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  • Wow my goodness again I am sorry for the lack of response...for the past week my sister has been recovering from surgery (she's fine) and I've had to help take care of her child for she could not lift him up by herself or do anything.


    I agree with Aqua's interpretation of your aspects. However I myself am not very familiar with retros and thus cannot say much on the subject...perhaps you and aqua could enlighten me about them.


    oh that is strange...the links...are not there...perhaps I can try again?

    For the planet placements

    (If you cannot see this it's cafeastrology . com/zodiaccapricon.html added a space just in case it would 'vanish' on us again)

    For aspects

    (astrologyweekly .com /astrological-aspects/sun-conjunct-venus .php)

    I hope this helps X_X, best of luck


    Is Aqua right? Was there a mix up on the signs and planet placements? Also if the basic parts (planets) do not connect with you instantly you still need to look at the aspects AND house placments!


    Happy New Year!!

  • Angelic Sensuality,

    Happy New Year! Perhaps there IS a mix up, I don't know. Being pretty much a newbie I don't know how to read my chart, only the discussion part of it makes sense to me. The rest is all a new science I have yet to master! Right now I am sticking to asking questions and interpreting a few dreams. Now THAT I can handle. I did undersstand my numerology minichart, at least what few numbers were there. I made a request but haven't received a reply. Thank you so much for your interest and time with me, you are very much appreciated. Many blessings for you and yours this 2010.

    Blessed be...


  • Dear Aquabubbbles

    Yes, anything by Liz Greene is wonderful...they are classics in fact. I had a lot of hers in the 80's when they came out, but they got dispersed over the years and now I'm havings to buy them again. Let's hope fore a prospersous 2010. Peace and love.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Angelic

    Could you suggest one please to get the ball rolling and we can then 'compare notes'. However, here is one ; I am married to a Sun Leo conjunct Pluto in the 4th house (Taurus Ascendant), on which I would value your opinion ...and everyone else's of course.

  • Hmmm, with the sun in leo the clear sunny personality is shown. He could be one of popularity but with the possible flaw of arrogance. The taurus asc could give him more of a 'solid' appearance and could make him more of a man who craves stability. So, that mix of fun and stability could be disastrous or very fun depending on other things.

    With the conjunction he is very determined to have his dreams to come true. Here his leo sun and conjunction both give him the craving for roles of power. He could be a man of strong opinions.

  • Wow, ok, we all seem to have Pluto themes. Is your husband an extremist? Meaning, his likes and dislikes are intense, there is no moderation. He has a powerful ego and has no problem asserting himself. He is sensitive to social conditions; he will work to improve social injustices and will be unrelenting in reaching his goal, but he can be intolerant of human weaknesses. My take on it....

  • Dear Angelic and Aquabubbles

    You' ve both "got him" and yes, he is heavily into 'control' but the light of the Sun hides menacing Pluto very effectively then ....a small, or not so small explosion emanates from his vicinity. Shall we compare some aspect from one of your partners'. This seems very workable?

  • My SO has 2 t-squares and a cradle. Can you help me understand how they work? I will post them if there is a consensus to discuss them.

  • Dear Aqua

    What is a cradle Sounds exciting..I.'m keen!

  • Angelic, shoot me down if this is veering off topic.

    t-sqaure #1 – Taurus Moon (12th) opposition Libra Neptune (6th), apex Leo Mars (3rd)

    t-square #2 – same opposition as above, except with apex Leo Uranus (3rd)

    How am I going to describe a cradle…lol. I’ll put it out anyways just to give you an idea. We don’t have to discuss it because it might be hard without seeing a visual.

    It’s a half-hexagon, formed with four planets.

    Moon (12th) opposition Neptune (6th)

    Moon (12th) sextile Sun (1st)

    Sun (1st) sextile Pluto (4th)

    Sun (1st) trine Neptune (6th)

    Pluto (4th) sextile Neptune (6th)

    Pluto (4th) trine Moon (12th)

  • Aqua, this is a great conversation!

    And I get it!

    Scribe..look at a chart and use your mind to follow the physical aspects between the links. It should take half of the middle circle, the lower half.


    However I'm not all too sure what a cradle is either. I do have a few questions. I do feel like a fool but what is a SO? I've been trying to figure it out. I'm not one to abbreviate astrologic words.

    Also since we've been so..pluto heavy perhaps we could talk about some of those sun or moon aspects?

  • SO = Signifcant Other I think!

  • Yes highpriestess is right, SO = Significant Other

    Of course, I would be interested in hearing everyone’s interpretation on his Sun and Moon aspects to Pluto, or any other aspect if you care to.

    Cancer Sun in the 1st sextile Leo Pluto in the 4th

    Taurus Moon in the 12th trine Leo Pluto in the 4th

  • Dear Aqa

    'll start withthe first T -square if that's ok:

    Moon in Taurus and 12th - opposed by Neptune in Libra in 6th:


    H is.reserved, stubborn, feels easily put upon, gets depressed, is super-sensitive to others' emotions, likes music, gardening and making beer., .At best psychic, humantarian, shamanistic, arty creative, at worst : a drnker, a dreamer,,an escapist who suffers from psychosomatic illnesses, somene with 'a hidden life, a martyr.

    The apex to 3rd house Mars in Leo: becomes an actor, inspired teacher, or doctor.

    I realise that no-one will be all these things, but they are just suggestions.

  • Hi highpriestess,

    He is somewhat reserved and yes, stubborn.

    Metaphorically, he will point someone in the right direction but he will not take them there. I believe this is something he has developed with experience and maturity.

    He is super sensitive, loves all kinds of music, gardening so-so, and beer – drink sometimes. He can read peoples’ energies and his spidey senses are triggered when a situation is a not quite right. He is creative and a dreamer, almost inventive, but does not sit idly by; he makes his dreams a reality. He did suffer a depression temporarily a number of years ago when things fell apart. He is a Cancer Sun however, so he does need to re-group every once in a while.

  • Dear Aqua

    That was working blind of course. Do you work with CHIRON at all? I have it in the 1st house conjunct a Sagittarian Ascendant?

  • Yes of course highpriestess. I just wanted to give an idea of how certain aspect traits can be played out, not to negate anyone’s interpretations. Chiron is interesting and I have a general understanding of it. I can definitely see how it played out in my life. Can you? Mine is conjunct Sun, and a wider conjunction to Mercury all in the 4th.

  • Dear Aqua

    Where is your Sun please? Chiron will have more effect in some signs than others, I believe/?

  • highpriestess,

    Aqua Sun in the 4th

    Pisces Chiron in the 4th

    Pisces Mercury in the 4th

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