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  • Angelic,

    Venus and Mars do trine by sign though, so there would be a flow of energy between the two. An 11th house Libra Venus (Venus is also your chart ruler) has a strong need for an equal partner in which to share feelings and ideas. With a wide network of friends and acquaintances you lead to an active social life and take pleasure in participating in group activities. The only downfall would be that you may tend to over analyze a relationship. Gemini Mars in the 8th would make you assertive with your words, quick witted and you enjoy debates and arguments. You can talk your way out of difficulties or use humor to diffuse a tense situation. Magic and the occult may also interest you or you might enjoy probing the mysteries of life and death. I don’t see conflicts between the two.

  • Hmmm

    That's all true. Thank you...

    But I was wondering if that venus mars combo did anything to my ASC. Do you know?

  • Sorry Angelic, I had computer problems during the past week, but I’m back up and running now.

    Well, since they do trine either by aspect or sign; I don’t believe the flow of energy is in conflict. There is one possible thing that may cause some discomfort that I can see. Indecisiveness is a Libra trait (I have 2 Libran sisters). They can and will argue both sides and can teeter and totter and end up not making any decision at all. With a Mars in Gemini there can more of a tendency to think rather than take action. So what you might come across is because the thought process is highly developed and too much time is spent on trying to make decisions, it might freeze you from taking action. Does that fit at all?

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  • Wow, strange I'm having computer problems too!

    ...Yes that does line up...I guess this is hard to explain....

    I hope this does not annoy you but you are much more knowladgeable than I am so please...just hear me out one more time and if it does not work we'll move on.


    My asc is libra...with venus in libra...

    My mars trine with the asc...

    I'm trying to figure out How the Mars energy to a VENUS asc work out? How does it work physically?

  • Help…I’m not sure what you’re trying to get at Angelic. Do you want to look at this from a love, relationship point of view? Or do you mean physically as in looks or stature? You’ll have to spell it out for me here. And no, not more knowledgeable. I have a good study group that doesn’t hold back on sharing the inner workings of their aspects, so we all learn a lot from each other.

  • I all of thoes perspectives would be helpful.

    But I would like to do a aspect of yours or of one you want to talk about...

    It seems we lost high priestess =(

  • It does seem like we lost highpriestess; I hope I didn’t offend her 😞

    Ok, let’s see how far I get here. Libra Asc/Venus is charming, pleasant, and attractive with a polished personal appearance. Mars in the 8th exerts a good amount of energy accumulating resources through investments. It is also highly s-exual, however in Gemini, idk I would think the mental aspect would be more prevalent as opposed to a let’s say a Scorpio Mars. You would probably like conversations and sharing thoughts in an intimate relationship, which fits right in with your Libra Venus. Mars in Gemini gets stimulated by words and is intrigued by variety. I think you are a charmer Angelic. 🙂

    Do you have any quintiles (72 deg) or biquintiles (144 deg) with an orb of 1 or 2 degrees? They are minor aspects however these could indicate a latent talent or a potential for exceptional or gifted abilities.

  • Dear Aquabubbles.& Angeliic

    I'm still here and not at all offended.....just lost the thread and busy with all srts of work.. Hw about discussing some famous people....could be fun?

    Peace and love

  • @ Aqua

    I'm not sure...perhaps you can tell?

    9/2/92 (Sep 2, 1992)

    11:01 AM

    Salem Oregon


    Sure, who did you have in mind?

  • Dear Angelic

    Well Astrodienst have free charts that we could all consult without the bother of about famous people in history, or astrology, musicians, painters..... any subject you are interested in...literature,philosophy, religion etc. What do you think?

  • Let’s try a philosopher of your choice.

  • Angelic, you don’t have any quintiles or biquintiles to natal planets.

    I’ll follow along on the famous people…your choice highpriestess…

  • This post is deleted!

  • Whoops I completly forgot to check up on this! Sorry!

    Looking at Nietzshe's chart

    I think we should talk about Libra sun in 11th house opposition Aries Pluto in 5th house (Asc is scor)

    what do you guys think?

  • Dear Angelic

    Great stuff...any Sun-Pluto aspect is concerned with "power, self-destruction, battles withh controlling his environment. That is reallly disruptive fr a Sun Libran, although he did like to shock.....Moon trine Uranus and an 11th house Sun would explain his"Uranian" metaphors;

    "I am the lightning".. in . 'Also Sprach Zarathustra'

    His Aqarian-Uranian 11th house would also explain the 'G-d is De--d' theme wouldn't it?

    I would consider his Asc. to be SAG. really, as his 1st house and Moon are SAG. That would fit with he philosophy theme...he's got enough self-destruct elements, do you think, with his Sun-Pluto opposition.

    How do you read him...aren't you a fellow Libran?

    Peace and love

  • The reason I in this forum Is to see If I will marries this man.

  • @ Creech

    Hmmm? Perhaps you should go to the tarot section then, for readings.


    What strikes me most about this chart is how focused he is on anything outside himself, yet at the same time has to fight within himself to control himself.

    His Libra sun, mercury, and sag moon show that caring focus on others while that spiritual vacuum pulls him back in.

    To say his ASC is sag and not scorp is to say my ASC is not in Libra but Scorpio. If I were born 1-3 min later I would have a scorp asc, yet my life has been very much Libra asc based. But to bring it to middle ground I would say the moon would bring in heavy spiritual influences esp. being in sag.

    It seems that love might have been a bit of a challenge for him. For he had Venus in its fall (Virgo), and his moon is square with Venus.

    But on a better note with his Venus in 9th house this helped him write out his philosophical ideals.

  • Dear Angelic

    I take your point about his Ascendant....Scorpio would fit in better with his obsessiom with "power" and the importance of that theme in his philosophy.

    He became addicted to opium and caught syphilis at the end of his you think

    that's down to bad luck, or that Venus -Moon square? Or Moon trine Uranus??

    Shall we take a look at Satre next? A very peculiar chart, but he seems to have had a Grand Trine and was certainly very popular!


  • Looks like you 2 are having fun. I'm de-stressing so I just need to do some mindless things for now. I'll be back.

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