Random acts of kindness! A feel good post!

  • In the spirit of the holidays, it would be nice to recognize the good out there. I would love to read some stories about acts of kindness that give the warm fuzzy feeling. lol!

    I'll start. It just happened about 10 minutes ago. A very small gesture but it made a big difference to me. I'm currently selling some rather "ahem" expensive shoes on ebay that I spent way too much money on and regretted later. Now that I am Christmas shopping, I need as much $$$$ as possible and am hoping I can at least get some of the money back from my unfortunate and ill advised spending spree. Anyway, I have been looking for the name of the shoe style I am selling forever. I had thrown the box away after I got them, not expecting that I would want to sell them and need the name later. So, I posted the brand on ebay with a picture of the shoes and a description. Now, if you have ever sold on ebay, you know that the more descriptive your title is, the more hits you get. If someone is looking for a particular brand or style name, they just type the words into the search engine and voila! Titles with that brand and style name pop up and you can go ahead and make your bid. Anyway, a very kind hearted e-bayer who saw my listing sent me an e-mail after they noticed my shoe style was not listed in the title. Out of the blue, they wrote just to let me know the name in an effort to help me get more hits from potential buyers. This person didn't know me from Adam. They didn't have to take the time to write but they did it to help me out. It was a small but very kind gesture that made a big difference to me.

    Ok, I'll try to think of some more but that just happened and is fresh in my mind. It made me feel good that random acts of kindness do exist! Anyone else want to share??

  • I like the Idea of that , I have made some e-friends from e-bay as I buy beads and some of my jewellery tools there, one lady specially made me up larger packs of beads because I liked them so much I wanted loads more than she usually sells them in, and another sold me samples which she didn't have to as I wasn't sure if what she had would do what I wanted it for, I suspect e-bayers are a nice bunch of people somehow, the ones I have e-mailed anyway have been

  • Here is an idea I got from someone and did.

    About 7 years ago my husband and I were going to Pizza Hut for lunch. As we were walking in, I saw an older man, helping his wife out of the car and putting her so gently into her wheel chair. When we were all seated, I noticed it was just us two couples and another in the back. We ordered our meal and I saw what the older couple had ordered. A budget lunch meal. It touched my heart and almost made me cry, being an empath and knowing why.

    We got our check before they were done, so I asked the waiter for their check as well. I paid them both. The waiter was so touched that he said he was going to do that the next time he was out. I did not expect anything back. That is not why I give. But when we passed the couple on the way to the door, the older gentleman looked into my eyes and said, Thank you Miss.

    It is the simple good things we do for others that make the world a better place. This was not my idea, I saw it someplace else and acted on it.

    One way of a random act of kindness! Look for them!!!

    Love & Light

  • What a beautiful story!

  • Twice this past year I belive it was angels that were put directly in my way to assist me. Each time I was broke and down to my last dollar and not telling anyone, total strangers handed me money and we made friends, I have never seen either of them again, one of them told me her email name had Angel in it. I hope to reciprocate someday and I will. One of them I actually spent the whole day with her and we had a ball.

  • That is so sweet Poetic!

  • that is lovely and sweet

  • also that lady from e-bay who sent me a sample sent me a candle to say sorry when she was late posting it out, a fancy one from Marks and Spencer too

  • 3 years ago i was backpacking alone in Europe. I was going through some difficult times, emotionally speaking, so there i was on a train from a town in Switzerland on my way to Munich, Germany, and I started crying.

    A woman sat infront of me, i only got a glimpse of her, she was dressed rather excentrically, with strong red lipstick. I didnt pay too much attention to her, but, when she saw me crying she held my hand and also started speaking to me, in french. I don't speak french, but i knew what she was saying, and it was "everything is going to be alright, stop crying dear, everything will pass". I remember that and i still feel overwhelmed.

  • Oh my gosh. I'm such a sop. These stories are making me feel all teary. Such good people out there and we don't always recognize that. I love what you did Soapmaker. Funny how those things spark off a wave in other people. Like that waiter saying he was going to do the same after he was inspired by your act. Who knows what kind of a chain of kindness that started. I bet all the rest of us here who have had random kindness extended to us will take the opportunity to do the same now when we can.

    PS. ChrissieCat, I think you're right. There are some really nice people on ebay. Most all of my encounters have been positive anyway and even struck up some nice commuincation with a few. Kind of like your lady who sent you all the extra beads. A fancy candle from M&S? Very sweet. Bet she's got some fabulous feedback!

  • well I never leave negative feedback at all unless there actually has been a problem I feel that giving unnecessary negativity out , (and I know my spelling might be wrong there) it will attract it to me, also I heard that every negative thought or deed hangs around like pollution and that sounds just plain yuk and definitely don't want to contribute

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

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