Im really confused about things!

  • Eva I will try my best. I will start with your chart but need birth location. be specific. city and state and country if you were born outside American continent.

    I will pull out something between tonight and tomorrow after dinner. I feel that you need more than a chart, but I will do this slowly so you have time to catch up.

  • Hanswolfgang

    I feel like im in love but i still feel like a child when it do comes to love. wondering if its right or not in my 52yrs I want to be in a love that last yes ive been married before but it was obligation for my children i did love the man but not in love as i was growing up as a child with him . I have strong feelings for people and im am the one they ask about matters of the heart but how can i answer if i cant find love for myself. I get tired sometimes when im around some people because of the strong feelings they carry alot of people carry alot of pain why is that?

  • hey there leoscorpion,

    sorry it took me so long to reply. the birthdate is mm/dd/yy (11/02/84)

    new orleans, la 1:09 pm

    thanks again!

  • leoscorpion-

    i failed to follow directions! november 2, 1984

  • LOL beccare

    Ok will do it tonight.

  • baebae

    a lot of people carry alot of pain why is that? Because their potential lies in an absolutely flowing energy. Their pain is basically their blocking of this energy. It hurts until these people let go and go with their flow. Then they are thankful for their pain and understand how much existence cares for everyone.

    This is what enlightenment is all about - a deep understanding that there is no problem. Then, with no problem to solve, what will you do? Immediately you start living. You will eat, you will sleep, you will love, you will work, you will have a chit-chat, you will sing, you will dance - what else is there to do?

  • Sun in Scorpio

    Physical energy and courage. Strong passions. Regeneration and improvement. Strong sexual powers.

    She is suspicious, defiant, extremist: she has a vindictive nature. Can turn violent.

    Moon in Pisces

    Imaginative, sharp insights. She is impressionable, with an abundant imagination. Multiple births.

    troubles caused by too much sentimentality, worries, problems, unhealthy imagination, nervousness.

    Mercury in Scorpio

    Plays on words, argues, criticizes, jokes, is ironical, mocks. She is crafty and always finds a solution to a problem.

    mocks, derides, disputes, constantly picks a quarrel. A really awkward customer.

    Venus in Sagittarius Mars in Capricorn

    Open-heartedness, devotion, generosity, charity, altruism. She likes foreigners or she can find love abroad. Has problems with the family or with the society in which she lives. She looks for affection, love far from the family circle or from the native country.

    she loves adventure and risk, and the unforeseen is always to be expected.

    She is inflexible, rigid. She is very firm, controls herself, observes and is very watchful. She has a great sense of responsibility.

    she has a vindictive character, is hard and bitter.

    On romantic and social levels, you are spontaneous and fiery. Sexually, you are more sensual and slow-moving. You willingly take the lead in matters of the heart, and you look for a partner who is exciting, original, and passionate. You are probably easier to please on a sexual level than on a romantic level. Romantically speaking, you love the chase and the conquest. Sexually speaking, you are rather content and even traditional. Although passionate and sexual, you are also quite independent and you're not one to want to cuddle the night away. You need your space! Subtlety may be lacking in your sexual expression at times. You can be surprisingly blunt in your approach to love. Your needs for both spontaneity and forethought in relationships may seem conflicting—and at times this will be a challenge. However, if you can maintain a relationship that is secure and adventurous at the same time, you will be at your happiest.

    Jupiter in Capricorn

    She has great professional aspirations. She likes to direct, organize. She is correct, virtuous, conscientious and worthy.

    without doubt too avaricious, eager for gain.

    Saturn in Scorpio

    Observant, self-controlled, unforgiving, tough, methodical, a researcher, an investigator. Lots of courage, self-assurance and can keep her cool.

    makes no concessions or compromises. She can become a fanatic of a creed, a party, work or a religion.

    Uranus in Sagittarius

    She is shy, delicate but proud, bold and lively.

    Neptune in Sagittarius

    Likes long voyages, things foreign, water.

    Pluto in Scorpio

    Great sexual activity.

    Sun in IX

    Prolonged scientific research. High ideals. She is gifted for languages and it is even more interesting for her to live abroad. Professionally successful abroad.

    Moon in I

    Very sensitive. Fantasizes. She is easily frightened, she is fearful, shy, prudent and emotional.

    Mercury in IX

    Her thirst for knowledge is never satisfied. She is full of mental activity. She undertakes exhaustive studies, always studying for pleasure. Likes journeys to faraway places, and can go to live abroad.

    Venus in X

    Her best years are in the parental home and also the last years of life. That said, the rest are not unhappy, but contain certain hurdles. Love can help in professional life, she has a gift for seduction. She likes to entertain: she likes comfort and the attractions of home-life.

