aggression or risk losing all your friends and each other.

    Scorptaurquarius, you must release your need to do everything yourself and learn to relate more intimately to others. Slow down long enough to realise other people's value and worth. Learn the art of appreciation. Your path calls you to be a pioneer who must forge into uncharted territory and expand your horizons. You are very charming but you may use it wrongly to manipulate others. Use your charm to inspire people and don't be complacent in your goals. Put aside your more selfish or egotistical inclinations and use your considerable charisma and social talents to help others.

    Your friend needs to release his need to win, and try to find compromises to problems and arguments, instead. His need comes from an inability to really believe in himself and his personal power. His path calls him to strive for individuality. The more you oppose him and try to pull him to you, the more you stunt his growth in the areas of self-love and self-respect. He needs to feel safe and loved and respected.

    So of course he runs away from your tight leash. Sags will always run if they feel abused or not loved enough or tied down. It isn't that your love is too intense or great - it's because there's simply not enough respect and tenderness on your part, and too much love of authority or autocracy on his part.

    Real love doesn't burn or eat you up - that's a fantasy. Real love respects and comforts and nourishes - and doesn't want to control or win out over the other person. You both need to learn this or you will never have a good, loving relationship.

  • Wow, Captain, that was great. A lot of this was true in the past, we really did go through some tough times, a LOT of fighting, but what it said is true: when I stopped trying to control him, we did get a lot better. I wish I had known all this stuff 12 years ago. Thank you very much for this. It really helps me and I will use this to help him as well.

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