• Same here in the UK. Been snowing for 3 days now . Nice to look at, but not good for driving . Nearly had to walk to work on Friday.

  • llindieloo ~~ wow! i always find that with days of snow the moods of people lighten as they just shake their heads, smile & go with the flow. i hope this is what you are finding and have warmth and light ... a good book wouldn't hurt : ) your post reminded me to call friends in europe & wish happy holidays so thanks for that. Happy Christmas to you!

  • Hello and Many Blessings to All this Holiday season! I am new to the Foum and would like to wish each and all the Merriest Holiday and most Productive Year ahead! Thank You for letting me into your forums for discussions. I look forward to many fruitful discussions and sharing of knowledge between us. I am spending Christmas with my sons (my daughters live out of state) and seven grandchildren (minus one who lives out of state with her mom), then spend the evening with my eldest son's inlaws. It will be fun. I hope each of you have a blessed day as well. Scribe1.

  • My Family and I plan on spending the day at home,

    If I time it right my Netflix will be here just in time...


  • Wishing you all a Very Happy Holiday Season, and a Wonderful 2010!!!!!

  • Happy Holidays to all of you! Hope it will be the very best for us all,despite the tough economic times. My eldest daughter will be moved to New Orleans with my Mom and Step-Dad by Christmas, so it will just be me and my 2 little ones for he Holidays. I'll keep it fun but quiet for them, and keep dinner simple since they are picky and young. 8 and 5 year olds. In Pittsburgh, we have snow, I live 16 miles east of Pittsburgh and have 7 inches of snow.

    Have a great holiday season, and I look forward to talking to all of you during the new 2010 year.

  • Laie4, your tree is definitely unique, and CUTE!

    Happy Holidays again everyone. Sorry I didn’t get back to reply, yesterday was my husband’s birthday! We went to our favorite little French creperie then to see the movie Avatar (we just missed the 3D version by minutes (sold out). If you get a chance to see it go! Somehow I thought it was another cartoon but it’s not; it is soooo much more!

    For those who wondered about where we live, it’s a medium size city called Sunnyvale, CA. It is at the low right tip of the San Francisco Bay. This neighborhood used to be called the worst part of the city (mostly because of its age), but over the 18 years we’ve lived here it has become an unfolding blossom of cultures. The homes are mostly small (1,000 sq. ft. with 3 b/r + 2 baths). The homes are first-time homes for many families (the school I mentioned that’s across the street had been closed down for a number of years til the new families posed a renewed need to re-open and ultimately rebuild (60 year old pipes and electrics HAD to go). This had been the “bad” side of the city, but as new and diverse cultures moved in, a huge shift in everyone happened as they all seem to be embracing learning about the other cultures. This is the grace of God for which we are always thankful.

    As to weather, it’s usually more like San Jose in that we aren’t on the peninsula (ocean) side which is foggy and cloudy til late morning, though the ‘bay area’ is a mix of microclimates. Since we are closer to the bay, we are generally milder in all the seasons, but one brother-in-law was living in San Jose the year that that valley had snow on the ground for a couple of days! And this isn’t the first year we’ve had VERY FROSTY mornings (white lawns). We are a ‘stone’s throw from the hills of the peninsula which usually gets snowed in a couple times a year, and on the east side hills is the Lick Observatory which gets snowed in many more days a year. We had just returned from a supposed to be week in Lake Tahoe which found us putting chains on the tires at Placerville and spending the next few days traveling at 25 mph (this was supposed to be a mellow relaxing week before all the holiday hubbub, but turned into a “get out of Dodge—thar’s a BIG storm a-commin”).

    I was born in Philadelphia, PA, but we moved to southern CA when I was 12. My husband was born in southern CA but lived in Florida (Ft. Walton Beach) for a number of years. We attended the same high school, he graduated the year we moved and I started my junior year there. We were introduced by a former neighbor of his who was a classmate of mine. We married and lived in Long Beach for 6 ½ years, then moved closer to his job which was a 1 hour drive at top speed IF you got out exactly on time. We moved to Santa Ana (which turned out to be TOO close to both sets of parents) so he took a job up here 31 years ago. I think we both miss being super close to the beach (it’s an hour plus drive either up peninsula to the highway to Half Moon Bay or zigzagging through the hills to go to Santa Cruz). There are a lot of beautiful spots all around the bay though.

    Sorry for the travelogue. Guess the hurry-up feeling of the holidays has taken hold! It’s fun learning about others. My sisters-in-law live in Paris and ‘chunnel’ to England for their holiday. One brother-in-law is in the hills above Denver, the other in Virginia.

    Again I wish each of you a peaceful holiday with time to be thankful for the fact that we are each in the place that we can celebrate our holidays to our heart’s delight.

    Blessings of Love and Light to each of you always, and thanks for being “you”.


  • Judee ~ I love that you took the time to write all of that. I've lived all over, States & Europe, and had traveled extensively, but it wasn't until 5 yrs. ago that I had been " west of the Mississippi", lol. I love to learn about areas and cultures --husband says I'm just nosy -- but life would be absolutely boring without the beauty everyone brings to it. Your neighborhood sounds wonderful!

    Ca is a beautiful state from what I've experienced and hubby lived there for 10yrs. so I had a guide. Now I understand the crossing hgwy bit that you wrote. Enjoy!

  • Happy Holidaze and Merry New Year! All the best to everyone in 2010! (And this new years baby will turn 32.....yuck!)

    Wait, I change my mind, I'm going backwards.....I'll be 30......I mean 20-10!


  • Dear 1Blondie178,

    That has got to be my most absolute favorite pic of a kitty ever! How did you ever get kitty to go for the hat and coller? My dog won't wear the sweater-dress I bought for her or the little jacket for cold weather. If I dress her she won't do her 'business', no matter how cold it is outside! But back to your kitty! That is just adorable. Cudos to you and kitty!


  • Thank-you Scribe!!!

    He is a very easy going boy. His name is Zipper and he is one the best I've ever had. I have him leash trained to walk right beside me..lol

    He's pretty amazing, we (my ex and I) actually brought him to my parents cottage and got him on a boat a two summers ago, check this picture out.


  • I wish everyone in the forum Happy Holidays and have a great new year!

  • IBlondie178!

    How adorable!!!!! (GREAT shots) I wish you and Zipper a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May 2010 prove to be a very blessed year for the two of you with much love and surrounded with peace. May the light of the universe guide your paths always.


  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    to my tarot.com family!!! Enjoy and have a Safe one...

    My boyfriend(felipe) and i had a great day today on christmas eve.,we slept late,got up and he cooked for me,(he's so sweet) now with us being latin we eat some things that would be not to the palet of others,today we had chivo,(goat meat),and black beans and i made homemade torttias.after we ate we cleaned up the kicthen and then watched a great movie,(home for the holidays).well after the flick we showered and off to the store for a new blender.picked up some burgers from wendy's on the way home.and have had a very relaxing rest of the night watching t.v. and playing on the puter.

    2morro. we will be going to our really good friends house for dinner and to do some much needed catching up,we live a ways from each other so do not get to see each other as much as we would like to.


    GREAT PICTURES!!!, your cat is soooo beautiful!!!!


    love & light :-))

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