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  • 2009 has been the worst year for me will it get better in 2010, my daughter father has abandoned me and says my daughter is my ex's out of the blue, my mother is sick which leads me to taking care of my four younger brothers plus my own daughter can u give me some insight on whats going on with me my bday june 17 1987

  • Hello and welcome, mzkikigemnini.

    Don't worry, someone will give you some help very soon. Hang tight for a bit. I will try to get back to you myself, just as soon as I can get myself together here. In the meantime, I'll be checking back with you and wanted you to know you were not alone . Many precious, wonderful people are here and you will surround you soon:)

    Blessings and Light

  • WE all hope for a wonderful New Year. Positive thinking helps the laws of attraction. And welcome.

  • thank you all

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  • Hi mzkikigemini10,

    I did pull some tarot cards for your situation, but I don't want to interpret this wrong. Let me ask you...Is there a possibility that he is not the father of your daughter? Or have you lied to him about something or cheated on him?

  • me and my ex had just broken up when me and him began dating, after me and him began dating I had gotten pregnant pretty fast I never cheated on him he cheated on me. it could be a slight chance buthighly doubtable (if thats a word) she looks exactly like him and also dna is the best solution but he will not cooperate with that So im really stuck please let me know what you interpret.

  • Hi mzkikigemini,

    OK , for some reason the cards are making it look like you lied to him about something. What I think it may be is that he believes this. Could there be a female that has been spreading lies about you to him? It shows that you had some happiness, in your life, in the past. Now there is a misuse of power going on. In the near future there is more battling with someone (probably him) more backstabbing and lies. I pulled another card for more clarification on the distant future, and it was the Father of Swords (a strong male figure) this could possibly be an attorney. I feel like this person will be helpful to you in your situation.

    Here were the cards I pulled.

    Daughter of Cups reversed-connection

    6 of Cups-happiness

    4 of Stones reversed-power of the earth

    2 of Swords reversed-peace

    Father of Swords- leadership

    I'm sorry that you are going through this. I hope the reading made some sense. (This one had me a bit stumped).

  • yers actually had a old best friend which we are not friends for that very reason im not sure if she was jealous of our relationship but she was always telling him lies about me I just wish he would stop being so stubborn and just take the DNA because It will help alot. when you say misuse of power is that on my behalf or his?

  • It's just over the situation. It could even mean that your friend misused your trust and friendship. I think you might need to contact the court to order a DNA test on him.

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