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  • Angelic, I hope you are enjoying your holidays. Sorry it took me so long to get back. I've been feeling a little drained lately.

    Not sure what you mean by psychic powers. I don’t have any, at least I don't think I do.

    Venus square Uranus is a free spirit, they enjoy being different and are always willing to fight for their independence. There is a mixture of stability, comfort and excitement required in her relationships. I think further down in destiny’s report it speaks to a lot of this aspect. “Susan, your inability to fully understand the emotional aspect of life is your

    Achilles heel. You are so rational that the unpredictability of the heart frightens

    and surprises you.

    Your challenge is to trust. You need to share your heart with someone. This is

    a courageous step for you, but will result in enormous growth and satisfaction.

    The advice here is to make a true connection with another human being.”

    Mars conjunct Uranus is highly energized, but not physically or violently aggressive towards anyone. A close friend (Gemini Sun) and my partner (Cancer Sun) both have this, also in Leo. They are always on the move and can not sit still for long. If they have too much idle time they look for a project to work on, work manically to complete them and then they look for the next one. They do get a lot accomplished when they set their mind to it. They are both very social and enjoy being around people, but it doesn’t mean they’ll stay put. I’ve known my friend longer and at first I thought I was boring her, but soon found that she did this to everyone. With my partner I learned to just let him do whatever he needs to do otherwise he’ll feel trapped. If they want to go out for a bike ride when its pouring rain then it’s best to just let them do it, otherwise they’ll be miserable. Although they do some erratic things, it’s good to know that they never put themselves in danger.

  • Dear Aquabbble/Angelilcsensuality

    A couple of thoughts...Mars conjunct Uranus is rare; to know 2 different people with it is incredible, especiall in Leo; I read that simply as doing outrageous things to shock and get a reaction - and attention at any price (on the negative side) and working yourself to death for a good cause at the other end of the scale (with celebrity-style publicity of course.)

    Moon conjunct Pluto - depending on which house it lies in - manfests itselt as an emotional

    obsession to 'control' every detail and person who affects it.. This probably stems from a domineering parent - usually the father. Does this ring true at all? Peace and love.

  • Hi Angel, thank you for this opportunity! I have been wondering about my charts what seems like forever! I just don't understand them! Any information would be greatly appreciated! Here they are as follows:

    This is what I've been told...

    -Sun in Capricorn

    -Moon in Virgo

    -Venus in Capricorn

    -Mar in Leo

    -Jupiter in Gemini

    -Saturn in Virgo

    -Uranus in Scorpio

    -Neptune in Sagittarius

    -Pluto in Libra

    -Ascendant is Scorpio

    -"MidHeaven" in Leo

    -North Node in Libra

    -Chiron in Taurus


    The following table shows the planetary aspects in your natal chart. Short interpretations are found below.

    Planet Aspect Planet Orb/Value

    Sun Conjunction Venus 4.60 340

    Sun Sextile Ascendant 1.44 113

    Moon Square Mercury 5.26 -11

    Moon Square Jupiter 3.13 -45

    Mercury Opposition Jupiter 8.40 -5

    Mercury Conjunction Neptune 4.23 157

    Mercury Trine Midheaven 1.22 46

    Venus Opposition Jupiter 5.45 -61

    Venus Trine Saturn 5.26 35

    Mars Trine Neptune 7.49 2

    Mars Square Ascendant 3.22 -26

    Jupiter Sextile Saturn 0.20 116

    Saturn Conjunction Midheaven 7.37 38

    Uranus Conjunction Ascendant 3.01 84

    Neptune Sextile Pluto 0.08 58

    Neptune Trine Midheaven 5.46 6

    995 -148 847

    Asteroids & Chiron

    The following table shows the positions of the four major asteroids and Chiron. These points are not as commonly used by astrologers, but are presented here for those interested in knowing where the asteroids are positioned in their birth chart.

    Chiron Taurus 1.09 R

    Ceres Sagittarius 17.59

    Pallas Scorpio 27.14

    Juno Capricorn 0.13

    Vesta Scorpio 18.12

    Fortune Aries 0.00

    South node Aries 0.00

  • It’s so nice to have you join in our discussion highpriestess.

    What you described with the Mars conjunct Uranus applies somewhat to my friend (Gemini Sun) rather than to my SO (Cancer Sun). She does like to be the center of attention and relishes the shock value, whereas my SO hates having the spotlight on him and he tells very few people what he has done or what he’s about to do. The day to day minor things are more like an itch that needs to be scratched. The major things that both have done were things that disrupted their lives, without any type of publicity. In the scheme of things even though these things could be seen as a little outrageous, the end results were accomplishments which few people would risk taking. Idk, maybe my shock meter is set high.