    Mars in XII

    All her energy is put into the work life. She loves research. She could be a lab worker, doctor, police officer, teacher specializing in hospital, prison or hospice work..

    Jupiter in XI

    She is cooperative, organizes everyone. She climbs the social ladder thanks to help from friends and acquaintances who are chosen, not for their qualities, but for the advantages they can bring. She achieves her objectives.

    Saturn in IX

    She is studious, patient, rigorous, austere. She likes reflection, meditation. She carries out all the plans she makes. She is a stay-at-home.

    Uranus in X

    She must have an independent career, with no routine, which satisfies her need to move around, travel and which must in particular have an element of risk attached. She is eccentric.

    Neptune in XI

    Friendships are frank and unselfish.

    Ascendant in Aquarius

    Sheloves meeting people, discussing until the wee hours of the morning. Likes to please, happily flits about. Is interested in politics, is a member of a youth organization, or one that fights for human rights.

    House II in Pisces

    Easy success in professional life thanks to intelligence, ingeniousness and a few friends. Sheis careful with money without being miserly, because she is generous.

    House III in Taurus

    One is never better than at home. Not much travelling or taking of a sudden or unexamined initiative. Everything is calculated: the motto is "slowly but surely".

    House IV in Gemini

    Impossible to stay in one place, frequently changes home. If the job is monotonous, she will often change firm. The ideal profession would be one offering a lot of change, moving around, meeting lots of new people. An equally erratic love life is to be expected.

    House V in Gemini

    Likes to please: She can spend hours in the bathroom, preparing to go out, in the hope of meeting someone to dazzle. Likes interminable discussions with friends.

    House VI in Cancer

    Likes jobs in contact with the public. Weak point: the stomach.

    House IX in Scorpio

    Likes long voyages, especially by sea. Might participate in regattas, likes risk, sport.

    House X in Sagittarius

    Job involving travel, especially abroad, and if possible with some risk attached. One of the professions.

    House XI in Sagittarius

    Loves above all travel, adventure and friends are often from abroad.

    House XII in Capricorn

    Disappointments are difficult to digest, the bitterness can last a long time before she is able to react positively.

    Venus - Uranus

    independent in love. Her love life is rich, but with passing love affairs. She tires quickly and is scared of losing her liberty. If she marries, she will regret it. She has that little something that attracts the opposite sex: she likes amorous adventures, she is romantic. She is the eternal lover and, of course, is unfaithful if she has a serious relationship. She likes art, anything new.

    Sun - Pluto

    She is aware of the goal to be achieved. She is strong, and always picks herself up after a setback.

    Mars - Saturn

    She is energetic and determined. She has strength and resistance, ability and patience: she is tough, and sometimes insensitive, and puts all her energy and talents into overcoming all the obstacles to her success. She is obstinate, calculating, does not take on anything without having thought of all the possible consequences, she can take all the time in the world and never loses patience to achieve her objectives. She is not particularly popular in her circle, but is feared and respected.

    Sun - Jupiter

    She has high social ambitions, respects justice and the law. She is tolerant, optimistic, kindly. She has every chance for professional success in a strictly legal setting.

    Mercury - Midheaven

    She likes to have her own ideas about things, to form an opinion and think over the problems it poses. She is an intellectual.

    Venus - Ascendant

    She likes everything beautiful, the Arts, balance and harmony. She is amiable and sociable. She likes entertainment and has a loving nature.

    Moon - Pluto

    She wavers between a rich and successful love life and social success. She has difficulty in succeeding in both. Almost always, the choice comes down on an ideal emotional life.

    Sun - Moon

    She has lots of vitality. She likes public life, she is popular and her company is appreciated. She is balanced, at ease with herself and gets on very well with her parents.

    Sun - Saturn

    She likes to work alone, quietly. She pays attention to detail, is serious, methodical, patient and can take on long, difficult and delicate tasks, and complete them.

    Saturn - Ascendant

    Her life is difficult and cramped. She is a worker, but success takes time in coming. She has problems in being open. She accepts solitude, rather than looks for it. Family problems.

    Moon - Midheaven

    She has an irresolute nature, with sudden changes of humor. She is unstable and does not follow through on her own objectives. This instability shows itself not only in professional life but also in love life and friendships.

    Moon - Jupiter

    She is frank, honest, optimistic and generous. She likes good cooking, her comforts. Her friendships are sincere. She is a worker and knows how to surround herself with the right people: she is appreciated at work.

    Jupiter - Neptune

    She is very generous and altruistic, helping people in difficulty or sick people. She knows how to listen or, at least, how to give that impression. She is a dreamer, with lots of imagination: she likes the Arts.

