Help.....desperately need a reading

  • my dob is 22/8/65. I have been told my job is ending in jan. I have had a terrible few years, nothing but injuries, illness and trouble for my immediate family and not to start 2010 I have lost my job. Please can anyone offer me any guidance. xxx

  • You have imprisoned yourself and blinded your sight.

    The day you were born you took the greatest risk that you could ever take. Now death is going to happen, death is bound to happen. The day you were born you already took one step into the grave. Now what greater risks can you take? Even if you go on avoiding risks, you will die, so why not take the risk and live really authentically?

    And when your question is ready, bring it to me. My answer is ready.

  • how can i live really authentically?

  • Protect your space, especially against the expectations of others.

    Get rid of churches, beliefs, rituals. Protect your freedom, protect your love, against bondage, chain, fettering you.

  • could you give me a

    reading please???

  • You do not feel your own pains.

    You will either be exposed to spiritual knowledge, which is knowledge that leads one back to the self, or you will be challenged to let go of mental attitudes and beliefs that are keeping you trapped on lower levels of thought. The lowest side is negative thinking. The highest side is mental and spiritual revelation, expanded consciousness. How it manifests for you will depend upon your ability to elevate your thinking.

    Religion is not a desire for the distant, a curiosity for the faraway. It is an inquiry into one’s own being.

  • Thankyou so much xx

  • Whenever you feel a problem, look within your heart. If you are at ease, you are on the right path. Your heart is the criterion.

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