All of us are unique individuals...

  • Ack! My apologies again, school. Please note I'm not holding any standards on how fast you need to post. cover everything that has been said...

    Highpriestess first of all got the interpretation right again leaving me with little to say X_X. But from what aspects would drinking become an interest? It does not seem those two aspects given would promote drinking would they?

    Chiron...I have not used that at all and in fact most of my books don't even mention it at all.

    I must say aqua you do have a lot of planets in the 4th house...your home life must be interesting.

    With Chiron in the 4th house you have had a lot of pain happen to you about your family life when you are younger, you have a feeling of being 'different' and have much time to communicate to others. With the sun in this house you have the need to be the leader of the house hold and with mercury in the 4th house you tend to be very chatty when at home.

  • Dear Aqua and Angelic


    Ae you a healer or therapist? Were your parents distant? Did they want a boy? Chiron's mother rejected him at birth -did you sense rejection? Do you now feel like an

    outsider in your own home? Just random thoughts really.

  • Angelic,

    A good assessment of the 4th house placements.


    This sounds more like a 7th house Chiron. I think a 4th house Chiron would be wounds to family/home as a whole that affected the individual as opposed to the more personal relationships of the 7th house. In my early years I witnessed political instability, uprisings and riots that caused certain decisions to be made. There was a sequence of events that first destabilized the family unit in order for it to be put back together in a stable environment.

    Actually, I can relate to the cafeastrology interpretation for the Chiron-Sun and Chiron-Mercury aspects.

  • Dear Aqua and Angelic

    Fair comment. Where to next?

  • Nodes? Transits? Asteroids? Synastry? Composites?

  • Dear Aqua

    Nodes would be good. Mine are 4th=North, 10th=South

  • What sign is your North Node in highpriestess?

  • @ Aqua, thank you

    @ highpriestess3

    With North Node in 4th house the home life is part of your life time goal. It's within this aspect that you either feel pressured to meet the expectations of your family or you feel the desire to have a family of your own to love a care for. For you family and home is the key center of your life. While at the same time you are starting to understand that you, as a human being. You can start understanding that you too have needs that need to be met.

    With South Node in 10th you are burdened with the high standards set by yourself. When you fail to meet them you toughen up and move on. You expect others to act this way as well when facing defeat.

  • Dear Aqua


    Dear Angelic

    That is very accurate...I can totally agree with everything you have wrtten.

  • Aries NN/Libra SN, in past incarnations they developed a natural talent for supporting others; giving all their energy into helping others’ to become stronger, more confident and successful. The infusion of the Aries NN person’s generosity, desire for harmony with others’ and ability to identify with others’ however took away from their own identity. The primary need now is for them to re-discover and re-establish their identity, independence and sense of “self” and to determine the boundaries of their own needs, to take risks and experience the different facets of themselves.

    You are an interesting lady highpriestess.

  • Dear Aquabbbles

    and Angelic

    Thanks so much, that is a really good description of my dual role of bringing up children and beng a teacher...there's not too much time left for yourself in reality. The Nodes work well. Where are yours , ladies?

  • For me: Virgo NN in the 10th, SN in the 4th (surprised?)

  • Well I have not studied much into my nodes... I only know where my north node is.

    Also I'm male lol.

    My north node is in seccond house...sag..retro.

    Aqua, you have a lot in your 4th house X_X

  • Angelic,

    I think you’ll find the Nodes pretty interesting. Your South Node is opposite your North Node and the 2 forms the Nodal Axis, i.e. if your NN is at 10 degrees Sagittarius, then your SN will be at 10 degrees Gemini. I'll come back and take a look yours.

  • Der Angelic

    You have to let go of a pressing desire for material thing and continue on the spiritual journey you have alread chosen. You will learn a new set of values on the way, having left Pluto, Lord of Underworld riches behind and become, well "Angelic" ..Excuse the play on words.

  • Hmmm, nice pun.

    But I have a lot of pluto influence for a person supposedly leaving it behind. My moon and pluto both in scor and in first house give me a bunch of him I would assume.

    But I spiritual interests are higher than materials, that is true. At least that's my perception of that idea.

  • Sag NN/Gemini SN. As indicated by the SN, in previous incarnations the talents you acquired were the ability to gather information, to see everyone’s point of view and to use logic in making decisions, to solicit concurrence from everyone and have the gift of the gab. We all have the tendency to fall back on our SN because it is what we are comfortable with. However with a Sag NN, this would result in second guessing themselves because they have the ability to see both sides of the coin and over thinking can cause indecisiveness. The push of the NN tells you to trust your intuition to make decisions and to use logic to implement them. Trust that the decisions you make are what is best for you and others will accept them. Sag NN are highly intuitive and should learn to trust their higher truth.

    Before I forget I wanted to thank you both, Angelic and highpriestess for sharing your aspects and discussing them. I am due to start classes again after the xmas break and you know what they say; at least 45 minutes everyday for at least 4 years dedicated to astrology in order to gain a good understanding of it. This has helped me and I thank you both.

  • Dear Angelic

    Sorry to have mis-gendered you.Don't be offended by this, but I see a Moon-Pluto conjunction as a very controlling "feminine" aspect, handed to you by your mother , who metaphorically never cut the cord. You and she have/had a symbiotic relationship; for you as an aduit it means that although you are very emotional, you have a deep-seated need to contain an control them; in relationships control is very important ..sometimes becoming obsessive. . Obviously other elements will negate this.

  • Dear Aquabubbels

    How exciting to have classes. There's not many of those in England, except in London. Most of us I would say are self-taught. Good luck!

  • Aqua,

    well that sums that part of me up to a 'T' very correct. Thank you for the conversation and GL with your classes!


    I'm not offended at all. I'm not a very butch person at all. I guess I do have some need to control, but only if people are too...disgusting I feel the need to tell them not to act or say such things.

    But enough about me. Although Aqua will be leaving us (sadly) I am still willing to continue this conversation. Perhaps you can share something?

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