  • Happy Holidays All!

    Wow! What a teriffic thread! DestinyIsNow would you mind doing a numerology chart for me? I would greatly appreciate it! I am learning so much here I can't seem to tear myself away to fix my hubby breakfast. Please let me know if you are able to do a chart for me and I will also go tto the link listed and see what else I can learn about my astrological chart. Thank you all so much for this terifffic thread and thanking you in advance DestinyIsNow. May the light of the universe shed it light upon each of you. Blessed be...

    My Birthdate is Sept. 27, 1956 Albuquerque, New Mexico 7:20pm

  • Thanks Aquabubbles

    .I have very much enjoyed reading this thread, ...mind you I have to see the shapes and angles rather than 'read' them. What do you think of my take on a Moon-Pluto conjunction...I felt that its effects were probably quite 'dark', but I cannot remember where and what houses were affected. Could you enlighten me please if you have the time? Peace and love..

  • I know. I prefer to look at the chart too. I have read something similar (don’t remember where either) of Moon conjunct Pluto, and you know sometimes the books can make things sound a bit more dramatic than it really is. They also list different qualities of an aspect, but it doesn’t mean that the person exhibits all of them. Angelic’s conjunction is in the 1st has a 6 deg orb, separating, therefore it is a weakening aspect. I don’t think I know anyone with this; maybe Angelic can give us some more insight.

  • Dear Aquabubbles...,

    Very true... we need Angelic's input. The other point I'd like to make is that in many charts Pluto is retrograde and personally I never connect planets moving backwards, with planets moving forwards, because it is a scientific no-no. IF Pluto is retrograde, in that chart, first house or not, I would discount its influence and leave the Moon reignng there supremely; in an emotional and sensitve 'Canceran ' type of individual. I would only then look to tie-up Pluto with other retrograde planets. What do you think? I believe that is why, as you say, individuals don't 'exhibit

    all the aspects' that they should....because the effects of Retrogrades' are somehow expressed internally. eace and love.

  • First of all I hope everyone had a good holiday season, I'm very sorry I took so long to reply but family matters took up my time.

    I'm going to do my best to reply to everything I missed. Sadly since DestinyIsNow has not responded in a while it seems that everyone has moved past her chart. Now I am looking at 1Blondie178's chart.

    @1Blondie178, Since you gave a full chart there is much to cover. Here is a website I think can help you. It will cover all the planet placements. The other will cover all the aspects; I trust both of these websites.

    Planet placements:

    (I put it on Cap page since you might want to start with sun)

    Planet aspects:

    (Used your first aspect to give you a start on this one)

    If you wish to talk about anything in depth please feel free to hop back in!


    For the psychic ability, I assumed it was one, to know how people are thinking or what they are seems like it. But, I guess should not have assumed anything =).

    With Mars Conjunct Uranus I was talking about the aspect with nothing to soften its effects. There are most likely aspects in there chart that dilute such aggressive energies into a 'energizing' aspect instead.


    Rare aspect? How can one tell which aspects are rare and which ones are not. I suppose that makes Aqua lucky.

    It's in my first house, if I am ever trying to 'control' anyone it would be if I asked them to be less brash. blunt or uncivilized. I in return never do these things or act that way myself. Such people are not attracted to befriend me and we just stay good acquaintances. As with father original father left before I was born and I have had two step fathers then who both are out of my life now. Neither made a significant influence into making me who I am now.


    Hmm, everyone seems interested in the conjunction in my first house. But as I said see myself as controlling of others yet my view point apparently does not line up with others for my mother just told me how she feels she cannot do much around me since I shoot it down. Having a lot of Scorpio makes life...interesting.

    As far as I know my Pluto is not retrograde.

  • Dear Angelicsensuality

    Thanks for your response; 'rare' for me is just that I have not often seen it in the charts I have read over the years. Moon conjunct me still suggests a desire to control one's emotional responses (probably because they were circumscribed when young). I don't think you'll agree with this interpretation however., but it is still a very powerful pairing. Peace and love.

  • With Moon in Scorpio and Pluto in Scorpio in my first house one of my main struggles in life is self control over my powerful emotions. So, actually, yes your interpretation is correct. It's not the best aspect to have but I could think of worse.

    Perhaps we could talk about something from your chart?

  • Welcome back Angelic.

    Well, I guess I never considered that I had any psychic abilities, however when I was younger a couple of things did happen which scared me and unfortunately it’s never happened again. I do consider myself intuitive though.

