Need reading for unplanned pregnancy

  • I am in dire straights here and scheduled to terminate the pregnancy this weekend. I feel that the father of this child has no interest in me or the baby. I would like someone to see if they can give me any insight as I am quickly thinking of the consequences of the termination. I am deeply saddened as I love the father but he has made it clear that he wants me to get rid of it. Can someone please find it in there heart to do a reading for me?

  • I guess I should add... I'm looking at specifically whether or not the father and I will be together again or not. As well as his true feelings for me and intentions with me. Can anyone help?

  • Hi mooningsag,

    I am so sorry that you are going through this. Here is the tarot reading that I did for you.

    Strength reversed-courage

    3 of cups- overflowing

    Mother of Wands reversed-creator

    3 of Swords reversed-mourning

    You are feeling powerless and overwhelmed. In order to turn these feelings around you need to spend time in meditation. You need to fully express all of your emotions. Communicating all your feelings to another. Having friends, family, and loved ones surround you. A problem is resolved with a fortuitous outcome. A compromise with others. The father sees this as emotional blackmail and feels that you are trying to control him. The near future shows as you resisting your feelings of sadness and trying to block negative emotions. Prolonging the healing process.

    The cards seem to be saying that you need emotional support and if you can't get it from the father get it from friends and family. It shows that there could be a happy outcome with the right support. If you decide to terminate you will need to deal with your feelings and not try to suppress them they will probably be more intense and last much, much longer than you might realize. If this man can't be there for you, then take him out of the scenario when you make your decision. This will affect the rest of your life so don't give that decision away to anyone. I wouldn't suggest doing something that you are not 100% sure is the right thing for you. I wish you all the best.

  • I posted my reading before I saw your second posts and questions about the father. I still say take him out of this decision, don't make it on whether it will work with him or not. Many people are happily married when they get pregnant and end up divorced anyway. There are no guarantees with that.

  • Dear Manifestdreams, could you please do a reading for me when u get time in this busy season? I want to know what the new year holds? This past year has been really a matter of fact last several years have been nothing but tough, health, romanticially, and finicially, and sometimes it seems as if I am working as hard as I can w/no relief in site..I have split up w/former fiance for good this time..and I am interested in a dear friend that I think there is and has been a romantic undercurrent with? He is suppose to be moving to where I live @ soon...DO you see me getting finically stabel and obtaining my other degree? THank you for ast./guidance..What do you see if anything about the year 2012? Merry Christmas and a Good New Year..

  • mooninsag,

    manifestdreams gave you exactly the reading and the advice I would have given. The father needs to be taken out of the equation in making this decision as I can sense that you don't really want to terminate this pregnancy. HOWEVER, if you see this as a permanent link to the father, or a means of healing or keeping a broken relationship, you would be both setting yourself up for disaster and making a very wrong decision. If this is a way of holding on to HIM because you don't want to give up, you are making a grave mistake. By the same token, if you are only doing what he says you want and not thinking what you want, you will be making just as grave a mistake.

    Take the excellent advice manifestdreams has given you and make your decision as though the father did not have anything to do with it. Keep in mind that if you choose to keep the pregnancy, you must also proceed as though there was no father to speak of unless and until he chooses to be there, which he may never be.

    Think carefully, choose wisely, and move forward with courage. Either way, be sure you make the best decision for you because, in any case, it will be irrevocable so you need to be sure and at peace with it.

    You will be in my thoughts and I send you all the best.

    Blessings and Light

    P.S. Manifestdreams, you never cease to amaze me! With all you're going through,here you are lighting the way for others! Bless you.

  • mooninsag I understand how torn you are as hormones are also in play. I was married and had two children and I have very difficult deliverys. Mind you this happened in the spring of 73'. My second child was born the end of Sept. the year before when in the spring I was pregnant again. Now I was married and some might say well your circumstances were different. But I had no support from anyone emotionally. No one was happy to see me pregnant again so soon after my second one. There were 3 1/2 yrs. between my two. Now oh shoot here I am again. Again you have those who will say why didn't you use protection. Well here's why. When I was pregnant the first time they thought I had cancer and did a lot of things at first try to clear up what they thought might be an infection and wasn't. So they waited till I went in for my 6 weeks check up and said you need to have a D&C and a cone done. Well at 21 I wasn't much or informed than I was at 19 when I had my first child. As it turned out it wasn't cancer but they said that they couldn't say I would never get it. So no they didn't want me on the pill and they didn't want me to use at that time another alternative. So guess what it was rain coats as my husband called them and men don't like them to begin with. So we did till he got tired of them. Well when I was pregnant the third time he was not happy and he said it's your decision it's up to you. Well he didn't want the two we already had. And would get upset when I had to use money he wanted to use for his toys to by medicine for the kids. The decision was mine to make and I looked at what was going on in my life and I got the therapeutic abortion. Now I was throwing up blood and in pain too and that was before I knew I was pregnant and my doctor said I can't guarantee this baby is alright. I hadn't had this problem with the first two. But at delivery I had problems. So I resigned myself to having the procedure. And I didn't mention that I had grown up with a sister who had muscular dystrophy and knew how hard it was on a child like that and the whole family. That also contributed to my decision. I also felt that this body is the vehicle that carries our soul and that until a baby takes it's first breath that's when the soul enters it. That being said I knew also that God understood that I made my decision with regards for the greater good. I had no guilt then and I have none now. And I ended up divorced from their father and received no child support or a fatherly support emotionally for them. Sometimes we find out later why we do what we do. And for me left to make the decision he had no guilt himself. Oh you know your circumstances and unless someone walks in your shoe specifically they have no right to judge you. Good luck I know you will do what you feel you have to.

