Reading Please - Job Search

  • Hi Everyone,

    I would like a tarot reading if anyone is up to doing one for me. I decided while waiting to realize my dream as a full time writer, I need to make adjustments to the 'day' job I've been keeping. This place is filled with draining, hateful people and I do not feel good about coming here every day. So I decided to be proactive and ask the universe to send me other opportunities.

    I found a position that would be great for me. Credit counseling people. It's a non-profit, that is the area I am looking in, and I feel it would be more fulfilling than being a corporate drone. I spoke with the HR person twice and they want me to come in for an interview but I mapquested it and it's nearly 40 miles away from my home. (I know I should have checked that out first.)

    Can someone give me a reading regarding this employment search? I don't want the universe to think I am giving up that easy. Lol. Thanks.


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