May I please have a reading?

  • Dear Hans-wolfgang,

    I thank you for your guidance. I would like peace, and I feel change is coming.

    I believe your advice about meditation is good, but I have little knowledge of what to do in that area.

    I did not realize my thinking had lead me in the wrong direction so much of my life. There have always been something wrong. I thought (my thinking) was that is just the way life is.

    I am sure I would rather be a witness and set forth on the upward journey.

    I am not sure waht the safety valve of the **** center is, but that doesn't seem to be the type of relief I need.

    Your insight is wonderful and I truly appreciate it.:) Thank you.

  • hanswolfgang,

    So basically my reading is to take a chill pill and relax? lol

  • No.

    Observe the trees— the tree can go higher in the sky only if it goes deeper in the earth. And so is the rule, so is the law. A man who is deeply rooted in relaxation can go deeply in anything—not otherwise.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Start with bliss. The old religious approach was to start with contentment. And they used to say—and it has been said in many scriptures of the world—that the contented person is blissful.

    Just the opposite is true: the blissful person is contented. And one who is not blissful, his contentment is bogus. So start by being blissful.

  • Happy New Years to everyone. May this year bring greater prosperity into our lives especially in the areas of health, family, spiritual growth, and our careers. Thank you, Hanswolfgang for giving me the push I needed. May you and your family continue to be blessed in God's love.

  • Thank you LoveLotus,

    sitting silently, doing nothing, the spring comes and the grass grows by itself.

    It is all over the place. And there is no need to do. One has just to be receptive.

    You go on missing it only, if you are dull, dead, insensitive.

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