• I am a Scorpio,11/21... I ended close to a 2 year relationaship with someone in Costa Rica, he was fro the states living there. He had a persona which was completely opposite of who he really was age height weight everything...9 months into the relationahip he finally admitted the truths, when I insisted on the pictures I was waiting for ..for so long and learned the truth. I never flew to CR and eventually the relationship ended labor day when I accused him of having someine there on a on and off basis...he never answered..never defnded himself..he is a Cancer 6/24..I have sent emails..and tried to communicate but he has not responded.

    I recently met a Gemini and became close to him, he is in the states..met on a dating forum..he worked nights and seemed to be attentive he is very very Charming...I felt things are not what they should be..he says he is divorced and had his teenagers living with him and his wife is BiPolar and lives alone..can not deal with them or him. I felt he was involved with several women chatting and sexual conversations.....he would appear and disappear from the email and I am hurting ..confused as to how and why I am right back here again,,feeling as I do...was I wrong? is there something to this with the Gemini could someone help me with a readings or preminition..I need clarity Thank You

  • Greetings Aryanmary!

    My cards suggesting taking a break, Aryanmary. Take a step back and think about your present status. You're expecting too much and not getting the results that you want. You're trying too hard! Through honest, detached appraisal of your life as it is now, at this moment, you can break through the negative roadblocks that are standing in your way to a fulfilling relationship. Understand that life unfolds from the inside out, not the other way around.

    But don't fret too much, Aryanmary! Your determination will pay off for you in the long run. Success is imminent! You're moving in the right direction but don't get discouraged if certain events are turning around as quickly as you would like. You know, deep within your heart, that you deserve to be happy in a promising relationship. Trust that the Universe is determined to make this happen for you. But there are too many emotional barriers that are preventing you from experiencing the relationship that you desire. Once you've taken some time off for yourself and cleansed your mind of any needs or expectations, you'll find that you are in a much better position to receive the gifts that are in store for you!



  • Merlins Tarot, could you please give me a reading also please?

  • Greetings Pilot,

    Feel free to address your question to me, Pilot and I will be happy to assist you!



  • Good Evening Merlins Tarot,

    I was just wondering if there will be trouble surrounding the union between my Exboyfriend and I, when we do finally recconnect? There is a lot going on with his personal and professional life right now.

    I feel that when I do hear from him, the situation will be imminent. Please give me some insight as to what the situation will be ABOUT!

    MYSELF: 04-21-73

    EXBOYFRIEND: 06-30-50

    Thanks in Advance,

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