Nightmare after incredible first date

  • Met an Aries today, after a bunch of great and long phone calls. We really hit it off. Being a Sadge, Id say it went how I dream it will be, with the right guy.. Powerful, instant bond and attraction.. both expressing a feeling of.. "WOW". We really did not want the date to end. Anyway, I feel asleep a couple hours ago, a very happy woman in a bit of awe over what I may have found...

    ... Woke in a short while, terrified. I had a very violent dream.. Lots of gunfire through the wall if my hiding place etc. My body felt warm, I'm pretty sure I died in the dream. But the dream went on, vague but I was in hiding or something, no one knew I was alive. I came out of hiding for some odd confrontation with someone.. the killer people returned, more gun fire etc. At some point around when my body felt warm, I became slightly aware that I was dreaming. In the second round of voilence I sort of forced myself awake.. but my body was stiff and rigid, liked paralyzed, but more like terrified to move. And I did feel terrified.

    My first though when I was awake was this new guy I met. At first it was just wondering if the dream meant anything about him or me or us. Then my thoughts moved in a scarier direction. Remembered the way he looks when quiet, thinking maybe he was thinking evil thing. Remembered his smile but it curled funny in my mind.. becoming an evil grin..

    I feel confused now because I have been really trying to trust and live off my intuition more, I believe I am very intuitive and in the past I've not "listened". I find myself wondering if this nighmare is intuition telling me something about this guy, and if I should listen and perhaps even run... (though I haven't had any red flags with him yet). Or if it's just a dream, maybe showing I'm scared because I found something/someone that feels so good...

    Crummy way to wake, feel and think after such a nice night.. feel asleep feel warm loving things while reading beautiful passages about his north node in my 7th house and mine in his 4th.

    Any thoughts on the dream or psychic feelings on the new guy or possible new relationship, would be deeply appreciated

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  • Hi TFire, I think sometimes people on these boards have to read something and let it sink in a day or two before they can give you an answer of opinion. I don't think anyone is ignoring you. I'm just writing to let you know that I've read what you wrote and understand your confusion. I can understand why your dream is disturbing you. I don't know what it means but I've had awful dreams too and wake up thinking they mean something terrible. Usually though, for me, they are a way of releasing tension or nervous energy since nothing sinister ever came out of them. I would go with my intuition when I'm awake. If your gut instinct tells you this is a good guy, even after the dream then that's what I would go with. If you are stll unsure, take it easy and get to know this person better before jumping in feet first. If he's a good one then I think he will be ok with taking it slower too.

  • Take the time to know him, before you fall deeper.

    How did you get to know him? How long have you been talking on the phone?

    Just because he grins that way in your dream doesn't mean he is evil, but it could mean he is not as romantic/fun/whatever goodies you thought he is.

    A dream can be anything from :

    premonitive (about the future),

    your subconscious warning you about health problems,

    past life events (where you two might have met),

    recent or childhood hurts (betrayed, violence, abuse etc),

    a message from someone trying to reach you

    or simply hopes and fears that you keep for yourself they manifest in dreams

    Remember the dreams as clearly as you can

    Turn inward then read the descriptions above about what dreams convey

    turn off mind chatter and listen to what your psyche is telling you

    It will tell you the meaning of your dream

  • Thanks for the responses. When I turned inward, the word terrified kept coming up, as it did in my writing and when I talked about it with someone. My conclusion was that it was about subconscious fears, rather than intuition etc.

    I appreciate the thoughts shared and advice on how to understand it better. It's amazing how the answers for me are always about shutting down my mind.. I know this but tend to need reminders still! Thanks.

  • Take care now Tfire

    may the universe sends you support and protection

  • The reason why it has taken so long to reply to your question is because it's not about your date, it's about you. When we dream, it's our subconsious mind taking over the helm. It's saying to you. The bullets and gunfire are the sparks that he is creating within your heart. You have produced this image as a gun fight, but there are sparks that are raging within your heart that you are at odds with. You died in the dream because his love killed you. Opening up and letting him in is iquestion. He affected you. He got pass your normal defenses. YOU like him. So, subconsiously you must rebuke him because If not you normal defenses are malfunctioning...

  • Wow! Thanks so much for that. I never would of seen the bullets as sparks etc. Ironic because I'm firey and he's Aries, hehe. Anyway, I didn't know at that time, but just found out I'm pregnant with a "confusing Cancer" as the dad. I had just recently ended things with him (again).. though I felt sure of that decision, I've no doubts that subconsciously I wasn't sure, meaning that that could of played into the 'battle in my heart' in my dream. I saw the cancer the other day and, like always, we were like magnets and it was incredible.. We snuggled a bit and I was trembling and near tears over how I feel with him. He told me his whole body tingled for the same reason. Seems like we are seeing each other again.. but no promises on his part still. We aren't going to keep the baby.. (please, no comments here from the pro-lifers). I've decided to talk to and maybe visit the Aries today, tell him what's up and see how it goes. Crazy how I get so stuck on the cancer, who is often so cool it's painful, yet I'm scared/ having nightmares about the Aries when I just 'know" on a gut level.. will love me if I let it progress. How I know is a mystery.. but I do, it almost seems too easy.. like it will bore me. Yet, I say I want such a thing.. bleh, I'm odd! Lol

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