The struggle to decipher my own chart.

  • Hello everyone, this is my first topic here. I found the people here to be wise, kind and knowledgeable on the subjects of interest. I have studied astrology for a few years now but am still stumped on some things, particularly some of the factors in my chart.

    I was born in Salem Oregon at 11:01 AM September 2 1992 (9/2/92). To make things easier for everyone here is a link to cafe astrology with my chart made.

    I tend to be a person who...lacks moderation on what they say, and to avoid having a giant post that would detour your interest I'm going to do my best to stick to Q&A format, thank you for reading; any help would be great!

    Question 1: As my Asc is so close to Scorpio (if born a minute or two later I would have had Scor instead of lib (I know for sure I have lib)) how does that at all affect my Asc if at all?

    Question 2: I know my ruler is Venus but how does that work with having two other planets in the first house? (Moon and Pluto in Scorpio...conjunction), how does this combination work with a Libra Asc?

    Question 3: I have Mars trine Asc, how does this work out when my Asc Venus with ruling planet in Libra?

    These questions for me have been...a challenge to answer, (oh, the mystery that is the Ascendant), and any I do find your answers very important and full of meaning. Once more thank you for any help and thank you very much for reading.

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