  • LibrasLair -- That is beautifull and so true what you wrote -> Oh you know your circumstances and unless someone walks in your shoe specifically they have no right to judge you. Good luck I know you will do what you feel you have to. <-

    Mooninsag. I agree that the decision is yours to make. I was in a similar situation eventhough I had a relationship/living with the father. I seeked mental support from family and friends that knew who and how I was and even questioned if I was able to be a good mother. Looking back I then I took a brave decision. I trusted myself and chose for me and my unborn child. I saw that the father wasn't going to change. I didn't want for him to say that I was emotionally blackmailing him eventhough the reason for me getting pregnant was that he was cheating and him being intimate with me unbalanced my whole body and so with the advice of the doctors stopped using the pil. He knew this but still didn't see it was partially his fault that this has happened.

    I was 27. And eventhough it has been a challenge in the beginning I found the strenght to go on and my circumstances did allow me to be a single mom.

    Good luck with your decision and whatever it is be at peace with yourself.

  • purpleiris,

    I will do a reading for you, but I would rather post it under another thread. I don't want it to divert attention from mooninsag's question, in case anyone else would like to respond to her. I will post it under "I need a reading please" started by sadblueeyes.

  • Thank You so much for the reading. Whats done is done and I did make the decision myself. I am already feeling the loss but I know that I made the right decision for not only me but the child.

    One thing I think is unique is the issue were he feels like this is emotional blackmail. Perhaps thats why he is so closed off from speaking about it. I informed him of the decision and that is the last contact we have had so how would I be blackmailing him when we won't even speak?

    Anyway, trying to heal and move forward.

  • Manifest...

    Can you read his cards and see if he is mourning? My gut tells me he is but I refuse to have any contact. Also, should I attempt a contact in the near future to disclose feelings about the termination? Or do you see him in utter disbelief and wanting no contact? Any insight would be helpful right now as I am feeling quite alone as you can imagine.

  • Mooninsag,

    Be sure in the knowledge that you did what was right for you. Take comfort in knowing that you didn't bring a child into a situation fraught with heartache and when you do have your child, you will be just as sure that the choice and the life you both give AND live will be one of love and joy.

    Nurture and care for yourself, body and spirit, right now. Deal with this now and the rest later, when you can. Don't overload yourself. Take some time and do other things. We will deal with the rest and answer your questions about him later.

    I will be here when you have rested and recovered a bit, as will all the very good people who care for you and shared their love with you.

    Blessings and Light

  • Hi Mooninsag,

    I'm glad you took this decision into your own hands, and did what was right for you. I agree with hisbablove that you you should take some time for yourself. Honor your own feelings right now, don't concern yourself with his just yet. Remember, the cards said that you will tend to suppress some of your feelings, which could prolong the healing process. So it's important to take some time for yourself right now. I wish you all the best.

  • Manifestdreams...

    How are you doing, friend? I can't find the words. I hope and believe you know what I want to say. BLESS YOU!!!


    If there is anyone here who has given far more than what can be known, its Manifestdreams. Not only is she extremely gifted, but more importantly, her heart is in what she does. Take her advice:) I know we'll be here when you get back and the healing will be underway.

    Blessings and Light

  • Thanks hisbablove. It means so much to me that you ask how I'm doing. I feel OK. At times I'm hit hard by a wave of sadness, but I'm trying to stay positive about the future. How are you doing?

  • You know I, along with sooooo many, not only care very much how you're doing, but keep you constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Will you believe me that I am not at all soothing you when I say your sadness will be turned to real happiness very soon? Its the truth:) Stay with us here, relax your mind, and focus your energy towards what you want and KNOW you will have. All the good and love you have given is being returned to you many times over and always will be.

    I'm just fine and there isn't a thing for you to bother yourself with or worry about. You take care of YOU. The rest of us are just dandy. Thank you for asking and caring. I know you do:)

    Blessings and Love to you my friend

  • Right back at ya, friend!

  • I did contact him and at first was mean. All of this through texts. Then after that feeling passed I contacted again through text and told him I was upset but did not hate him. That I feel as if he abandoned me in the decision that I am trying to heal now and that he please pray for forgiveness from god and the child and to ask god to forgive me. Thats where I'm at I guess. Dealing with the spiritual consequences.

    I don't care if he cares these things have to be said in order for me to let the pain go. It's difficult to get all of these emotions out without having anyone there. I feel like there is a huge hole in my heart and I just wonder if it will ever be filled. This is by far the toughest thing I have ever done and I pray that it will get easier. I know it's all very new. I can definitely tell a difference. In fact it was immediate. Ranges from relief to heartbreak. It's very powerful. I hope that he will understand my fragility and only wish I had someone to lean on. Because I don't I think the pain is even more difficult to get through. I appreciate all the support I get on here I certainly need it

  • Hi mooninsag,

    You made the best decision you could, with what you knew at the time. That's all any of us can do. There are all kinds of gifts, that God tries to give us, that we may not be ready to accept at the time. Often the unborn child is also part of this decision process. On a spiritual level there is communication between your souls, and that spirit might have thought the timing wasn't right for them either. There will be a lot of emotions to deal with though. Right now, just the drop in hormones alone can put you into a tail spin.

  • Dearest Mooninsag

    my thoughts are with you,

    I can empathize with you been

    down that road before

    Best to you always

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