Exhusband being shady?

  • I'm sorry G, sounds like they are alike in some ways. It is scary without a secure net to fall on in case it all falls apart, but I suppose its better then the misery of putting up with an abusive cheater. I was so young when I met my ex husband, like you I figured it out, set off on my own, but still tried to make him be a dad, since I knew my children deserved two parents,and one single one gets frazzled fast, that never worked, so I gave up,he does see them, and support what he is ordered to, he always did that, wasn't a deadbeat, so the wrong things he did do were easier to overlook legally, since he appeared responsible in other regards, last year was the first time he really took an interest in kids lives though. some people are just full of their issues. I am glad he left, it was the best thing he could have done for me, my life is better without him in it to mess it up, he's remarried now, but he still likes to agravate me, mess with my life, get on my nerves, slow to learn I guess, is what he is. I started this thread when I was worried really bad because I wasn't sure what would happen when my kid came home with bruises, and he was threatening with contempt of court if I didn't let them see him, saying it wasn't how it looked, it wouldn't happen again, but finally there was a conclusion, he was investigated and charged with the abuse.

  • came in a bit late, but I have been with a guy that was all sweetness and light when we first met but after he'd moved in together with me, (after telling me he needed to go to London to get work) changed completely and became a real monster I didn't see the signs even though his mum was always afraid of him, always after him to go home early from hers, I interpreted it as caring as we were living a good 70+ miles away from her and travelling by motorbike, boy was I wrong !!!!! and very glad there were no children involved except my cats, who were very unsure of how safe they were too. Mindyou he did eat rubbish food, Mcdonalds and Burgerking by choice or a sloppy mix of baked beans and cheap mince covered with powdered mash his only luxury food choice was chinese sweet and sour and he preferred the ready made dried meals to real food, and wouldn't eat it if I told him it was made from scratch must admit I was not nice back and after he started bullying me via my cats I did occasionally use cheap dogfood instead of his mince...he never noticed, I would never eat his food anyway so it wasn't my problem. We got away ( I had to leave my flat and it's contents if I couldn't carry them)and I got a place where I still am now with hubby he found us and started telling all sorts of tales to m.i.l. who never really liked me anyway , so things were difficult for a while but it's 22 years later I'm still with hubby (and M.i.l.) the girls are with Bast and I have an 18 year old son things aren't perfect but they could have been so much worse

    so I'm wishing you good luck Bluecat, and sending you cyberhugs for when you feel down

    Love and Light

  • Thanks Crissicat, so you put dog food in his? did I get that right lol?! I'm a bit of a jokster myself when it comes to mean men, you don't want to hurt them or anything, but Prep H in their carmex never hurt anything, might shrink a big mean mouth down some, and laughter is good medicine.

  • OMG....too funny. Karma....it has a way of coming around!

  • 'fraid I did, but I know someone who fixed a guy who was cheating in a pub game, by making up an orange juice flavoured laxative in a mixer size bottle and giving it to them to go with their vodka and orange....they never knew till later... and I heard of chocolate ex-lax being made into a drink for someone who was selfish too.....sweet revenge,LOL!!!!!!!!, sure is better to laugh at someone who hurt you

    Brightest blessings

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