Im really confused about things!

  • missleo, this is very long, but detailed.

    I suggest you print it. try to have a good rest. when you wake up, read it.

    any question, shoot.

    first. clean your environment

    use sage incense, lit one or two every day. take it to each room in your house, try to go around each room corner to corner. after all rooms are done, leave it by the door (one at front one at back) or you can leave one at any room you feel like it (not necessary but you can).

    second, clean your self from lingering negative energy. use the gems It's quartz crystal, clear. Not pink or any color. Clean them every day, with salt under running water. then let them air dry. when they are dry, blow your breath onto each corner of the gems. this way gems will work for you. when you blow your breath, pour your lingering sadness/worry/despair/anger onto the gems. Energize the gem as often as you can. find a place where the sun light can reach it and leave it there for two hours at least. The sun, like fire, is a great transformer.

    third protect yourself at all times. visualize white/blue light around you, hold on to this visualization when communicating with people, whether by phone, email or in person. the light will return negative energy back to sender and allow positive in. this way no more negative energy can attack you, and gives you time to work on the gems to neutralize negative energy that has been lingering around you for some time. don't share your gem with others, keep it safe. don't even let them touch it. the gem will absorb negativity you pour onto it and transform it, if the other person touch it when it is working, they will be hurt.

    Four, understand the concept of energy. we all live under the same universal law. what we send out will be returned to us. we all make mistakes. what you have to do is look back to the past, make assessment about yourself, be honest about the rights or wrongs you have done to anybody including yourself. learn from them and close the door to the past. make amends when necessary or possible. we all have been wrong before and to certain point, have sent out negativities towards someone no matter how small we thought it was. the more negativities we send out the more we get them back. so we suffer from our own negativities and negativities that others send us (which the universe will send back to them, but nonetheless they do hurt us). some energy can linger for years, depends on the intensity and the frequency it is sent. start to live your life in positivity from now on. refrain from dwelling in the past, anger, sadness, jealousy, wishing bad things happen to someone, despair, regret, revenge etc. revenge belongs to the universe. you don't have to pretend or fake a smile when someone wrongs you, lies, pretentious, denials are negativity. you can however, say, 'I am human being. you don't need to do this to me' or ignore them and move on. let the universe do what it always does.

    Do the sage cleansing, gem cleansing and energizing, visualization, and keeping positive thoughts/words/actions - every day. Within 2 months or even lesser, you will see improvement. By then you can decide which routine you want to keep doing and which one to stop. I would suggest don't stop any, but that is your choice. Also, don't forget to live your life in balance. nurture your physical and psyche. with the physical, you know you can go with balanced diet and routine exercise. do the same with the psyche. the psyche is link to the universe guidance, don't ignore it. you can find free yoga./meditation videos online. or go with your beliefs. read spiritual books that interest you, they are chicken soups for the soul.

    To calm you down, get Bach Flower Rescue remedy. any homeopathy store has it. you can also calm yourself down by saying This Too shall pass, repeatedly until you regain comfort. this also works when you start feeling down and negative energy tries to drain you or someone's action makes you want to send negativity towards them.

    Use affirmations, say it any time you want, out loud or in mind. Something like "I am positive. I will stay positive. I am protected. The universe will provide me all the help I need" or make your own. Don't fret if you feel down or fail, stand back up and try again.

  • Missleolady,

    well, the birthdate doesn't fit my mother....however, the way she is infiltrating your heart and mind fits. I agree with the advice of no more contact!

  • aries

    I might. a lot of spirits in my house. she might be one of them. what's her name if I may ask?

    power animals, my guide, spirits of relatives, spirits that watch, spirits of people from my past life. I see more when I do yoga. they make eye contact, but not necessarily saying anything.

    she might be one of them. what's her name if I may ask? I will call her name when I do yoga, see if she answers.

    going off to bed now. chat later!!

  • oh LOL sorry I read too fast

    thought you meant I met your mother

    there is no negativity in the spirit world

    she might be a bad person when she was alive

    but the spirit inside her is not a bad spirit

    this means even if you meet her spirit, it won't harm you

    you may be afraid but she can't harm you, not if you don't let her

    bye now. sleepy!

  • LOL - night

  • Leoscorpion,

    Thank you so much for the info. Your kindness is much appreciated 😃

  • you're welcome danr

    if you need to know something about the exercise and he is too busy to reply

    holidays - right?

    give me a shout

  • Leoscorp,

    Sorry not to have replied and thanked you sooner for the birth chart and everything else, but I've been out with the flu, and the glare from the screen really hurt my eyes, could only get on for a few minutes.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the chart !!!!! Overall, very, very accurate, somethings have changed, but then that's what life the great teacher does for you !!!!!

