All of us are unique individuals...

  • Dear Aqua

    Would love your input...a 3 way conversatiion would be e ven more fun..what is your favourite toic/subject/interest?


  • Oh highpriestess, I don't want to take you guys away from what you are discussing. My energy is a little low right now, that's all. Knowing me...I'll prolly be fine tomorrow....?

  • @Aqua

    Take your time 😃


    Honestly I don't know much about grand trines at all. I saw the first grand trine ever in my life when I looked at my nephew's chart. Could you link the chart as well?

  • Angelic, highpriestess, are you still around? Is there anything in particular you want to look at next?

  • Wow I must be psychic or just posted this 4 min ago and I felt the need to check...

    We were talking about grand trines. I'm curious about them.

  • Dear Angelic, Aqua

    Hello both of you.....been rather busy this week. .....Aren't grand trines a kind of cosmic protection?

  • Ha funny…we must all be sending energy out…

    Grand trines are harmonious and can also be an indicator of creativity. There is a downfall because it is lazy and when a hard transit hits it the individual has a harder time dealing with that kind of energy because it’s so unfamiliar. They could take the easy way out and just go with the flow. I have a loose grand water trine between Mars, Mercury and Neptune and I can attest to an element of laziness with these energies. The orb between Mars and Neptune is a little too wide to close it off so it is not a complete grand trine. Highpriestess, can you elaborate a little bit more on cosmic protection? What element is the grand trine in that we are discussing?

  • My birth chart:

    My sun sign is Pisces.

    Moon and ascendant sign in Gemini.

    Mercury in Pisces.

    Venus in Pisces.

    Mars in Aquarius.

    Jupiter in Scorpio.

    Saturn in Pisces.

    Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn.

    & Pluto and Node in Scorpio.

    I find it a little funny that I'm a pisces and have my moon and rising sign in Gemini.

  • What makes me individualistic? Probably the three planets in Aquarius and

    one side of my chart with practically nothing on it. Is this common? Also it

    appears that I have more than one 'Yod'. Could you please explain more about

    this, SA? I know that they are pointing to something significant, right? Thanks

    for your imput. Blessings...

  • @highpriestess

    As Aqua asked, what do you mean by 'protection'? I would love to know more about that


    So does this grand water trine make you very emotional...? how does it work?

    My nephew has 5 trines(with a grand trine) 5 sextiles and only 4 squares! seems like his life with be easy...easier I should say.

    What is a mystic Rectangle?

    I have one with Lilith(moon), North Node, Mercury, and Mars.


    What would you like to talk about?


    Heavy in Aquarius? I haven’t seen much of that myself, not sure about the others. I'm not sure what a 'Yod' is, you are better off asking Aqua or High.

    @Archer and Pisces

    Welcome to the conversation! I hope you have fun and stick around!

  • I think only planets are considered when looking at configurations, so exclude nodes, angles, asteroids etc and just look at the major planets. Having some hard aspects are good. My previous instructor told us about a client of hers that only had trines in her chart. It revealed a lack of motivation, aspirations, or achievements and she went through life not accomplishing anything. I don’t think it means that everything comes easily to that person, what I think it says is that unless it drops into their lap there is no motivation to pursue it. Too much of a good thing is not necessarily beneficial to personal growth.

    Yes, the water grand trine is emotional, creative, intuitive and spiritual. I don’t have a full grand trine though so I don’t know that I am experiencing the full affects of it. In my case, I am emotional but my Sun and Asc know how to hide it. There is a subconscious element to making decisions and/or choices and I have to feel it and if it doesn’t feel right I can be physically affected by it.

    I’d have to read up on Mystic Rectangles…I don’t know too much about them.


    What part of the chart are all your planets located; lower, higher, left, right? A Yod, also known as the “Finger of God”, does generate stressful energy. Even though the 2 sextile planets can normally work together, the apex planet that quincunxes both sextile planets share nothing in common (element, mode, receptivity) so it doesn’t work in unity.

  • Angelic, highpriestess, are you interested in looking at synastry aspects?

  • @ Aqua,

    What are synastry aspects? (Forgive me for my ignorance X_X)

    @ Everyone, but I do have a quick question I was recently scared out of my mind by 'Paranormal Activity' and I grew curious after my terror was over...what planet position/aspect could make someone more prone to haunting by ghosts or demons.

    I was thinking perhaps Pluto in 12 house afflicted, what do you think?

  • Dear Aqa

    Sure sounds god

    Dear Angelic

    Blimey...tell me more

  • Possibly Neptune in the 8th? Synastry is relationship astrology; the study of how we interact with different people.

  • Aqua, the Neptune in 8th house is a really good idea...but I keep seeing more the concept of 'thinking' you are being haunted by ghosts and such than actually being so.

    If we are going to talk about Synastry I think we should talk about the descendant and everyday life...I'm not talking about lovers, but reaction to other random people as they walk by or acquaintances based on the descendent you have vs theirs.

  • Yes, angles are important in synastry. When I first looked at my descendant (Taurus) in relation to all my closest friends and long term relationships I found that all my close friends & romantic partners had Taurus Moons, Venuses or Mars (not as successful). These are friends that I’ve known for 25 yrs + and relationships that lasted 5+ years. I have never looked at charts with acquaintances, but the ruler of my 11th is Mercury and I do tend to attract a lot of Gemini’s and Virgos as casual friends and depending on whether they have any personal planets in Taurus may become longer term friends. Have you noticed this pattern with your friends?

    Geez…I can’t believe I never noticed these before, but I have 2 friends that have mystic rectangles and 2 t-squares each, 3 others with yods, grand trine, a lot with t-squares and all but 2 people have stelliums (some large) including brothers and sisters. It’s very interesting…going off to study them.

  • lol...hmm that's interesting.

    Sadly I have not been able to look at charts of the people close to me. Yet I know my friends (just based on general b-days) are Libras. All my friends are artistic or at lease eccentric in thought. Most of my friends tend to be attractive people.

    And the people who flirt with me tend to be Leos and Aries’ and Capricorns.

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