May I please have a reading?

  • You are venting your spleen.

    There is satisfaction and stability in both health, work and all affairs in general. Recovery from illness and any work-related problems can be expected. It can mean working hard and steadily, but usually this is a welcome situation, making you feel more secure and stable in your life.

    Essentially, there is security and foundation in your life.You will always achieve this kind of satisfaction.

    There is only one life—so if you want to meditate, do it right now—because the tomorrow is not reliable. There may be no tomorrow.

    Aes dhammo sanantano -- this is the ultimate law, inexhaustible. You can go on eating out of it, but you cannot exhaust it. And the more you eat, the more soul you will have. the more you eat it, the more divine you become. Become more receptive and feminine, so you can absorb God´s energy into yourself.

  • Beautiful...thank you!

    But can you explain what "venting your spleen" means?

  • venting your anger.

    Your magic given by nature, your pure clarity, goes lost, but you think you can save that with tricks respectively you can pretend it.

    You have to learn the ways of transformation, you have to go through a radical change. You have to die to the past and be born anew. It is hard, it is painful. Every birth is painful, and spiritual birth particularly is very painful. There are no sedatives available. For spiritual birth one has to go through many pains, but those pains are worth it because you grow out of your imprisonments; you grow into freedom, you grow up.

  • Thank you Hanswolfgang and Hisbablove for your time...

    I was bummed that your cards Hanswolfgang did not read what I wanted to hear, but nonetheless, I thank you for your time and words...

    I read closely both of your replies, and I will have to say, that you are absolutely correct hisbablove.. I know exactly what fear you are talking about. I guess I didn't classify it as fear, but after reading what you wrote, that is exactly what it is.

    I've known my friend most of my life, and like I said, have always had feelings for him. We have since met up, and have talked to eachother quite a bit. And we both feel that we want to be together. I'm just not sure I want to give up everything I have to explore "what could be". I realize this puts us at a stand still. I am trying to follow my heart, as it points directly to him... but my fear is somewhat taking over. I have such strong feelings for him, that sometimes I wondered if it is too good to be true. I don't like the fact that I think of him day and night. That puts a lot of pressure for him to live up to!!!

    I guess I just needed confirmation of what I wanted in my heart. Is there actually readings that help guide us to where it is we are supposed to be? I'm sure not because we change that with every step we take on our own. Our choices make our own destiny. And my life is far from stagnant... I don't mind taking a blind leap of faith, but I need to be guided in which direction to start. I have children, and cannot take the risks that my head tells me to do anymore. Do you see anymore clarity that screams out to tell me??

    Thank you again for your time. Your work and efforts are very much appreciated and honored.

  • Got it!

    Makes alot of sense...I am going through a spiritual transformation and working out many past and current life issues. But I envision myself coming out of it over the next year. I am committed to working hard to get there...

    Thank are amazing!

  • It happened in the religious class of a small school: the teacher was telling the students to draw, according to them, the concept of God. She had been explaining to them the Christian concept of God.

    The bishop had come to see how things are going in the class, and she wanted to show something from the small boys and girls.

    They had all drawn pictures, and one small boy had drawn a picture of an airplane with four windows. Even the bishop was struck: what kind of an idea of God does he have? And from every window something looking like a man...?

    The teacher said, "What is this? This is your idea of God?"

    The boy said, "You have told us that God is a trinity: the first is God the Father -- you can see... with the beard of ancient old age. In the second window is the son -- you can even see the cross -- Jesus Christ. In the third you don't see any face because it is the holy ghost -- just something like a whirlwind."

    The bishop and the teacher together asked him, "What about the fourth? From where has the fourth come?"

    The little boy said, "The fourth?... Pontius the pilot. Without him the airplane will go out of control."

    Don't be worried; nature itself takes care of you.

  • Was that last comment for me, also?

    Great analogy!

  • Of course, atirro42, for you, only for you.

    There are two types of people: the inhalers and the exhalers. The inhalers will be always in this difficulty in which you are, and the exhalers will never be in this difficulty. They will be open, flowing, alive, meeting with people, loving, communicating. Inhalers become isolated, inhalers become monks -- they go to the monasteries. They don't want to go out at all; even that much seems to be such an effort. They want to be closed to the whole world. Inhalers finally can be turned easily into a suicidal state. They go on closing and closing and disappearing into their own world; that creates a kind of morbidity. Avoid it! This is the first thing.

