Pisces Scorpio HELP!!!! Transits?

  • It seems I must be going through some fucked up transits lately... so not myself.... my birthday is feb 20 1971 4:36 pm est.... can anyone help explain... also going through CONFUSING relationship with Scorpio born November 7 1969 EST... started 13 years ago... reconnected a year ago... So hot and cold... Driving me crazy.... Please help.

  • hey.just letting you know you are not alone. i'm in similar situation with scorpio man been on and off for five years. the hot and cold. it is so friggin debilitating. its like they cast some kind of spell. really wish i could be free of it sometimes. i have read many posts saying this is common behaviour. but many conflicting reasons.. some say its because they just need their space to process what they feel etc. or its that they dont know what they feel. or they run because they sense they might get hurt so they sabotage before it happens.or they are hurt and they are punishing you. or they are bored and need to miss you. or they feel like they are getting trapped. or they are seeing someone else as well. not exactly what u want to think of. i'm going crazy too!!!!! it is honestly like an ongoing nightmare sometimes. 13 years is alot longer than me tho.i feel for your pain.i dont know if you are like me but i do give way too much of myself i think. but thats because i would want the same returned. oh it really hurts to be treated this way hey!

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