Two geminis

  • me and my mate DG have been friends for three years just in the past two months have we decided to become in a more attached relationship does he really want this relationship or is he using me does he love as he says and if not when will I find true love my soulmate our birthdays are the same day mines june 17 1987 his june17 1977 please help me with a reading

  • Mizkikgemini if he tells you that he loves you take him a his word. It is hard for a Geminin mans to come out with is fillings. So, if this is what he tells you then be happy. Enjoy your relationship and don;t think so hard about it. You can telll if he loves you or not ot if he's just playing games. I think that he probably does loves u. I have been involved with my Gemini for years and I know that he loves me and once u capture their heart it's a good thing. It is so hard for Gemini's to really open up and give in, so enjoy your time with your Gemini and be happy. I think with Gemini's it's a beatiful thing. Love my Gemini......

  • I must say It was very hard to get him to open up and it is still somewhat a challenge for me to get him to discuss matters of his heart, It seem s like im always opening up and trying too hard or something

  • Mzkigemini10, he will come around. It took a long time for my Gemini to open up to me and they believe in doing things at their own pace. I know it sounds selfish and it is, but this is how they are. Sometimes the don't even trust themselves. It seems like they are in battle with themself. HWhen my Gemini finally opened up, it was like a breath of freah air. You have a sense of, ahhhhh.........Only if you think that it is worth it then stick it out. I notice that you said you have been w/him for 3 yrs that's awhile. Do you think that it is worth it? I am not trying to discourage you, but for me I think that is was worth it. His intelligent is another reason that keeps me there,and he challenges me like no other. I can tell you when they Love, they Love. This is something else that they don't make you aware of unless they are really sure about themselves. Remeber they are 2 people, that what I always say.

  • yes they are two people and its seems as though me waiting it is improving but just very slowly but i can see some progress its just that sometimes I get ahead of myself.

  • You will be OK. I forgot you where also a Gemini. Most all of my friends are a Gemini probably because we fall in the same realm. I am Aquarius. I get along with Gem so well. It's worth it....

  • Mzkikgemini10, I just messed up my wording so bad.I hope you can understand what I was trying to say.

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