    And secondly: The universe is not a chaos, that much is certain. Whether there is a God or not is irrelevant, the universe is not a chaos. That's why we call it a universe. It has a certain unity, hence 'universe,' otherwise we would have called it a 'multiverse.' It is not a chaos, there is an order running inside it, a thread which joins everything together. Even the smallest grass blade is joined to the biggest star. Nothing is separate, and yet everything is unique and individual. This is the tremendous beauty of existence: it loves and respects the individual, it nourishes the individual.

  • Thank you once more...I am "naturally" an exhaler, but living the life of an inhaler right now due to personal circumstances and inner expansion. So I get it! But I needed this time to reassess my life and begin anew...many good things are beginning to happen for me...I am optimistic.

    Again...thanks for the reading!

  • I am optimistic for you too, but remember:

    Rejoicing is on-going, river like; it knows no stopping, the full stop never comes. And life is more like rejoicing than like joy, because the moment joy ends, you will fall into its polar opposite. You will become sad, you will be in despair, you will start longing for joy again. You will start remembering the beauties of joy, the nostalgia, and the despair that it is no more.

  • Lovely...thank you!

    I have everything that you've stated saved as a document on my computer. I will read it often...

    And...Happy Holidays to you, Mr. Hanswolfgang!

    Thanks again..

  • I have! Call me just Hans-Wolfgang, that is my first name.

    Read it and let it sink deep in you, that will be enough.

  • thank you for your reading... I am a bit confused.

  • I forgot to tell you Happy Holidays!!! I guess I'm confused in that you see our relationship flowering into something bigger?

  • Thank you krisa64,

    I do not see your relationship flowering into something bigger.

    To be alone is the only real revolution. To accept that you are alone is the greatest transformation that can happen to you.

  • Hello Hanswolfgang

    Please if you have the time and space could you do a reading for me?

    It is a simple question. I would like to know how J.S feels about me. I would like to know in order to take the risk. J is my friend but i dont want to ruin our friendship if this person doesnt feel the same for me.

    Thank you so much!

    Blessings to you and the world!

  • Cali4niaGirlz,

    Sorry I disappeared on you...I just lost track of this thread and never could seem to find it! Thank you for the validation of my last reading. Its very important to get that.

    I'm going to try to answer your questions to the best of my ability. I'm not one to pronounce my answers as though I know everything. The idea is to guide you to your own answers. So, if I do sound at all like what I say is from the lofty perch of "I know everything," know that it is certainly not my intention:) we go....

    1. "...we both feel that we want to be together. I'm just not sure I want to give up everything I have to explore "what could be".

    I can't answer you here because that is a question no one but YOU can answer. What I can say is that I knew before and am getting the message now, that your fear of proceeding with this relationship is NOT just based on being afraid of being in the relationship. There is more to it than that. I don't need you to tell me what it is,or acknowledge that you know what I'm talking about. The main thing is that YOU know.

    2. "I am trying to follow my heart, as it points directly to him... but my fear is somewhat taking over. I have such strong feelings for him, that sometimes I wondered if it is too good to be true. I don't like the fact that I think of him day and night. That puts a lot of pressure for him to live up to!!!"

    First, whoever advised you to JUST follow your heart is not very sensible. YES, follow your heart, but don't ignore your head, either. How many of us have"followed our hearts" straight into heartbreak? ASK you heart. LISTEN to your head. Go to your spirit, your instinct. That COMBINATION will give you INSIGHT, which will lead you to the best path for you.

    Second, who in the beginning of a romance DOESN'T think of the other person night and day? Why do you reject that, and your feelings about it so much? And why would it put ANY pressure on him? What is it he has to live up to? Just because you think of him all the time, even if you built an altar and worshiped at his image, that would put absolutely NO responsibility OR obligation on him to "live up" to anything YOU created. Why do you want to set him up to fail? You DO realize that that IS what you're doing. YOU built the altar and decided HE needed to live up to the kind of man that deserved to be honored there.

