• I would like to wish Happy Holidays to all of our Zodiac signs and why not give a brief description of what you have planned this holiday. I don't have any specific plans at this time but you never know what might happen between now and then! If I stay at home with my cat Cas it will be alright, afterall as an only child being alone is nothing new or lonely for me. I hope all of you have a joyous and safe holiday season and may God bless each and every one of you!!

  • Thank you Casper its good to see someone being positive. Merry Christmas to you everybody also! I will be spending the holidays with my little ones and my parents. I got them each one thing they really wanted and am happy with that. Thanks!

  • Hubby & I just finished decorating the tree! Happy Holidays Casper & Lovin! May everyone have a blessed Holiday filled with light & love ~ ~ Peace & Joy ~ Laie

    Anyone want to share special, cute,funny traditions????

  • I don't know how funny or cute this is but (and I'm giving away my age here!) my mother and I used to love to look at the Andy Williams Christmas show and the Lawrence Welk Christmas show with the Lennon sisters. I used to LOVE the Lennon sisters. Do any of you remember those shows?

  • Absolutely!!! Oh, I thought Andy was sooo cute, LOL! Lennon Sisters & their costumes ( dresses) ... did not care for Lawrence Welk we associated that with our grandparents, heehee!

  • Happy Holidays to all of you! I believe this Christmas will be different, even during the times of cricis there's always plenty of love and harmony to share with others. I dont have much but i will surely get something for the people i love and i will give them all of my love. Thank you Casper and everyone for the good wishes! May God bless this day and everyone with love and light and with the hopes of a better new year.

  • I also loved Larry Hooper who sung bass and played the piano (before Joanne Castle) . Did Hee Haw ever have a Christmas Show?

  • Me and my kids like to watch the christmas story. Yes, even my kids appreciate that old flick. ( :

  • I forgot about Larry, yes My mother loved him best of all!! She also loved Norma the "Champagne Lady" remember her?

  • I've never seen The Christmas Story and every year I say I will. Great funky lamp! Going to place it on the top of my Netflix and watch after the new year.

    Yes, I remember the Champagne Lady, vaguely. (Just did as web search ... I do remember, I guess I didn't remember the title.)

    One tradition I will carry forward is stockings stuffed with silly, useful, items. Money was tight raising the kids, isn't it always with young ones so one year for their stocking stuffers I put toothpaste, soap, toothbrushes, deo, socks along with fruit & chocolate. What a reaction !

    "Mom, is this a hint? Are you saying we aren't clean enough?" They laugh about it now and fill in any new significant others that join us for the holiday. They smile at some of the wacky things added now that they are older.

    Best to You also, SunCappy! You are sounding so much happier ~~~ Good things to come!

  • Happy holidays to everyone

    from me and my dear Cap hubby

    hope only the best for you all in 2010

  • Wishes for Love and Light and Peace and Happiness and Great Joy in even the tiniest things to EVERYONE in this most holy season and the coming new year! This year is the first time I can say we put up our Christmas house lights before everyone in our neighborhood (last year's after Christmas sales on the new LED lights were fantastic here). My husband enjoys making our TV antenna look like a Christmas tree with old cd's (those freebies of years past to "try our service") which he cuts a slit in and adds them as ornaments to the 'tree'. I have to say that some picture angles make it look like the Star of David, while another makes it look like an arrow so Santa won't miss our house!

    We are so lucky to live in a neighborhood which has a neighborhood association which has put on a Christmas parade yearly for over 50 years! They start at the middle school with their band and cheerleaders and choral group from the other side of the expressway (yes, the police stop all traffic on this eight lane expressway just for the kids!), antique cars, a motorcycle GROUP, a fire engine, police car, ambulance, the 'usual city officials' throwing 'penny candy', and of course Santa completes the parade which stops at the elementary school across the street. Here everyone has hot cocoa and cookies and the kids get to interact in a positive way with those who risk their lives for us. There are always bins for food and toy donations for those less fortunate.

    [Just an aside I'm watching the crossing guard who is dressed in a red coat and Santa hat!] I guess that the Christmas spirit is definitely in the air!

    In addition to the "usual" gifts, food and eggnog, we try to set aside time to drive around and see all the beautiful ways others have shown their holiday spirit in their home decorations.

    The neighborhood association also has a contest for different kinds of displays with a dinner gift certificate to the winners. This can be rather eclectic; one family last year had a sleigh drawn by 8 flamingos! Nothing like individualism to make you smile all night.

    So to all who jump in to help others and those who find strength in the responses I wish all of you and yours strength to hang in there knowing good will follow the bad. Just remember to be appreciative and give thanks for everything

  • Where are you from???? I would love to introduce what your neighborhood does to the ppl who live in this city b/c we surely need LOVE, PEACE and HAPPINESS. There have been so many killings, break-ins, you name it that frankly I wonder if there is much of a Christmas spirit left in my town. Of course ppl put up Christmas lights that are grand and beautiful but the economic crisis and the worry over the healthcare reform is in the minds of a lot of ppl and I believe that's why spirits are not as high as they would normally be!! Evenso, I wish a Happy Holiday to you and your family and a very prosperous NEW YEAR! (Don't forget to each the black-eyed peas!)

  • Judee _ Thats sounds wonderful! I wanted to say as I started to read that I want to move to your neighborhod until I saw eight lane hghwy --- you must live in the south or west ---Can't do that -- love the snow. Oh wait, there's a blizzard watch in effect tonight ... where do u live again? LOL!@

    Creative hubby! Love the image of the antenna tree!

    Peace and joy to you and yours!

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  • odd --- only half came out ~~ happy,merry anyway : ))

  • Hi All,

    Ok, for something different from the other side of the world! It's summer time in Australia at the moment and I don't have contact with my father and my mother has moved back to the other side of the country, so it's just my brother and I for Christmas. My children have Christmas morning with their father this year so I won't see them until around 4pm on Christmas day.

    Talking with my brother tonight, we decided to forego the usual Christmas stuff (we are both on very tight budgets) and have agreed that we'll take my kids to the beach on Christmas afternoon and just hang out, relax and have a little fun. We will take a little portable bbq and have sausages in bread with grated cheese and sauce. The kids will be stuffed to the brim with all the Christmas food from their grandmother so we will keep it simple and just have fun!

  • And again, a happy and safe holiday to everyone. May you enjoy your day with your loved ones. :-))

  • Hi all, I to would like to wish everyone a very Happy Xmas and all the beat for 2010. Hope its a better year for everyone . I would also like to thank everyone who has supported me in my thread . " Have I lost my cancer b/f for good " I have had such good advice , support and witty comments , without you guys i would not of been able to go this alone . Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart . Love to you all xoxoxox

  • Wenchie ~ As the snow continues to fall here in the NE part of the States, your day sounds picture perfect !

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