    It is not easy to understand your personality or understand why you do things. You are intelligent and avoid naiveness, you don't easily trust people even in love. You are clever when it comes to money and business, and can make profit from social circle. You exude strong infuence. In love you are more about erotica than tenderness and you need a lot of varieties in this field to keep you interested.

    Beccare you may not enjoy the cycle you are in right now, but it will soon improve. Give it 2 - 3 years improvement will come, in general. Use this cycle to learn and improve your skills, social circles, network and maybe get some job experience. By the time the cycle reverses to your benefit, you will be able to utilize what you have learned and worked hard for. In general this improvement can span from money, career, relationship, pretty much all aspects in your life.

  • Hanswolfgang Well you have enlighten me on this but we as people if we dont understand something we stay away from those things we really dont know how much power we have cause we lock our feelings away this is something I dont like to do cause the baggage gets real heavy and mine is now I dont know which way to turn . This has been a hard year for me and it has given me time to myself where i can see some things but not to help myself . I will continue to try find myself so that i will be able to help others .

  • baebae,

    which way to turn: turn to your weaknesses, there you will find your true strength.

    And if you become more and more involved in action, and less and less occupied in activity, your life will change and it will become a deep relaxation. Then you “do” but you remain relaxed. Then you are never tired. Why? Because you are not a doer. Whatsoever you have you give, you are overflowing.

  • hanswolfgang

    thanks for the input i will look into me weakness to pull myself out of it . i guess im just wanting a quick fix like everyone else but it has never worked that way for me. i feel afraid of whats in store for me in the new year i dont want a retake of this year .its been almost a year since i worked and ive been catching hell this whole year now i feel caught in this cycle so i guess i need to go backwards in order to go forward and be positive

  • Oh thank you so very much!! It has been a rough couple of years and few things I never even saw coming, so they totally caught me off guard. Birthplace is Findlay, Ohio, USA

    I truly appreciate any help you can give.

  • OK Eva

    just had some visitors today I wasn't able to do anything much on here

    but will get to your chart soon, with ScarsandStars' chart

    would make it a nice new years gift 🙂

  • The medium is a fake that only wants money disregard any good intent coming from it. I see that your gift is helping others. Patience, kindness and compassion... you struggle in finances because you give so much, you need money but you dont regard it as the greatest possession. I feel like someone close to you maybe a son you worry about- the struggles you go through you learn from and come out because you are a survivor- keep your chin up..I will pray for a breakthrough for you.


  • Eva I will reply on your thread

  • baebae

    don’t be a miser in receiving: People are miserly in giving, they are miserly in receiving too. When great gifts descend on you, you shrink away, you back away; you become afraid because those great gifts are so great that you feel you may be drowned. When bliss comes to you it is like a flood.

    Disappear in meditation. You have great potential, a very promising potential. Sooner or later, no matter how much you wander, you are approaching your fulfillment.

  • hanswolfgang

    Yes i am some what afraid but another part of me wants to take this gift . when i try to meditate i have soo much going on in my head til i cant just think straight or just on one thing i gues because right now my personal life is a wreck and out of control im working on pulling it together im looking to have some peace soon . You are a kind person and i want to thank you

    for lelling me just what i need to do . its all about me pulling it together thanks

  • Wherever you are, reality is. You are part of reality and you exist only as an organic part to reality. You cannot go away. You cannot separate yourself.

    Be conscious. Be conscious that you ARE. Remember self-remembering. Now, this has to be understood. Your consciousness has two polarities. One polarity is the content. For example, a cloud of anger is inside you -- that is the content. And you are aware of the cloud of anger -- that is consciousness, the witness, watchfulness, the observer. So your consciousness can be divided in two -- the observer and the observed.

  • hanswolfgang

    well my reality is not the same as the people the im around even my family see me as weired but when something is wrong they come to see what i have to say about the matter . i feel like how can i when i cant see the clear road for myself . i will keep watching ,looking ,and listening this is so amazing ive been told that i stare a a person when they talk but when someone talk i see more than what they are saying . i will bring myself more aware of these things about myself and work on this im going to look for a book to read can you sugest somthing ?

  • I can you suggest: "Tantra Vision: The Door To Nirvana" by Osho

    Year of Publication : 2000

    Publisher (Distributor) : Diamond Publication, New Delhi

    Edition No : 1

    ISBN / ISSN : 81-7182-273-8


    It teaches you rebellion! Come out of the masses. Stand alone like a lion and live your life according to your own light.

    Simply follow your nature.

  • Hanswolfgang

    Thanks i will look for the book im sure it will give me a lot of insight so that i can move forward instead of spinning around in one place . i spent the weekend giving all this alot of thought and its something i have to do is find my way.

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