    You know you think you may not know about how to interpret dreams, but you have given me one of the best leads yet. I looked up tulips, they mean spiritual attainment/perfect love/the prefect lover. I feel the spiritual attainment is what is going on right now, and for some reason the second half about perfect love , the words spring/summer keep popping into my mind. I think that might be the second half of the message.

    Left some comments on our fave thread, Men of the Zodiac !!!!!!!!! See you there =0)

  • what does it mean when you hear peoples names all times of the day....i even see faces. i can see auras too but not real good. i have seen feathers and white spots or lights. i was told i was an empath and now that i realize what i have i want to strengthen my talnets....thats what i call them. i think i am trying to hard and feel like im not getting anywhere with it. i dont know how to relax because i have alot going on. i would like to chat with someone about my gifts...talents. is there anyone on here who has the time to help me focus and get the ball rolling because i feel like i am being woresome.....not only that but i have alot of questions to ask and i have alot to talk about.....for the time being can someone tell me about the feathers and white lights

  • You are forgetting your potential and suppressing your light.

    Before your express your ideas freely, you are pressing them first in a certain frame. And then you want approval from others.

    You are not polished like a diamond; you are just from the mine, absolutely raw, no polishing. That is your beauty.

  • missleo

    please take your time, turn off mind chatter and reread the advices one by one

    take a few mins break if you need to. You seem very very confused.

    when you come to my posts, because it's long (sorry) just save it and print it

    read when you have time. I am concerned with your ability to focus right now.

    I hope I am wrong feeling this way.

    nurture your psyche, it is a good start to develop your gifts

    go with meditation first. I feel that you need to regain focus and balance, at the very most.

    I can post more about it, but let's see how you are feeling first.

  • aries

    will post your chart tonight. I remember 🙂

  • Sun in Aries

    She has a strong personality and an entrepreneurial spirit. She is ambitious and self-willed, stubborn, obstinate and tenacious.

    nervousness, impulsiveness, wastefulness, provoking nature, restlessness and changeability.

    Moon in Sagittarius

    Likes to throw herself into the unknown and into adventure: she is agile, tough and enthusiastic. Attracted to long voyages, to discover the unknown.

    takes great risks in throwing herself into the unknown and into adventure. Audacious, bold and rebellious. Unable to stay in one place, is always ready to risk everything to achieve her goal.

    Mercury in Pisces

    Fertile imagination, kind, good. Capable and flexible mind, but a little artificial.

    melancholy, gullibility. Tendency to illusions, fears and apprehensiveness.

    Venus in Taurus Mars in Aquarius

    Amiability and fidelity. Likes to please and dress up. Earns a good living. She is generous but not extravagant. Affectionate, sensual and loving in nature, she likes the good things of Life, sensitive to beauty, melodious sounds, perfumes. Love arrives slowly, without passion but with force. Love is lasting. indolence, laziness, immoderate taste for pleasures of Life, gambling, entertainment and luxury.

    She uses her aggressiveness in a social battle for freedom, or independence or adventure, but always linked to society. Likes adventure, independence. Disturbances, changes, upsets.

    Although a healthy relationship for you is a stable and secure one, on a sexual level you crave variety and freedom. In some ways, you are a dependable and stable lover. Other times, you can be aloof. This can certainly confuse your partners, who don�t know what they can expect. You keep them guessing, whether you want to or not! Sometimes, they know they can count on you, but just when they think they have you �pegged�, you surprise them. You need a lover who is interesting and intellectual, but also one who can be trusted. Loyalty is important to you, even though you can be quite flirtatious at times. You can be possessive from time to time, but you need space and freedom as well. If a lover can forgive this seeming inconsistency, you are a fun partner who has the ability to stay for the long haul. Pleasing you involves proof of loyalty and commitment, as well as giving you freedom to do your own thing. You tend to fall in love apprehensively. You are both a private person and a people person. This dichotomy may be confusing for a partner, and even for you at times! A sense of security and stability feeds your romantic spirit, and intellectual stimulation turns you on. You are both supportive and surprising as a companion. Thoughtful, kind, and interesting, you are �good company�. A sensitive partner may find you hard to reach at times. You are certainly versatile, but you are also capable of great practicality when it�s needed most. You bring both playfulness and commonsense to a relationship.

    Jupiter in Aries

    She is open, loyal, correct and honest. She is ambitious, of good character and likes being amused.

    she is often in a bad mood. Irritation, disagreement, rages.

