All of us are unique individuals...

  • I have always looked at people and wondered what there charts were. Here I would love to learn about you guys, see your charts...the endless combinations. I do have a solid foundation in terms of knowing astrology but as always there is more to learn. I hope that you guys could post your charts, talk about your most interesting aspects, planet positions or anything. Here we could learn, respond, and grow from one another. I believe that it helps to also look outside yourself to learn.

    So, what makes you so individualistic?

  • Great topic AngelicSensuality. I'm off to work now, but will come back later.

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  • Hi Angelic,

    Thank you for this offer. I would be very interested to know more on my chart. By coinçidence I did got this chart today before I saw your post, but I didn't purchase all teh reading. All I could grab is this chart.

    thanks a lot,

  • Hi Angelic,

    Thank you for this offer. I would be very interested to know more on my chart. By coinçidence I did got this chart today before I saw your post, but I didn't purchase all teh reading. All I could grab is this chart.

    thanks a lot,

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  • I have Venus in Gemini and have always wondered if I will always wander. Not sure of all my other pacements, yet will check and get back. Does having such an adventurous spirit always lead to loneliness? I am Capricorn with Gemini Moon and Capricorn ascendent. Please don't tell me I'm doomed in love forever. Actually I would like to be in love forever, but in a pleasant way, full of adventure and stabilty enough to enjoy.

    I think what makes me individualistic is my passion for life itself. Love the idea of thriving at highest level possible, yet need to learn how to actuate instead of always cogitating about it. Sharing experiences with others I resonate with seems to bring this forth in me. Expressing myself through the arts and sports makes me most happy. So, what does having venus in Gemini mean for my future love life?

  • As you can see, I am a 29 deg Aquarian Sun in the 4th, 28 deg Scorpio Asc, with a loose grand water trine between Neptune, Mars and Mercury. I am quite private and very few people know what’s going on in my life. When I was younger I strived to protect and hide my emotions from public view and in doing so I probably came across as detached and cool like my Aquarian Sun. If you didn’t know me, you would think I looked like a b1tch (so I’ve been told). With the combination of Aries Moon and Scorpio Asc, I can give “the look” without even trying. I have a fiery temper that dissipates quickly once I let it out, but I am not vindictive. I’ve mellowed out somewhat now and am more approachable. I watch and study people and try to figure out where they’re coming from; it can make some people uncomfortable.

    Mercury opposition Pluto exact, I speak in clipped tones and can be aggressive with my opinions. My chart co-ruler Pluto in Virgo sits in the 10th (co-ruler Cancer Mars in the 8th), the Sun rules my 10th. I am much more aggressive and precise in the work place than in my personal life. Pisces Mercury also trines Neptune and my thoughts can be all over the map from minute to minute. So although I can be intensely involved in a discussion, I will start to drift if I don’t feel anything is being accomplished. Mercury is also Rx and I often do all the thinking inside my head and drop my conclusions into people’s laps when I’m done. I am horrible at debating because the debate occurs in my head. My Mercury intrigues and frustrates me, because it has affected my life in some ways.

    Sun opposition Pluto; for a large portion of my adult life I felt like I was constantly transforming myself, never feeling satisfied with who I am. I had a hard time with tPluto in my 12th house, on my Asc and moving through my 1st house. Once it moved out of my 1st, I found peace with myself. I used to put a lot of pressure on myself to be perfect (whatever that is) and can still be very hard on myself when I make a mistake.

    What are some of your aspects AngelicSensuality?

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  • Wow the responces!! Only gone for a few hours. My goodness!

    Hmm, I'm sorry things did not work out Reja, perhaps just discussing some of your links could work out! I would love to have you join in.

    @Tendr: If you are curious about knowing your personality placements there is a sight called cafeastrology that I love to use to make charts ( The link will take you to where you fill in your birth info and allow it to make a chart for you.

