Leo: Mars in retrograde

  • I read that starting on the soltice, Mars will be in retrograde for Leos. My birthday is 7/23/65 9:19 am in Chicago. Can someone explain what "Mars in retrograde" means for me?

  • to us

    Slowdowns. machinery, plans, work, career, relationship.

    whatever you plan before dec 20, if it hasn't come to fruition before that date

    it will not happen until next year. I forgot March or January

  • It said that Mars will be in retrograde through March.

    thanks for the info.

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  • sorry need to clarify

    mars retro for leo: relationship, work, career, family (starts dec 20 - march)

    slowdowns, less assertive, decline in s exual field, past lovers reappear

    mercury retro: machinery, anything electronic (starts dec 26 - jan)

    slowdowns, if you buy new one it will need repair/refund

  • gee, you were right. I just had some plans fall through for January 9 that I was really looking forward to! I'm bummed. In the rest of the world my world), things seemed to have slowed down to almost a stop around here. Very frustrating.

  • blue

    a slowdown is not a bad thing

    use the time to explore other options, you may come across something previously overlooked

    that's the point of slowdowns

    in terms of Mercury retro, after it's over, you might actually find better things to purchase

    better = more affordable, more up to date, a bargain etc

  • thanks for putting a positive spin on it. This is a message I've heard elsewhere.

    This slowdown also gives my brain to run like crazy. I'm feeling paranoid about a few things and it's very distracting. It has placed a real roadblock in my efforts to think through problems. In some ways, it makes me want to run and hide. Every time I find a place I feel comfortable on the internet, I get paranoid that a significant other is secretly trying to track me. I have nothing to hide but this person gets freaked out about the most insignificant things. It's a real barrier I need to overcome. Let the person get freaked out while I just continue to be myself. But now I'm afraid he's tracking me here.

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  • blue

    Mercury retro brings old relationship, or old relationship issues re appear

    this includes romance, work, family, and not only relationship, any old issues

    like education, home, finance etc

    so this is the right time to do a research about what action you can take against him online or even offline if necessary, maybe sign up to different email addresses, change your information online (no real name etc) just take care when dealing with machinery or electronic device

    if you haven't done anything wrong don't worry.

  • laithano

    yes change is normal during Mercury retro

    if the decision is made before the retro, it is mor elikely be permanent

    if it is made during retro, most likely it will have to be revised

    the decision, in this case management decision, not the move itself.

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  • each time it retroes usually 3 weeks or so

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  • retrograde: slow down and enjoy, squirming like a fly in the spider web- back peddling into oblivion

    calm, quiet, mature- to the degree that you rest, recover and enjoy preparing for the next open door on the horizon

    do not stress or grow frustrated, lest you miss the chance the moment of slowing is bringing...

  • blue65-my birthday is also 7/23...

    My old lovers and admirers have been re-appearing since march of last year-about 6 of them!

    laithano-I gained 10 lbs too, I'm at my heaviest weight ever...not motivated to work out and get it off..metabolism slowing down is not good..

  • Luazinha-that's interesting. I have had a few old boyfriends re-appear and it's been a little difficult for me to comprehend. I'm glad though that they're still my friends. I hope you've had positive experiences with your old flames reappearing.

  • Wow... Same thing with the old boyfriends, I've had 4 reappear since last spring.

    I think it may just be a Facebook thing.

    I like the more positive spin on Mercury retro,

    things were crazy for me last summer and fall. Started to calm down in Nov

    right now I'm very mellow and introspective and I like it.

    Now I know why. Thanks for the top on not making any major decisions right now.

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