How accurate are readings

  • Readings of any kind seem to come from acute intuitiveness. Use of tools, such as cards, numbers, etc. are guides or links to intuitiveness. How accurate are readings? Should I base my decisions on the readings? Any comment?

  • Readings only show you a potential outcome. No future is set in stone, so when a reading is done, it merely illustrates the current path you are on assuming you do not change anything. It may then give you advice to either fulfill the (positive) outcome or to alter the (not as appealing) outcome. Free will still governs most everything. As a reader, I find that divination tools like the Tarot are excellent methods of figuring out guides and parameters. It will allow you to peek ahead and/or take advantage of resources and aid available to you. Should you base every decision on readings and use it as your one and only go-to map? Definitely not. It's not meant to be a fast answer, guaranteed fix. Do, however, use it to tap into your intuition and to take an informed, active role in the shaping of your fortunes and future.

  • Good response Lucky! I also find that if a reading doesnt ring true with me its more than likely not accurate. Other times we have to listen to the advice given and accept it for what it is even if you dont like what you are hearing. I think readings are a tool to help you along the way not a gps system for our destination. Never put too much weight on what someone else says listen to your own heart too. ( :

  • My friend hasn't communicated for a month and every reading I got all say the same thing - that the feelings are mutual and maybe stronger on his side but that he's going through difficult times and a lot of heavy decision making. Further advice tells me to be patient and giv e the benefit of the doubt. Rosy days are coming. I personally feel they are right about him in much of their description of him. In the past with past bf I normally just say my cappy ultimatum on such lack of communication feeling hurt and tortured with trust issue. I do not feel this intensely with this guy. I feel he's stuck, however. Should I trust this feeling? Should I trust the readings. Is my cappy pragmatism screwing my head?

  • Okay, I think its alright to trust the readings accuracy to a point. This man might be right for you and maybe not so much the timing. You need to continue on with your life regardless of what the future may hold with this man. You have to fake yourself out in a way pretend like you dont have this information and keep growing as an individual and make yourself happy. Let things fall into place as they should. Its good to know if this man is good for you if you do decide to take the relationship to another level down the road. Just as long as this info doesnt stop you from living in the Now. Keep growing and making yourself whole so that you have something to bring to the relationship other than oh I have just been thinking of you the last 3 months and trying to decide if you are right for me....See what I am saying? I wish you the very best and have a blessed holiday. ( :

  • Heh, Tellstar --you're a Capricorn all right! There are times when Lessons come out of nowhere -- and Trust seems to be the Lesson for you right now, as well as Patience. But "Lovinmylife" also has a point: Diviniation (in general) is a tool to help you decide and show you what may be down the road, depending on the choices you make in the Now --especially with Tarot. That's why, when I give readings, I always give two outcomes --because it's all up to you and your Free Will.

    As for readings on THIS site, yes, they're pretty accurate. I found a new place to live based on Numerology - both in a reading I got here and their free "what number is your address" freebie! (You'll find the latter on the Numerology main tab page. Just scroll down a bit....)

    And now that Jeff Jawer says that Mercury AND Mars are going retro, I know I have plenty of time to pack. XD (<---yes, that's an emoticon.)

    So -- if you choose this man, be Patient as well as Trust in the readings. While you're waiting, you could use this "dark time of the Year" to find that "inner voice" inside You.... what a lot of us call Intuition. It's there near the Center of you, and once you Trust it, you can't go wrong.... as my brother has found out. (See for yourself: )

  • You all have points:

    Lucky, I learn from you free will, meaning that readings are true until something changes and redirects the path.

    Loving, I learn from you to personalize by listening to my own core intuition using the reading as guide or stepping stone along the way.

    Ketira, your point about trust is a big point. I am always a skeptic. I am convinced until another thought comes to mind. The strange thing is that he's on my mind but I am not frantic or boiling mad. But he's on my mind like why can't things change already? And that is the reason I am asking should I or shouldn't I listen to this thing. Ok, so patience is another point to learn here.

    Interesting that you used numbers to buy a house. I checked your bro's website, very interesting .

    But, here's another. Are there wrong readings?

    Another question - what does it mean when my sun is capricorn, my moon in aquarius and My Mercury in capricorn and my Venus is in sagitarius, Mars in capricorn, Saturn in virgo, Uranus in Gemini, Naptune in Libra, and pluto in Leo. I only know that I love work and it is true, but i love fun, too. I am disciplined. I am practical, too. I have compassion. I am an artist, art historian, museum profession. Are all these signs in line with what I just said?

    I did a self-serve tarot reading and the machine interpreted the cards. All that I see are correct. How about the future?

    Thanks to every one.

  • Hi guys,

    Well. I heard form my friend and the lapse in communication was simply technical computer break down. Thinking back, it could be why I wasn't insanely worried. All those psychics insisted, he'll call. He's just stuck. And its true, he was just stuck without a computer (scratching my head.)

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