Complicated with a cancer man

  • I've been knowing this cancer Guy for almost two years now n during this time he got someone else pregnant. The girl knew me n him were talking. She had the baby recently . Anyway s me n him gotten coo n we have been txting for weeks now. We always had a strong attraction towards each other n he also agrees. I ask him if he was with her n he said no. But I don't believe that because of the way she acts. I ask him is he intrest in me other than sex. He Said yes he was interest. Last weekend things gotta little heat in the bedroom when we were hanging out. I ask him to help me understand him cuz he says ppl don't understand him. He told me no cuz he likes being a mystery. Now he's ignoring my txt n calls. Bad thing about is I still love him. Can someone help me understand cuz I think he is trying to play games.

  • get used to it, he will having you pulling your hair out anot an inch closer to figuring him out.

  • Hi My ex cancer is doing the same to me. I was hearing from him nearly everyday for se...x and now he has disappeared. Dont chase him, he is using u. his woman that has had the baby cant give him what he wants so in the meantime he is using u for his convience,

    I have been there and done that with mine. I have learnt that dont be used.

    I have know mine for 2 years and its been the worst years of my life with this cancer guy.

    I love him so much but not willing to be used any longer. He is ignoring my texts also. He wont give me his new mobile number.....what does that say.

    Let him crawl back to you and turn him down when he contacts u.

    He will soon realise what he is doing to you.

  • @redbone2 --- I totally want to comfort you in your situation as I know it must be very difficult to go through all that. At the same time I'm sure you yourself know the answer when you say "cuz I think he is trying to play games" How about digging a bit deeper into yourself and probing certain why's : Why did you still have him around even after knowing that he'd gotten someone preggers! Why would you wanna get used by someone like him (I mean what other proof do you require of his being a player than the other lady and her newborn)? And Why haven't you bid him a farewell by now?? Work on these questions and I'm sure there'll be a clarity of mind happening soon. As for helping you understand, yes I too feel he's been using you to his convenience all the while he was in sh** with the other woman being pregnant. The guy seems to have no moral strength or character. Steer clear of him and his sick games and find yourself a better person. I'm sure you can get over him in due course of time.

  • Hi enough 🙂 I'm really happy for you've finally decided to throw him outta your life. Yes, a woman definitely needs a better treatment than that! Ya'know it's always easy to attract the bad habits and bad people to ourself AND breaking away is where the real test of one's substance lies. All of us make mistakes all the time...and if we choose to learn from them rather than simply let go, nothing like it 🙂 And keep helping others like this...there are many of us waiting for people like you to reach out with your wisdom and maturity 🙂

  • Hi Astrodame

    I have been through the wringer with my ex cancer. He is a gambler he owes me thousand of dollars. I moved in with him for 2 months and then he tells me he doesnt love me and it wont work. He is 10yrs younger than me, I know that had alot to do with it, After 3 months he contacts me because he is hor...ny. I will be honest yes i gave in because I thought he wanted me back as I love him so much,

    He then kept on calling and asking for it nite he rang while I was out and ask if I could pick him up from a singles function. I didnt think at the time but thought about it later that he didnt pick up at the singles so he rang me for s...ex. I gave in again.

    After all that I thought about it and thought NO MORE..... he still rings me asking for se..x but i have made it clear that i dont want to be used.

    He tells me howhe meets woman which kills me to hear that because i love him till now. He thinks im seeing somewhere which he said he doesnt give a sh...t, thats saids it all.

    His mom wants to remain friends with me and rings me always, he doesnt know that of course. If he found out he would hit the roof.

    Im confused also, i know he is using me but at the same time i wish he would realise i do love him and why cant he accept that. I made out to him that we could never be together.

    He is playing games with me.........

    His mum has hinted a few times to him that I was good to him and agreed.

    He said to his mum that he missed me but he did the wrong thing by me,

    I said to him the other nite that he hurt me alot and he replied "please dont go there i dont want to talk about it". for him to say that he does care...doesnt he.

    I have to be strong and not give into his demands....but when you love somebody so much how can I.

    Im at my wits ends.....I go out with a guy and all im thnking of is him.

    I cant even have se...x with a another guy because he is on my mind.

    He will realise one day what he lost and then it will be too late.

    Help me out here.

    thanks muchly

  • redbone>>Can someone help me understand cuz I think he is trying to play games.

    Sandran712>>I could not post sooner.My computer was broke.This guy is a player and very controlling.

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