    As for your romantic question I can only give you a vague answer since I can only work with Cap, sun, Asc and Gem moon. It's really interesting. One could assume the Capricorn elements would bring in stability...reads cap asc in astro books

    By Jeanne Avery 'The Rising Sign - Your Astrological Mask' the book says that cap Asc gives the person very strong needs to be a parent, and with a unaspected Venus can be very hungry for the home life but more specifically children. A well aspected Venus allows you to release your creative energies with ease, cap is a very talented Asc. A bad aspected Venus can make you lazy however. You would be more attracted to people who represent the 'female' or 'feminine' regardless of your own gender.

    Using ' Do It Yourself Astrology' by Lyn Birkbeck states that the Moon is a key planet to look at to know more about your relationships in terms of quality and nature of them.

    Which leads us to your Gemini moon, please realize that knowing it's aspects and house placement is mucho important for you!

    Using the previously stated book I can tell you that in order to do well in love you're going to have to be more emotional. I'm not saying you have no real emotion or are not emotional but they need to be revealed more to your partners in order to make things work. Master your duality as to avoid being two faced, again another thing that will help your love life.

    To sum everything up it is very important that you stay constant to what you say and believe and show your partner WHO YOU ARE. Being attracted to the soft and emotional it only hurts you to be so distant, cold or conflicting. Follow your Capricorn roots and discover stability.

    May this Knowledge help you, AngelicSensuality

  • @ AquaBubbles: I love this post, thank you for being so through and thoughtful when giving a responce; a great read.

    With Sun in Aqu and in 4th house I can understand the detachment. I'm curious what you're home life is like, for example, does your house carry that aquarian eccentric taste?

    Wow with those mars aspects I can see why you might come as detached, with that Sorc Asc it just only adds to the mystery and unknown about you. Those bursts of anger mixed with that coolness of sun in Aqu seems so interesting and conflicting. But in a way I could see how that works out.

    With the Mercury and Pluto aspect shows more secrecy...the book 'The Astrologer's Handbook' by Frances Sankoian and Louis S. Acker suggests you could even be a spy! It says you deal with a lot of secrets...even dangerous one too.

    The sun and Pluto aspect is only more fuel to the fire of you arise moon, all that impulsive nature.

    What a mix, spiritual, cool, detached, impulsive, secretive, willful, mysterious, and a perfectionist. Pluto has not been your friend.

    That was quite a study fest and I thank you for the new information I learned from this. Give me a little time and I will compose my response to your question 😉

    Thanks again, AngelicSensuality

  • Tenderops! Where have you been and HOW have you been? I've been thinking of you!

    Angelic, very mature and insightful 17 year old you are! Welcome aboard:) I'm impressed!

  • Thank you very much Hisbablove, I would enjoyed if you joined in on this learning experiance!

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  • Angelic and all posters here,

    Let me extend my sincere apology for your being subjected to something that had nothing to do with any of you or the topic discussed. I deeply regret that it had to be brought into your learning discussion and hope that it will not interfere with what you were doing here,

    Welcome again, Angelic:)

  • We never stop learning in astrology, that’s what makes it so interesting. The same aspects can manifest themselves differently with different people because as you say, there are so many combinations within one individual that alters or flavours them.

    Let’s see, Aqua Sun in the 4th, also opposes Uranus, conjunct Chiron, SN and Mercury. Ruler of my 4th is Uranus, although most of it is in Pisces. All my house degrees are late so I also wonder how that impacts the house, because the bulk of it is in the next sign? In my case the house flavours my sun more than my sun flavouring the house. Home and family are very important to me, since the natural ruler of the 4th is the Moon I am flavoured with Cancerian qualities. It was however very important for me to establish my home apart from my family because I needed individualistic freedom. The dichotomy of an Aqua Sun in the 4th is that I dread the mundane and traditional, but those are the things that nurture my roots. I’ve been told that I am a little quirky, but I don’t see it that way.

    I could have been a spy since I am very tight lipped about secrets, whether it’s mine or others…but I can cry at the drop of a hat (in private). I don’t think that would work with the bad guys LOL.

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