    Saturn in Cancer

    Invests more in her interior reality than in the outside world. She saves to buy property.

    melancholy and solitude. A solitude that is nevertheless welcome because she likes to stay peacefully at home.

    Uranus in Scorpio

    Intelligent and subtle. Adores research, inquiry, investigation. Very sensual.

    Neptune in Sagittarius

    Likes long voyages, things foreign, water.

    Pluto in Libra

    Brings changes.

    Sun in VII

    Marriage or living together with someone of superior intelligence.

    Moon in III

    Highly imaginative, but has difficulty in concentrating. She fantasizes sometimes. Important studies, moves around a lot and travels frequently.

    Mercury in VI

    Medical profession. Serviceable and generous nature. Meets their soul brother at work, or (if not) through family contacts.

    Venus in VIII

    Not frightened by the unknown, death. She has a peaceful and happy end. Natural and late death. Possible inheritance.

    Mars in V

    Spontaneous nature. She likes games, sometimes even violent sports. She takes professional risks. A great worker, she likes everything that can be done quickly, and detests things that hang around for a long time. It is the same for her emotional life: no candy-floss or fine speeches, she gets directly to the point.

    Uranus in II

    She has a lot of flair. She is unreliable at work, always ready for change. She must have an out-of-the-ordinary job, in which case all goes well: otherwise, she will often change jobs and will have financial problems.

    Neptune in III

    She has a lot of imagination, high ideals. She is nostalgic. Likes studying.

    Ascendant in Virgo

    Predisposed for the medical, paramedical, or social service professions. Likes peace and tranquility at home. Looks for a loving and tender partner.

    House III in Scorpio

    Makes a good investigator because she is very curious, likes researching and does this with a lot of patience, likes to solve mysteries. Knows how to take risks, while being aware of the dangers.

    House V in Aquarius

    Doesn't like routine and the banal. She is romantic, full of fantasy and imagination. She is also a friend one can count on.

    House VI in Pisces

    Job in commerce. Weak point: the kidneys.

    House VIII in Aries

    The spouse will tend to spend more money than she earns. Be careful of any haste that could prove dangerous. Drives a car too fast.

    House IX in Taurus

    Travels but little, no great attraction for abroad. Doesn't change principles, practically never changes mind.

    House X in Gemini

    Profession requiring lots of change and movement. If this isn't the case, then lots of job changes. Likes to move, travel, write.

    House XI in Leo

    Friends are not always chosen by chance. Even if the feelings of friendship are sincere, these friends must automatically bring something - professional help for example.

    Moon - Mars

    She is frank, honest, full of vigor and ambition. She is strong-willed and powerful at work. She is a little hard on herself but, above all, on others whose capacity for action is not as great.

    Sun - Pluto

    This aspect means fights and setbacks. She is presumptuous.

    Sun - Neptune

    She has a fertile imagination, is full of inspiration, and very emotional - all qualities that she uses on the professional level. She likes the Arts, beauty.

    Sun - Jupiter

    She has high social ambitions, respects justice and the law. She is tolerant, optimistic, kindly. She has every chance for professional success in a strictly legal setting.

    Sun - Saturn

    This implies slow intellectual development.

    Moon - Mercury

    She is happy in her imaginary world and thus is happy nowhere, because she can never find her ideal world - thus causing a lot of change, instability and also disquiet. She is a liar, a gossip and leaves herself open to criticism. Her lies save her. If the other aspects allow, she can be a very good novelist.

    Mercury - Jupiter

    She is intelligent, has big ideas: she is tolerant and has a strong sense of justice. She has good judgement, good sense and has her feet on the ground. She has the "gift of the gab", and likes to speak, she also likes literature. She is erudite and will normally be successful socially.

    Moon - Midheaven

    She has an irresolute nature, with sudden changes of humor. She is unstable and does not follow through on her own objectives. This instability shows itself not only in professional life but also in love life and friendships.

    Mercury - Ascendant

    She likes to criticize, to gossip. Frequently arguing, she is nervous but also disturbed. She looks out too much for a verbal battle, and is provoking.

    Jupiter - Pluto

    She tends to exploit others, and has a doubtful honesty.

    Jupiter - Ascendant

    She does not listen to those around her, she is pretentious and goes to excess when eating.

    Venus - Saturn

    She has a good grasp of reality and of duty. She is thrifty, reserved and does not show off. She likes truth and justice. In love, her sentiments are sincere and deep, she never plays false. She is, of course, faithful in love and friendship. She can love a much older person and appreciates her intelligence and good sense.

    Mercury - Midheaven

    She has no specific aim in life. She frequently changes jobs, is unstable but likes change, which gives her the feeling of living intensely. Lots of activity as far as love is concerned - she has a full sex life.