    Do you expect SO much to be let down that you set yourself up to experience it before it happens? Why? Are the hurts and disappointments sufficiently in your past that they aren't clouding your present AND dulling your future?

    YOU are the one putting the pressure on him. And we both know why. Your attitude of "he better be worth it. He better be the man I think/want/need him to be. He better not make me regret this..." is all the pressure that can be put on him

    It is very unfair of you to place the burden and consequences of your decision on his shoulders. Obviously, if you do this and it doesn't work out, you are free of most of the blame and responsibility in your mind, because you will have been wrong about HIM, not wrong in your decision.

    If you want me to go into more detail here, I will. I think you know the answer to that already, though.

    3. "I guess I just needed confirmation of what I wanted in my heart."

    This is going to sound harsh, but I have to give to you as I get it. NO. You do not want confirmation of what you want in your heart. You want validation for it so that, when you go with what YOU want, you will have the backing of its being a cosmic, destined, or just acceptable thing. This is not so. You want it in your heart. That needs no confirmation. The confirmation of whether what you want is right or not is what you want, so you can proceed as you wish.

    4. "Is there actually readings that help guide us to where it is we are supposed to be?"

    No. Readings are meant to guide you to where you TRULY are right now, and illuminate the path you are going on AT THAT MOMENT. You can always change your path and your fate. Those are in your own hands. Readings are meant to shine a light on the truth, as opposed to what you are being told or even telling yourself, to help you get the answers you need to be clear in the situation you are asking about, and help you see the road ahead based on where you are today.

    5 "I don't mind taking a blind leap of faith, but I need to be guided in which direction to start. I have children, and cannot take the risks that my head tells me to do anymore. Do you see anymore clarity that screams out to tell me??"

    You want a reading that will tell you to throw caution to the wind and road ahead will be smooth, that the risks are worth the reward. That you will live happily ever after. No reader can give you that. If they say they can, they are lying either to themselves or to you. I can only tell you that this isn't a bad man. He isn't evil and I feel nothing negative from him towards you. He may be a little more cautious than you are, yet he's more relaxed and open to the idea of a relationship with you. But he isn't in the same situation you're in and doesn't really have to make the choices you do, does he?

    I do see more for you, but it isn't anything that is being "screamed out" to tell you. Its more that I see what is WITHIN you that you aren't clarifying here. The truth is being screamed out to more before everything else. But it is not important that you tell ME, as long as you tell YOU.

    If you think he is going to hop on his white horse and ride into your life, making everything ok, no he isn't, and no one ever will. Is he capable of loving and giving? Yes, of course. And he cares about you, though you are more emotionally invested than he is. Mostly because you "need" this more than he does. Almost as much as you need someone or something to tell you that leaping into this, head first, eyes closed, is a good way to go, just because that is what you want so much to do.

    You still need to dig deep down there, my dear, to the very heart of the TRUTH. The truth of why you want this so much and why you want so much to give up the responsibility of what will happen if it fails, either because he turned out to be less than you thought he was or because some dumb psychic told you it was a great idea. When you get to the truth and FACE it honestly, you will have your answers.

    I really hope this didn't come across as harsh. I hardly know what happens when I'm reading sometimes and lately my guides have been rather pushy. But the messages are very clear, whether or not they sound sweet:)

    Blessings and Light

  • Hello SunCappyGirl

    how J.S feels about you: He does not pierce through the layer of his own thinking.

    You need not ask for help, just be ready to receive it; it is already available.

    Bliss is like farming. It is a crop. You have to work hard because the soil of the heart has to be prepared, the weeds have to be uprooted, the stones and the rocks have to be removed and only then can the seeds be sown.

  • Hello HansWolfgang. Happy holidays. May you please do a reading for me. Lately my past lives and my current life are intertwining at the most inopportune times. As a result, I cannot see mentally. My thoughts and dreams are murky. I need to understand what I am doing wrong so I can make my future right. Moreover, will my soulmate/future husband enter my life soon? Or have I missed him? Thank you so very much for any insight you can give me.

  • Hi There Hanswolfgang

    you did a reading for me quite a few months back and would love for you to see what you can about myself and Darren.

    Thanks in advance


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