Need reading for unplanned pregnancy

  • MooninSag, I am pleased that you made the decision yourself. It's always difficult when your heart is in the mix of any decision. Please take care of yourself. I won't go and tell you not to think about him because I know every vein in your body would like to scream at him and tell him how you feel. Don't text him anymore because the message your sending is not going to reach where you want it. His heart does not understand what you are saying at this moment.

    Instead I would keep a journal of how you feel and write all you want to say to him and to anyone that matters at this moment that you can't face as part of your healing. You need to get what's on your mind off your mind. Just write and don't read it back. Leave it.

    The healing will take time...take baby steps along the way. But the most important thing is that you always keep your head up and believe that you did what is right for you and remain in peace with yourself.

  • I am sorry. I didn't mean to be insensative with the expression baby steps but was just referring to very small steps to get forward. I am sorry if this has upset you more.

  • not at all. I understand the message. Thank You for the kindness. I have been journaling for a while. Perhaps not enough.

  • MooninSag the hurt is too fresh. The loss has to be grieved for in order for you to heal. You can only worry about how you feel about this and not everyone involved will understand because they weren't about to be a mother. You will be ok in time. Don't try to rush yourself. And don't worry about God he is all forgiving. And he gives us free will. You may take this as your lesson and in reality it's for more than just you. If they don't get it then it's for them to deal with what comes next to them. Work on your feelings your doing well. And too many have walked in your shoes and don't judge. Much love and please love yourself because your suppose to.

  • Your more than welcome. It's the least that I can do or say under the circumstances.

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