    Before we move on. I don’t put much weight on Rx outer planets, because close to 50% of the population would have some in Rx, and the Moon and Sun never do. However, I do understand what you’re getting at. I dug up a couple of notes on retrogrades. A person has to work harder to express the Rx energy and as they mature they gain better insight so that the planet energy becomes stronger. If it is in an angular house, same sign as the Sun or chart ruler, it can dominate the personality. Maybe that’s why my Mercury is so prominent? It also has an effect on the house it rules & houses of planets aspecting the Rx planet. From a Karmic view, I have read that an Rx planet represents a life lesson, a challenge or unfinished business and also that an outer planet Rx could be an “echo” of a life story in a chart.

    Yes, I would also be interested in hearing about some of your aspects highpriestess.

  • Dear Aquabubbles

    I have an interesting Venus (retrograde) and Pluto (retrograde) opposition in my 2nd (Aquarius) and 8th (Leo) houses...a curse from the ancestors, perhaps? I would be very interested as to how you would interpret that one, please AquaBubbles?

  • Hi highpriestess,

    Venus in Aquarius is friendly, cool and detached and seeks a friend and lover with intellectual and mental stimulation. The Rx inhibits the expression of love or doubts the love others have to offer and gets disappointed by the level of commitment from others. With a Venus/Pluto opposition you are passionate about any emotions that you may feel, whether it’s love or hate. Are you focused on the concept of “coming together as one” in a relationship? On the one hand you may demand that a partner meet all those needs of friend, lover, material security, intellect, and social status; on the other you fear the responsibilities of such an attachment. The challenge is to find the balance for all those things, to weed out what is really important and what isn’t and to give and receive love without inhibitions or conditions. These are my initial thoughts highpriestess. Let me know your thoughts.

    Happy New Year!

  • Dear Aquabubbles

    I think that is a pretty accurate interpretation, especially the 'give and receive love without conditions'...that has probably never happened!. I have just got hold of a 1980's book by

    LIZ GREENE, "The Atrology of Fate" and she talks about 'acts of betrayal' and 'acting out a family curse' and those aspects of a Venus/Pluto opposition, certainly struck a chord with me.

    Have a great 2010 Aquabubbles.

  • Dear Angelic Sensuality

    Apologies.....I should have addressed my last 3 posts to yourself as well as Aquabubbles. Returning to my "Pluto" theme, LIZ GREENE is very convincing on the subject..I just got her "Fate" book secondhand from Amazon; its a bit 'dense' to read, but there are some real gold nuggets in it.

    Have a prosperous 2010.

  • Hi Angelic, thanks for the response!!!! 😃 Hope you had a great new years! I totally missing it? I don't see a website? I could be, I am

  • Hey Everyone, Happy New Year!

    I had both my astrological and numerolgical charts done. My astro. chart is about 68% me while my num. chart is right on the nail. My life path is 3, my life expression is 11 and my soul urge is 7.

    Sun in Capricorn: She is honest, reserved, circumspect, honorable and strongwilled. Quietly ambitious within the realms of the possible, she likes and takes on responsibility. She can work in the social domain. The only things correct about that is that I am lonely much of the time, honest, honorable and strongwilled. I do not take on too much responsibility because of my lifestyle and I would not want to take on more than I could finish. In fact I rarely take on much because of my back.

    Moon in Taurus: Sweetness itself. Convinced of their ideas and strong-willed. She is fore-sighted and willful. She knows how to trust. She appreciates all the good things in life. She appreciates and protects nature. There is very little that is 'sweet'. Appreciating all the 'good things in life' indicates a level of shallowness that I do not possess. I do appreciate and protects nature whenever I can. An avid camper I am all about saving and preserving the land.

    317 Conjunction Venus - Pluto: Her emotional and sex life is powerful and rich. She lives out truly passionate love affairs. Well, I am celebate for two years now (My hubby has learned to adapt). My husband and I are not involved in a sex-life nor passionate except about each other.

    So you see where I'm going with this? My Chinese Zodiac (Monkey) and my numerological chart have much more in common with me. Pehaps I am not reading my chart correctly, HighPriestess3 made a lovely case on another thread for my astro. chart. She is wonderful, isn't she? Well, I need to go for now. Light and blessings.

    Blessed be...


  • highpriestess,

    I am also very interested in Pluto. Would you recommend “Astrology of Fate”? I just picked up “Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil” by Liz Greene.


    I just went back to your post to DestinyIsNow requesting a numerology report and you listed your birthday as “Sept. 27, 1956 Albuquerque, New Mexico 7:20 pm”. That would make you Libra Sun/Cancer Moon/Taurus Asc. Is this correct?

  • Dear AquaBubbles,

    Yes it is!! Sorry for the delay, I've been checking on other threads.

    Blessed be...


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