    Uranus - Midheaven

    She must have a job that allows her complete freedom, something non-routine. She likes change, has a lot of energy and knows how to influence others in spite of her originality.

    Jupiter - Midheaven

    She likes to vaunt herself too much, is pretentious. Only one thing interests her: herself - and she brings every conversation around to herself. She has highs and lows in her professional life.

    Mars - Midheaven

    She has a good sense of organization. She knows how to take the necessary decisions rapidly, is independent and uses all her energy to succeed socially.

    Saturn - Pluto

    She is not open to others' ideas, especially if they are free-thinking. She is an egoist and has a narrow mind.

    Pluto - Ascendant

    She has will-power and ambition, and likes to have her own way.

    Moon - Ascendant

    She is unhappily influenced by the family. She is probably loved insufficiently by her parents, but looks for more love especially from her mother. She is susceptible, has superficial sensitivity and is sometimes irascible.

    You've a personality full of contradictions, you are active, but harbor internal conflicts. You are courageous and practical, fame and wealth will come to you easier than love.

    As you get older you will manage to soften your approach to life in general. This may be the time when love is within reach and you manage to build a long lasting relationship.

    With age, your opposite propensities tend to soften down and harmonize. You'll be finally able to put your life in order, to calm your ardor, to know how to evaluate your risks. Your life is somehow marked with quite a few changes or deaths of loved ones.

    The chart is based on planetary position when you were born. You have since then changed, due to upbringing and life experiences. If you find what still rings true and needs to work on, do so.

    You have all it takes to succeed in money and career as an individual but you do need to pay attention to spiritual life and may need a lot of work in this area. The success of your spiritual life will help give you the ability to work with others, accept insights (not just giving them) and live a balanced life. In terms of career and money, a balanced life will help you gain fame and success within cooperation with others, that you will otherwise find it hard to do due to your strong personality, tendency to be bored of routine and lack of patience.

    Hope this helps.

  • It does help and I thank you. Agree with the spiritual life, but having a hard time finding mine. I have had a lot of recent changes and upsets and these definitely make me who I am today and I am thankful. I do have a strong personality and have tried to change it, break it, shape it, mold it to no avail. I am pretty much exasperated and find it hard to be anything else, though I envy other people who don't seem to be as harsh and brash as myself. Contentment is hard to find and pray for it everyday. I have a wonderful life, why can't I enjoy it. I do not over eat though. Definitely live in a fantasy world I try to free myself from and can when I concentrate hard enough on keeping myself grounded, but this takes a lot of energy. I constantly seek my mom's approval and love, yet never receive, even now and I am 34. I now know why I don't like too much about myself...its all true and I have found great success in career and money, yet love seems unattainable. i am trying to learn to enjoy things as they are and take it slowly allowing trust, friendship and love to grow, though I become antsy...the constant internal struggle I fight. Stability and security is what I desire, change is what I seek.

    Thank you again and as you can see...I have made this post and thread about me...if only I was born in the morning....again, thank you.

  • thank you again hanswolfgang......

    leoscorpion.....i am having a very hard time focusing. my mind races 100 miles a minute. my mind is in different directions everyday. i try being to myself and pray but my mind wonders in the mist of that, i would greatly appreciate your help....i thank you for your advice as well....

    and to the others who have commented thanks

  • missleolady

    try your best to turn off mind chatter. take time alone, avoid communication with anyone.

    then you can read the advices. one by one, no rush.

    it will take time, but at least you start it.

    don;t worry about voices , names , dreams, gifts talents

    when you get to apply the tips I gave you, you will understand what to do with them

    people's advice shere may help you to understand them

    but none of this will happen if you don't stop, take your time and turn off mind chatter

    the psyche can not reach you if your mind is too busy

    I hope for the best. don't give up. slowing down is not a bad thing.

    come here when you have read it all and by then, even your own question will be clear

  • aries

    I will reply to you in your other thread

  • Thank you, Leoscorpoin, for some reason I could not sleep and when I woke this morning and read my planets it made me cry...weird, anyway, I just appreciate you taking the time to do that for me. I am new to this though a long time user of and am thankful you took time to look up my chart. Happy Holidays to everyone and good luck missleolady27

  • happy holidays to you as well and to evryone else... leoscorpion, hanswolfgang....thanks for everything

  • missleo

    you're welcome and take good care of yourself


    no need to cry 🙂 The notes under the chart are all based on research. only the chart itself is from a website and I add here and there how the positions affecting.

    I have done your other chart, on your other thread.

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