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  • I know I've been criticised for having this view before but having have it done 2 me again I think a few of you may want 2 think about this.

    If your offering to help ppl on this forum or off the forum you don't help them until u get bored.

    I know most of us get drained and I do as an empath who has a brother who is Bi Polar and ADHD but do u think a professional psychic who gets paid money says to her client "Sorry I'm bored with u I don't want your money".

    The answer is No.Then don't offer to help if your going to get bored helping ppl.

  • taurusgirl,

    Professional psychics do limit the amount of readings that they can do in a day. On more than one occasion I have waited a year and a half for an appointment with a psychic. I have a reading scheduled for March 2010 that was booked in December 2008. If a psychic's energy is drained, then the reading might not be as accurate. Have you ever heard of the saying "the teacher comes when the student is ready"? If you aren't getting answers now it could mean that you are not ready to receive them, or perhaps it's just better that you receive them later. I know a lot of times I've felt like a reading that I've waited a long time for, turned out to be the perfect timing.

  • Taurusgirl,

    I know I will get some nasty feedback for saying this, but my conscious says I must.

    I am not blessed with intuitive/psychic healing powers, I can only help people from a clinical/medical point of view. And don't misunderstand me, I love what I do, and I feel privileged that G-d has given me sufficient intellectual capacity and empathy to help the sick, but being surrounded day in, day out with the physical and emotional needs of the sick can be very draining. I cannot even begin to explain the toll it takes when you must give bad news to someone, or even worse, deal with death. I am fortunate to have a very supportive network of friends and family that understand that somedays I am not up to par.

    I draw a parallel with the very gifted individuals who give freely of their time and share their gifts. They also take on everyone's hurts and needs and it can take their toll on them too. You also have to consider that these people have family and needs and must attend to them too.I know for a fact that manifestdreams is going through a very tough time now physically and emotionally and despite that, she is trying to help others. Please be appreciative of those facts, you may not be aware of them, but you must consider the possibility.

    You say a paid psychic will not turn you away, but these people do. Have you taken into account the ethics these people have to not want to give you some half-a$$ed reading, but do their best for you? At no charge, may I add. Says a lot about their integrity and honesty.

    I know that this is not the first time you have posted this. And I sense a lot of bitterness. I am not judging, I have been in your shoes before, I am beginning to leave it behind. And now that I am leaving it behind, I am getting answers, and seeing my life change and become better. Sometimes G-d gives us a jump-start and we receive so that in turn we can begin to give, but most times you must give in order to receive. And it doesn't have to be big; small gestures that come from the heart are just as important as the big, flamboyant ones.

    So give a little, understand a lot, and the answers will come.

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  • TaurusGirl1974,

    If you think that a paid psychic will spend more time with you, then perhaps you should find a reader in your area who you can pay for a reading? The people on these boards are donating their time and abilities for free. You can hardly blame them for needing to go on with their own lives and jobs after having spent plenty of their valuable time helping other people. We are lucky they are even donating their time at all and I think they should be thanked for this rather than chastised.

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  • Taurusgirl sticks and stones. Come on you don't have to spend your life getting even. You will look like the bigger person if you just ignore this. Don't even go to the threads if you think there is a chance of it getting under your skin.

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